I Can Almost Guarantee This Mask Will Transform Your Skin

There are many reactions one should expect from your colleagues while you wear a face mask at your desk: “you look scary,” “that looks so relaxing” and “you actually pull that off and don’t look at all like a murderer” are just some. One that is not so common is “woah, you look like Mrs. Doubtfire.” In fairness, those people were absolutely right.

What Makes This Mask A Game Changer?

The first time I used Erno Laszlo's Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment Mask, I knew it was something special. Thanks to my very sensitive skin, when I remove a face mask usually my skin has gone so red and patchy that it’s not until the next day I see the results. But as I peeled back this mask I was shocked to reveal skin that wasn’t just free from redness, but it was GLOWING, it was CLEAR it was COMPLETELY RENEWED. OK, that might be dramatic, but wow the difference was immediately noticeable. 

I came trotting into the office the next day raving about this mask to anyone that would listen. I told them this mask is the dream. I told them that my boyfriend (who I hid from during the 20 minute Mrs. Doubtfire stage) actually said the words “Why is your skin is so soft and smooth today?” He has NEVER said that. If you are looking for a mask that will make an immediately, dramatic difference to your skin, this is it.

ICanAlmostGuaranteeThis-MaskWillTransformYourSkin ErnoLaszlo HydraTherapySkinVitalityTreatmentMask 0088ICanAlmostGuaranteeThis-MaskWillTransformYourSkin ErnoLaszlo HydraTherapySkinVitalityTreatmentMask 0088

So How Does It Work?

There are two parts to this mask, a powder and a hydrating serum that come together as a pink mousse. You smooth this mixture over cleansed skin, and leave on for at least 20 minutes before peeling it off. Yes, this mask does have a Halloween latex makeup vibe but that just makes for an excellent selfie. 

  • This mask helps to plump the skin to improve the appearance of fine lines

  • It leaves skin looking calmer and clearer, while helping to speed up healing

  • The formula deeply hydrates dry and tired skin, making it more glowy after just one use

  • It's perfect for pre-event skin prep

  • Helps to improve the skin's barrier & is ideal for all skin types, even sensitive

ICanAlmostGuaranteeThis-MaskWillTransformYourSkin ErnoLaszlo HydraTherapySkinVitalityTreatmentMask 0052ICanAlmostGuaranteeThis-MaskWillTransformYourSkin ErnoLaszlo HydraTherapySkinVitalityTreatmentMask 0052

The Verdict:

I’m not going to lie to you, this is not some low maintenance sheet mask that you can slap on and off. She is so much more special than that. You may need to dedicate an entire night in, (preferably accompanied by a bath, Netflix and/or wine) but I assure you, your efforts will be paid back in full. 

Fun & effective treatment


I honestly felt like I was doing a cool science experiment while using this mask. It was fun to mix the parts together and I absolutely loved the cooling sensation when it was applied. While the mask is drying it continues to feel cool and refreshing on my face and of course the peel off part is fun! My skin is very sensitive and I couldn't be happier with the way this treatment made my skin look and feel afterwards.

It’s a great mask


This mask leaves my skin feeling soft and looking bright! Setting up the mask is super easy and quick. It’s important to apply a nice thick layer and spread it evenly. Once it’s on, it has a very nice cooling feeling. It doesn’t feel like it’s tugging on the skin, instead it’s very refreshing. When I took it off, my skin felt soft, refreshed, and clean. It also looks very even and radiant. The mask doesn’t have any particular smell, which is great because it’s not overpowering and it’s also cute pink color which I love.

Amazing hydrating mask


Decided to try this a couple days before I was in a wedding because my skin was looking dull and dry. Wow. Can't believe I didn't try it sooner. Immediately, my skin felt baby soft and looked 10x brighter. Would definitely try this again.