The 4 Things Every Manicurist Wants You To Know

There's something about having your nails perfectly manicured that makes you feel like you have your life together - in fact, my manicurist is one of the most trusted people in my life. Sounds dramatic, but everyone knows the feeling of choosing the wrong colour in a haste and being stuck with it for weeks. Nails are a serious business.

We know getting shellac to last 4 weeks is quite a feat, so I asked esteemed nail technician, Clara Hwang for her tips on getting the most out of your professional manicure (as well as the sh*t we do that manicurists find annoying).

Clara has 15 years experience as a licensed nail technician, and has done the nails of celebrities like Katy Perry, Serena Willliams and Lily Allen, so she's kind of a big deal.

Don’t Moisturise Your Hands Before Your Nail Appointment

We get it, it’s winter, it’s dry and you don’t want us to judge you for your flaking dry cuticles you’ve been picking at all season. We encourage moisturising your hands and using cuticle oil treatments, but doing it just before your nail appointment actually puts a lot of unnecessary oils and moisture on your nails that we then have to strip off anyway in order to prep your nails for your gel session. Clients often come in with heavily moisturised, oily fingers which then becomes a liability when you decide to touch your already prepped nail bed resulting in service breakdown such as premature lifting or chipping of the nails.

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
Try Not To Fidget (Yes, That Includes Texting)

This is a pretty obvious one. It’s hard to paint perfect nails if you’re a squirmy worm. In fact, don’t touch your face (facial oils interfere with nail adhesion), don’t rummage through your bag for your car keys without an all clear from your nail tech (hello a gazillion lint bits, we hate lint) and don’t chat overzealously on your phone. We get that you have to take a call sometimes, but with your lack of attention to your hand position and the body movements that come with being deep in conversation, its disruptive to the service, and takes up more time than required to finish your session.

butter LONDON Hardwear Top Coat
Do Not Pick Your Nail Enhancements Off
Do Not Pick Your Nail Enhancements Off

Remember the lady at your local mall salon armed with the plastic nail tip, ready to scoop your acrylic nails right off your nail plate, giving youthat horrible raw feeling on your nails? Yeah, don’t do it. Don’t pick your gels/SNS/any kind of nail enhancement off. These products are designed to adhere strongly to your nails when done correctly, and ripping them off your nail plate is only going to give you weak, thin nails, months of brittleness and also not to mention that uncomfortable feeling of having weakened digits. Get your enhancements soaked off or removed appropriately and your natural nails will thank you for it.

Do Not Pick Your Nail Enhancements Off
Use A Cuticle Oil Or Treatment (And Lots Of It)

Here’s where we would encourage you to use cuticle oils regularly to promote nail strength and flexibility. Moisturized nails and cuticles means less picking and peeling around your cuticles (ouch). Targeted cuticle oils treatments are very different to a regular body or hand moisturizer because is it designed to sink into the delicate skin area ensuring high absorption, locking the moisture in for longer. The best time of the day to be applying your cuticle treatment as well as your hand cream would be just before bedtime. That way, it stays on your skin the whole night and you wont forget and wash it off like you would during the day. Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle smells amazing and comes in a convenient pan (yay no leakage or spilling!)

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme

Clara Hwang is a qualified nail technician, and accredited by the elite Japanese Nailist Association. She is especially passionate about nail care, product technology and detailed nail art. Clara's nail studio is located in the Melbourne CBD. You can book an appointment at Clara H Nails here.