Everything I Wish I Knew About Having A Fringe Before I Got One

“If you cut more than 1cm off my hair I will cry hysterically” is the line that helped me force disapproving hairdressers into maintaining my boring, long virgin hair for the last 15 years. I was aggressively attached to my locks and terrified of change.

That was until I woke up one Thursday recently and decided I wanted a fringe. Mind you, I am far from a spontaneous person. The 8 hours before my appointment were filled with trial and tribulation. I held a very serious vote in the office, my boyfriend photoshopped pictures for me to consider, and then of course I lay in the bath (see here to read why baths solve all my issues) for deep contemplation. BUT ALAS, the jury made their decision and I turned up the next day at work like: 


And amazingly I didn’t even burst into tears when my hairdresser revealed the final result. If you're also considering bringing bangs into your life, see below for all the wisdom I have gained since I made the leap/got the snip/went under the knife (whatever you wanna call it).

Your fringe won’t always behave and will need training

Before I got a fringe people kept telling me how high maintenance it would be to style every day. I was like ‘pfftttt I have a 10 step skincare routine, how bad can it be?’ The answer is bad. Many mornings I wake up looking like a flabbergasted chicken. In saying this, most fringe fiascoes can be dealt with by using just my ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush and Dyson Supersonic. This dynamic duo smooths and gives body to my fringe in under 2 minutes. The radial brush is also perfect for training both sides of my fringe to meet in the middle and avoid an unfortunate parted situation. If you’re getting bangs you’ll need this brush. 

EverythingIWishIKnewAboutHavingAFringeBeforeIGotOne Tamara 0004EverythingIWishIKnewAboutHavingAFringeBeforeIGotOne Tamara 0004

Your forehead will need some extra TLC 

There is a common rumour that fringes will cause you to break out with acne. And yes, this may be true if you are neglecting this now concealed area of skin. Enter - Murad Age Reform AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser - a product I have repurchased multiple times. This triple action exfoliator uses physical and chemical exfoliating agents to remove dead skin cells and impurities from the skin. I use this scrub three times a week and can confidently say I haven’t had a forehead breakout since getting a fringe. In fact this product is so good that everyone should have it, regardless of fringe status. 

EverythingIWishIKnewAboutHavingAFringeBeforeIGotOne Tamara 0068EverythingIWishIKnewAboutHavingAFringeBeforeIGotOne Tamara 0068

Dry shampoo will become your new best friend

It is fair to say I have developed an intimate and dependent relationship with dry shampoo since cutting a fringe. R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo in particular can take my hair from looking sad and flat to effortlessly stylish with minimal effort. As a profusely sweaty member of society, I particularly recommend this product for after exercising. Sure, it doesn’t rid me of my tomato red face but it does make my fringe look freshly washed. Like all R+Co products, this dry shampoo smells like a dream - it also comes in a mini version for on the go fringe emergencies. 

EverythingIWishIKnewAboutHavingAFringeBeforeIGotOne Tamara 0036EverythingIWishIKnewAboutHavingAFringeBeforeIGotOne Tamara 0036

You will want all of the snazzy accessories

Hair clips are having a welcome resurgence and are the perfect way to spice up a fresh do. I use the Valet Mafalda Barette Duo in Pink for when I’m feeling a bit fancy or want to take my outfit to the next level. These are also very useful if you decide you’re sick of the fringe-a-licious life and need to grow it out, OR you just want to flash back to the olden days when you had no fringe and less fun. With so many choices in the Valet range you’ll struggle to stop at just one. 

EverythingIWishIKnewAboutHavingAFringeBeforeIGotOne Tamara 0082EverythingIWishIKnewAboutHavingAFringeBeforeIGotOne Tamara 0082

It will change your life for the better 

Yes, I may have screamed as I watched long chunks of my hair fall to the ground at the hairdresser, BUT on the way home I sang ‘A Whole New World’ as I felt like a whole new woman. Getting a fringe has been a complete game changer for me. It always looks like I’ve tried harder than I actually have and you can get away with much less makeup (after all, half your face is now covered by hair). My go to is the Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda Tinted Cream for the optimal ‘no-makeup’ look. You only need the tiniest bit of this miracle product to achieve a natural glow that doesn’t highlight blemishes or dry patches and nourishes your skin in the process.  

EverythingIWishIKnewAboutHavingAFringeBeforeIGotOne Tamara 0043EverythingIWishIKnewAboutHavingAFringeBeforeIGotOne Tamara 0043

So if you are still wondering if you should get a fringe, I say do it. With a few products you can easily manage life with bangs, you’ll feel like a new person and at the end of the day, hair grows back quickly...right?