The Easy (And Natural-Looking) Way To Do Faux Freckles

I'm lucky enough to attend a lot of makeup masterclasses as part of my job as a Beauty Editor, so I pick up lots of little tips and tricks from the experts - including how to make your base look as natural as possible.

A tip I recently learnt from Brisbane-based makeup artist and hair stylist Tanielle Jai, was to always allow natural markings like moles, beauty spots or freckles to come through, as this allows foundation coverage to look much more natural.

Tell Me More:

How do you do this without removing coverage altogether? Well, there are two options. You can use a cotton tip with a little bit of micellar water and gently spot remove areas of coverage from moles, beauty spots or freckles, then go back over the area with a blending sponge to soften - or you can use Inika Liquid Eyeliner in Brown to enhance existing markings, or create entirely new ones like freckles.


The Technique:

Trust me, I'm a natural-looking makeup person, so I'm not introducing you to a product that'll make you look like you've covered your face with a black Sharpie. The key with using a product to add faux freckles is to be ultra light-handed, and to start small.

I've got natural freckles across my nose which I actually like, as well as a beauty spot under my right eye, so if I wearing heavy foundation, everything disappears, making me look a little flat. That's where my Inika Liquid Eyeliner comes in (clarification: I use the brown shade, not black - this is important).

With a very light hand, using delicate motions, I dot a few freckles across my nose, using the natural oils on my fingertips to smudge each spot into my skin for a natural-looking finish. I can also dot a small amount onto my beauty spot if I feel like it.

The Result:

As you can see, this technique gives you really natural-looking faux freckles - but you've also got yourself a damn good brown liquid liner, which I use regularly to create a warm, smokey wing.

Inika's Liquid Eyeliner provides intense, long-lasting, smudge-proof colour, plus it's vegan, cruelty-free and made from organic ingredients.

  • It has an easy-to-use precision brush applicator suitable for liner & faux freckles

  • Contains mineral pigments for strong colour payoff (in black and brown)

  • Packed with skin-nourishing ingredients like aloe vera and black tea leaf extract

Love this smudge-proof liner


This eye liner dries and then stays in place all day without smudging and melting away! I love it and it is organic. I like to use it to line the water line of my eye lids to give me thicker looking lashes. Having an oily and very sensitive skin, including around my eyes, I always had trouble finding an eye liner (organic or not) that didn't smudge and melt away around and into my eyes, particular...
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