How I Trained My Hair Down To One Wash A Week

Okay so before you go and freak out on me let’s all take a deep breathe *you should be taking a deep breathe right now*. Better? Okay, now we have taken a moment - let's get to it.

By clicking on this article, you have automatically signed yourself up to Bonnie's Bootcamp: For those who can’t go more than 2 days without washing their hair. Sorry, I don't make the rules. Except for in this case, I have definitely just made these rules up. NEVERTHELESS there is a reason you have clicked on this article, and I am here to assure you that together we can get through this and together we can train our hair down to one wash per week. 

Let The Bootcamp Begin

Now, I have made some fairly big promises, but none that I take back. It is possible to train your hair down to one wash a week, but nothing worth having comes easy, and sacrifices must be made. 

If you are used to regularly washing your scalp, there will need to be a detoxification period and time to reset/rebalance. Your hair and scalp will have gotten used to how things were so now we must gently *or abruptly* knock it back into shape. 

It will take about 2-3 weeks for your hair to adjust to its new washing schedule. In the meantime if you should show any signs of weakness or relapse, there is help out there in the form of dry shampoo (our staff fave is R+Co's Spiritualised Dry Shampoo) or messy bun with a headband, anyone? 

Some Tips To Get You Started:

Now I suppose me just telling you it's possible to wash your hair just once a week isn’t enough, and it wouldn’t be a real bootcamp if we didn’t have some kick ass trainers, so I hit up my good friend KM himself (Kevin Murphy, that is)... who is not actually my friend, butttt I've got some connections.

Here are his expert tips for getting longevity out of each precious wash:

Cleansing Shampoo

“Make sure you use a cleansing shampoo that removes all excess oils...choose shampoo based on scalp health and conditioner based on hair health is my key!” Maxi.Wash contains AHA’s and "acts like a peel or exfoliant does for your face, this is the hair version! Prepares your hair perfectly for your prescribed wash and rinse.”

Brush Your Hair

“Brush your hair really well before you wash it so any build up is moved away from the scalp and easily removed… leaving no residue on the hair so your hair is fresher for longer." Brushing your hair between washes also helps to disperse oils through the mid-lengths and ends, so that oil doesn't just sit at the roots (this also adds extra shine to the hair).

evo Conrad Boar Bristle Paddle Brush
Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

“Silk pillowcase will reduce any static, friction or heat. This helps your hair slip and move so not to get stuck to the pillow. This will help your style to last longer." Silk pillowcases are also ideal for reducing breakage and tension on damaged hair types.

Shhh Silk Silk Pillowcase Queen Size

And if all of the above fails, make the most of beanie season while you can, or get yourself some ELEVEN Slick Hold Styling Pomade and comb that sh*t back into a ponytail. You'll won't know yourself with all the spare time you have on your hands.