Best of Beauty: Hair Care, Winter Bronzing & Endless Travel Inspo

Happy Friday, Adorables!

So, it’s still freezing cold here at Adore Beauty HQ in Melbourne, but as we tick over into August we can now say that the end is near!

The blogosphere is still full of winter wonders, with the best products for winter now truly tried and tested, and ready to be recommended.

It’s also all about the hair this week, with some great tips for our blonde friends!

Image: Gritty Pretty

Should You Really Use a Hair Mask? – Gritty Pretty

There’s lots a myths out there about how we should look after our hair, especially in winter. Something that we find many women are sceptical about are hair masks. Eleanor from Gritty Pretty is all over hair masks, and examines exactly why and how you should use them!

Looking to try a mask? Why not give Eleanor’s picks, the Kerastase Chronologiste Le Parfum En Huile for a post-styling hit of hydration, or the O&M Project Sukuroi Gold Smoothing Balm for silky, glossy hair.

Don’t Be a Dumb Blonde – Oz Beauty Expert

Taking care of your hair colour is especially important for blondes, as that bleach can really affect your hair and blonde colours can easily go wrong.

Bonnie, from Oz Beauty Expert, is a bit of a chameleon when it comes to hair colour, with her ever changing locks putting her in the perfect position to talk coloured hair care. Bonnie gives her tips for looking after blonde colours, helping you prevent your hair from going brassy or yellow.

Image: Beauticate

How to Bronze in Winter – Beauticate

It’s very, very easy to go overboard with the fake tan and bronzers when you’re feeling washed out in winter, but as Sigourney very astutely points out in this post “it makes sense to be a little paler in winter” so don’t go overboard with dark colours.

Her bank of simple tips, and killer product suggestions like the Clinique Sculpting Contour Chubby Stick, will allow you to glow in the final weeks of winter, while still looking the part.

Image: bellaMUMMA

Beauty Insider: A Clear Start for Young Skin – bellaMUMMA

Dermalogica’s Clear Start range is one of our favourites for teenage skin. It’s easy to use and super effective on congested, oily and hormonal skin. And that’s why we love this collaboration by bellaMUMMA and the team at Dermalogica, who’ve put together this detailed feature on the range, showing how and why it works!
We also loved another article from bellaMUMMA’s Lizzy Williamson, who gives away her favourite, and easy, exercise for toning arms. Almost all of us need this a month out from Spring!

New York Travel Guide – Check and Spots

We just thought we’d finish this week’s post off with some serious travel inspiration. Clare from Checks and Spots recently hit up New York for an incredible getaway. She’s put together this simple guide to give us the must dos in the Big Apple.

If you’re thinking of something a little bit different for your next trip, also check out Lipstick & Cake’s stunning photo diary from Singapore. Looks like I’ll be spending the next weeks’ worth of lunchbreaks on Expedia…

Image: Checks and Spots