Dealing With Sensitive Skin

Having a reactive skin is one thing but combine that with dryness or oiliness and then try to find the perfect cleanser: it’s frustrating right? There are a lot of cleansers that aim to €˜comfort€™ the skin that still contain artificial fragrance and a few ingredients that can potentially cause a sensitised skin some grief. It can be a hard task, one that often involves trial and error, to find your cleansing soul mate.

Let’s make that a whole lot easier. Here are some of my favorites that contain some premium ingredients for the delicate skin:


Sensitised/reactive and dry:

Skinceuticals Gentle Cleanser: sulphate and fragrance, this milky cleanser in an easy to use pump pack will calm and hyrate

Medic8 CreamCleanse: paraben-free, perfume-free, and SLES-free, this has no nasties to irritate and a whole lot to hydrate.

L’Occitane Shea Cotton Comforting Cleansing Milk: free from fragrance, colorant, preservatives and sulphates it boasts that there is no need to rinse off.

Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser: fragrance free this provides a lighter texture, less dense than a cream, for a normal to dry skin.


Sensitised/reactive and oily/combination:

Trilogy Balancing Gel Cleanser: sulphate and fragrance free this will leave your skin clean, fresh and calm.

Medic8 Red Alert Cleanse: paraben-free, perfume-free, and SLES-free this light foam thoroughly cleans while it tends to redness.