A Makeup Artist Shares Her Favourite Makeup Removing Cleanser

Has anyone else noticed I have an unhealthy obsession with @nikki_makeup? I live for her Sunday tutorials (which I watch bleary-eyed on Monday morning when I wake up), and constantly try to copy her techniques when doing my own makeup.

But this time I'm not reporting back on one of her makeup techniques, I'm actually going to tell you about a makeup removing cleanser she loves, 'cause everyone needs a good makeup remover in their life.

Can't I Just Use A Makeup Wipe?

Ah, no. You cannot. Well, let me rephrase - you can, but I don't recommend just using a makeup wipe to take off heavy makeup, as a wipe can't do a sufficient job (in saying that, I'd prefer you use a makeup wipe than sleep in it). That's where Bobbi Brown's Makeup Melter and Cleanser comes in.

This stuff can tackle even ultra long-wearing makeup, while still leaving the skin feeling soothed and comfortable (instead of red and irritated from scrubbing with a makeup wipe - we've all been there). According to Nikki herself, Bobbi Brown's Makeup Melter and Cleanser is "effective and leaves the skin feeling fresh and comfortable." She recommends applying onto dry skin to dissolve makeup, before rinsing off.

IMG 7010 (1)IMG 7010 (1)

Tell Me More:

  • It's a gentle foaming cleanser that melts away impurities and long-wearing makeup

  • Leaves skin feeling soft, soothed and comforted, without stripping the skin

  • Contains natural ingredients like cranberry, blueberry & goji extract to calm the skin

  • Caffeine & algae invigorate the skin while preventing tightness & discomfort

  • It's most suited to normal to oily skin types

AMakeupArtistSharesHerFavouriteMakeupRemovingCleanser BobbiBrownMakeupMelterCleanser 0038AMakeupArtistSharesHerFavouriteMakeupRemovingCleanser BobbiBrownMakeupMelterCleanser 0038

My new holy grail cleanser!


My skin feels so fresh and smooth after I use this cleanser. I am a big fan of foam cleansers and this foam is really light and fluffy while still feeling like it is removing all the impurities from my skin. I have normal/combination skin and I felt like this cleanser did a good job not drying out my skin while still leaving it feeling nice and clean!



Amazing cleanser that removes even the heaviest of makeup without drying our irritating the skin! Absolutely recommend.

Improved skin


I bought this because of the ingredients that it has. It does take my makeup off after massaging it into my skin and then I just jump into the shower. I found my pores looked a bit smaller and I had less breakouts after using this. So much better than micellar water or makeup wipes as I find they are just superficial makeup removers, I feel this is actually taking my makeup off but also caring for my skin.