Everything You Want To Know About Getting A Lash Lift, Answered
Joanna Fleming

“What is a lash lift?” was one of the most searched beauty terms on Google last year, and since I’ve been having this treatment for about 2 years now, I figured I’m pretty well equipped to walk you through what the treatment involves.

As someone with long, yet super straight lashes, I don’t mean to brag but I’m the perfect candidate for a lash lift. I’ve avoided lash extensions because I hate the feeling of them, and I’ve found lash lifts to be a lower maintenace, less time-consuming alternative.

You can see the full process below, and keep reading for some FAQs.


What Is A Lash Lift?

Let’s get through the basics first. A lash lift is essentially a more modernised version of the well-known lash perm. Instead of using a cylindrical rod, which can cause the lashes to curl back on themselves, a lash lift involves flattening the lashes back onto a slightly curved silicone rod for a more natural, lifted, wide-eyed finish. A perming solution is applied, and a lash tint can be added onto this treatment.

How Long Does The Lash Lift Last?

Personally, I find my lashes stay good for about 4-5 weeks and look phenomenal with mascara on. After that, they slowly start to grow out and I find myself needing to use my lash curler. I try to have mine redone every 8-10 weeks (especially if I have a special event coming up). Compare this with 3-weekly refills of extensions and you’re saving a fair chunk of time.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

Depending on whether you have a lash tint as well, the treatment can take between 45 minutes to an hour. You do have your eyes closed during the whole treatment, but I find it goes quite quickly (if you’re claustrophobic, you might find it mildly uncomfortable).

Do Lash Lifts Damage Your Lashes?

The short answer is no. Most lash lifting solutions now contain proteins like keratin which encourage strengthening of the lashes and are designed prevent breakage of the delicate lash hairs. I’d recommend going to a reputable, experienced salon to ensure you have the best outcome.

How Do You Maintain A Lash Lift?

There really is no maintenance involved at all. Most salons will advise you not to wet your eyes or use mascara for between 8-24 hours after your treatment (depends on the therapist), as the perm can still develop afterwards.

I usually have morning appointments and wash my eyes that night. And yes, you can wear mascara when you’ve had a lash lift – my mascara of choice is Benefit’s BADGal BANG! Mascara.

How Much Does It Cost?

Every salon will vary in price between around $80-$120 per treatment. I go to The Beauty Company in Melbourne, and pay $80 for a lash lift alone, and $95 if I add on a lash tint.


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How To Style 2019’s Most Popular Haircut
Joanna Fleming

Before I even give you a visual, close your eyes and see if you can imagine the haircut I’m talking about. I bet you know it – actually, I bet either you, your best friend, or your work wife probably has this haircut.

Yep, it’s the long bob. That length you go when you’re scared to go too short, and you also want to tie your hair up at the gym, but you also want to be super dramatic and post a ‘short hair, don’t care’ pic on Instagram.

Since everybody’s doing it, I thought I’d take one for the team and ask award-winning celebrity hairdresser, Joey Scandizzo to show us how to style the long bob.


What You’ll Need:

To Wave: ghd curve tongs soft curl tong 32mm

To Prep: ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment, ELEVEN Sea Salt Texture Spray

To Hold: ELEVEN Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray

To Texturise: ELEVEN I Want Body Texture Spray & Volume Powder

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The Technique:


On damp or dry hair, prep using the Miracle Hair Treatment and Sea Salt Spray (we styled my hair from wet).

I already used a sea salt spray in my routine, but I’d never used it in the prep stage, nor had I sprayed it into my roots – but Joey reassured me that it wouldn’t make my hair oily, instead it would give me much-needed volume and texture.


Using your ghd curl tong, take small sections of hair curling away from the face. That means anti-clockwise if that’s an easier way of explaining it. You want to leave a few centimetres of hair out at the ends.

An important tip from Joey when it comes to the front sections, is to bring these sections forward as you curl them (shown in video). This allows the front sections to drape more naturally across the face for a softened effect.

Set your finished sections as you go with the Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray (it’s a brushable hairspray so you can rework it).


Using your Texture Spray, lightly spritz this through the hair (without wetting it down too much), and use fingertips to tousle the hair, or tip your head upside down, shake and flip.

For even more texture (this step is optional), use the Volume Powder through the roots and work through with fingertips. You can also add it to the mid-lengths for messy texture.


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Fragrance As Fashion: Finding Your Style

It’s not easy to find the perfect fragrance online. I totally get it, fragrance is a sensorial experience, something you would traditionally experiment with in person. But it’s not the dark ages and we’ve come so far when it comes to shopping online. So where do you start, and how do you navigate fragrance notes if you’re not a fragrance connoisseur?

If you’re someone who reads “top notes of basil, with heart notes of rosemary and base notes of vanilla,” and wonders if you’re reading about a fine wine or the entree to a degustation menu, then keep reading.


There is no denying that fragrance is personal, after all, a scent that lingers has the power to paint a picture of the person you are, leaving behind a statement as potent as a first impression. So what else do you use to paint your persona, if not fashion? It’s a simple, daily ritual you perform each morning or before an event. You stand in front of your closet and decide on the person you feel like being on that day; dark and moody; glamorous and chic; feminine and fun. Let’s delve into the world of fragrance as fashion. I promise you’ll be that little bit closer to being a fragrance connoisseur once we’re done!


Pictured above: the bold scents of Helmut Lang and MEMO Paris

If you love to be daring and fearless by chasing bold prints and statement jewellery, you may find yourself drawn to a fragrance with a little more punch! If you play with a style that is adventurous and striking because you love to be seen and heard, then look no further than the below fragrances. They’ll be the icing on the cake, your pièce de résistance! Use the following guide to better understand the strength of each perfume.

Recommendations: (0 = light and airy, 10 = deep, powerful)


Above: Keep it fresh with Oribe, CLEAN Reserve and CREED

However, if you’re someone who loves a crisp white shirt paired with indigo jeans and an understated leather sandal, you may find yourself a lover of fragrances that are fresh and slightly androgynous. The clean lines of your clothing match perfectly with the crisp notes in the below fragrances.

Recommendations: (0 = light and airy, 10 = deep, powerful)

Fragrances that are the equivalent of a crisp white shirt.


Feeling floral with Penhaligons, Amouage and Parfums de Marly

So you like a little frill? Some lace accents to throw off a softness you won’t find in a black blazer. You love to experiment with pastel hues of pink sorbet and baby blue. You tend to look for floral fragrances that add the finishing touches to a floaty, summer dress. Then enjoy perusing the below delightful scents.

(0 = light and airy, 10 = deep, powerful)

Recommendations: (0 = light and airy, 10 = deep, powerful)

Soft pink suede vibes

Are you feeling more knowledgeable in the fragrance department? If you’re still a little cautious of taking the plunge, know that every luxury fragrance housed in The Scent Room comes accompanied by a fragrance vial tester, so if it’s not true love, you can return the unopened full-sized fragrance, free of charge.

What are you waiting for? Get styling!

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4 Gifts To Get Your Gal Pal This Valentine’s Day
Joanna Fleming

There’s nothing like an overly commercialised American holiday to make you feel bad about being single.

In reality, you’re probably having a better time than your coupled-up friends every other day of the year, but when everyone’s getting flowers delivered at work, you can forget for a minute all the benefits of riding solo.

So if you’ve got a single gal pal who you want to send love to this Valentine’s Day, I’ve put together my edit of gifts that’ll last way longer than a bouquet of ridiculously overpriced long-stemmed roses.

SALT BY HENDRIX Jade Face Roller

– Designed to promote circulation & encourage skin cell rejuvenation

– Stimulates the lymphatic system helping to combat puffiness and water retention

– Made from Jade, a stone that promotes purity, healing, calm and balance

– Can be used to massage in your facial serums or oils, encouraging better absorption

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Vanessa Megan Love Scrub

– Created with a unique blend of natural & organic ingredients

– Contains invigorating ocean salt, aromatic essential oils & rose petals

– Exfoliates, hydrates, firms & revives dull, dry skin

– Calms & soothes the body and mind, plus it’s vegan-friendly

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Lumira White Candle – Darsana

– Features a blend of rare amber & frankincense, with airy notes of jasmine

– Also features notes of sweet florals, powder & musk

– Lumira candles are crafted in Australia, with cotton wicks & hand-made glass

– You’ll get around 80 hours of burn time from Lumira candles

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Face Inc Cat Nap Sheet Mask

– For when you’ve had zero hours sleep but want to look like you’ve had 12

– This brightening sheet mask instantly revitalises normal to dry skin

– Enriched with Green Tea, Botanical Root Extracts & Chamomile

– Helps to balance, restore, moisturise & cleanse, leaving skin refreshed & nourished

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Your Favourite Song May Dictate Which Fragrance You Should Wear
Joanna Fleming

What if you could pair your favourite song to a matching fragrance? That’s essentially how French perfume house Art Meets Art was born.

Formed thanks to four of the world’s top noses, who are also behind iconic fragrances by Balenciaga, Dyptique and Le Labo, this collection of carefully curated fragrances is inspired by some of the most popular songs in history.

Art Meets Art’s first collection features six multidimensional fragrances that each tell their own story, influenced by the songs they’re named after.

Lilac Wine

Art Meets Art Lilac Wine eau de parfum is a recipe for sensuality: mysterious, heady, yet comfortable. It’s my absolute favourite fragrance in this collection.

– Features notes of masculine cedarwood, moss & cognac accord

– Balanced by feminine notes of violet, plum & lavender

– Long-lasting on the skin & suitable for both men & women

– Created by Frank Voelkl, the perfumer behind Le Labo’s Santal 33

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Sexual Healing

Uplifting, and smooth as honey – this fragrance is just as expressive as its namesake, a suave invitation.

– Sexual Healing opens with notes of bright honey & ginger

– Rich & sensual tobacco accompanies notes of gourmand vanilla

– A base of amber adds a rich woody characteristic to the seductive composition

– It’s a gender neutral, oriental vanilla fragrance with impressive longevity

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Like A Virgin

Like the eighties pop song that encapsulated the vibrancy of new love, Like A Virgin is a floral musk fragrance that feels eternally fresh.

– Like A Virgin is a warm bouquet designed to elevate the scent of your own skin

– It’s clean & soft with a delicate quality that lasts long into the day

– The most feminine of the fragrances, it features notes of Mandarin, Peony & Rose

– Created by the perfumer behind Marc Jacobs Daisy & Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio

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The Scent Room Promise:

The Scent Room invites you to try your next new signature scent. We want you to be sure that it’s love, not lust. With your full-size Art Meets Art fragrance, you’ll receive a matching sample vial. Simply sample this fragrance using the tester included, and if it’s not true love, return the unopened full size.

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How Dancing Could Change You, According To A Life Coach
Joanna Fleming

This guest post was written by life coach, motivational speaker and meditation guide, Kat John. Find out more about Kat here.

I was once a victim to giving a sh*t what other people thought of me. I wanted people to like and approve of me and I did what it took for that to happen. Fitting in was a hobby because I needed that hit of validation. But as you may know, that hit doesn’t last long.

Deep down I wanted a way out of this, but I was stuck. I’d lost connection to myself and knew it was time to pave a new way forward and take action towards what would make my soul sing, rather than diminish it. That right there, was a real resolution. 

How Dancing Changed My Path:

2014 was the year of, “find Kat, be Kat” – what I loved, what I wanted to do more of, who I was beneath the sh*t, etc. Along that road, someone told me about a dance class called 5Rhythms, not your average class I assure you. It was two hours of free dancing in a room filled with strangers moving however they liked. Well f**k me, I was nervous. 

Thoughts raced in my head like, “you’re going to look like a d*ck, you should’ve practiced in the mirror to make sure you look good!” – you know, those uber helpful thoughts? 

After fighting the mental demons I said to myself, “FK IT!” and started moving my body to the music however I liked. The thoughts were still there but I was caring less and less, getting lost in the music and rocked out my inner Goddess. Move by move, song by song, I was freeing my sh*t in a safe, constructive and fun way, loving every minute of it!

Week after week I went back, caring less about what people thought, finding comfort in my skin, not needing to impress and felt an indescribable freedom inside my soul. This transferred to everyday life and the chameleon act was slowly fading. And in return, my soul started to sing. 





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Two things occurred in this transformation…

A real resolution was set. One that was deeply personal and set me on a path to bring life back to my soul, leaving less room for people-pleasing behaviour. 

Movement was a major catalyst to overriding the negative self-talk, changing my emotional and mental state. I could freely release aggressiveness and vulnerability, emotions and anxieties, whilst having fun.





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So What Next?

Tony Robbins bangs on about “motion creates emotion” and damn straight it does! We base our behaviours and actions on our thoughts and how we feel. Movement is one powerful tool to shift stuck thoughts or emotions and create an empowered state for yourself. 

So… if you’re feeling stuck, lethargic, overwhelmed, lost or hopeless, I encourage you to…

1. Close your bedroom door and ask not to be disturbed for 20 minutes.

2. Pump up the tunes to your favourite songs.

3. Move your body and free your sh*t in a safe, constructive and fun way. 

4. And lastly, check in with those resolutions you’ve set this year and ensure they are in favour of lighting up your soul.

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My Healthy-ish Protein Balls Also Have Beauty Benefits
Joanna Fleming

Here at Adore HQ, our New Year’s resolution was to make more realistic resolutions. We just want to be the best version of ourselves, and we don’t need to lose five kilos or become vegan to do that.

As long as we feel good about ourselves, we’re on the right track aren’t we? One little thing that makes me feel like I’m being healthy (and mildly satisfies my chocolate addiction) is making protein balls.

But these aren’t just any protein balls, so I thought I’d share the recipe with you.

What You’ll Need:

1 cup of mixed raw nuts

1 cup of oats

1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

1 tablespoon of Vida Glow Beauty Protein (Chocolate)

2/3 cup of Mayver’s Organic Peanut & Cacao Spread

2 tablespoons of rice malt syrup

2-3 tablespoons of unsweetened almond milk

1 cup of desiccated coconut


Firstly, use a food processor to blend the mixed raw nuts until finely milled. Add to bowl with the remainder of dry ingredients, except the coconut.

Add the Peanut & Cacao Spread (I buy this from Coles), rice malt syrup and unsweetened almond milk to the bowl. If you don’t have almond milk, you can just use water.

Mix together until all ingredients are combined, the consistency should be sticky and able to hold together. If you need more moisture, just add a little more almond milk or water.

Use your hands to roll the mixture into balls, put the desiccated coconut onto a plate and roll the protein balls around until fully covered in coconut. Then just put them in the fridge for about an hour before eating.

How Do They Have Beauty Benefits?

My secret is the Vida Glow Chocolate Beauty Protein that I use in this mixture. It’s a vegan, gulten free and certified organic protein powder that contains a combination of plant-based proteins, essential fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants.

– Helps to enhance skin, hair & nail health, plus assists with post-exercise recovery

– Aids in building lean muscle & is a good source of fibre

– Can be mixed with water, milk, smoothies or added to raw treats

– Rich in Proline & Lysine to promote the production of collagen in the body

– Promotes a more radiant complexion

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More About What’s In It:

High in protein and low in carbs, Vida Glow Beauty Protein contains protein derived from Pea, Brown Rice, Sacha Inchi and Chia Seeds.

It also contains essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6, as well as vitamins A & E and minerals like calcium. With 30 grams of protein per serve, this protein powder also contains enzymes which aid digestion and ultimately help to increase energy.

★★★★★ Tasty and easily digestible – Jade

“Absolutely love this flavour protein powder. I have had it with almond milk and also with almond milk and banana to make it thicker and milkshake-ish. I sometimes have trouble with protein powders due to IBS but this one actually reduces my symptoms (not sure how or why but I’m not complaining!). Definitely buying again!”


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