BECCA Skin Perfecting Makeup System Colour Matching Guide

There are few things worse than buying the wrong foundation shade. The good news is that not only does BECCA make a wide range of colours to suit all complexions, they have also put together this handy guide so you can work out what shades you’d use across the BECCA range. Cooool.

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Skin Tone Category

Luminous Skin Colour

Compact Concealer Stick Foundation SPF30+

Fine Loose Finishing Powder

Mineral Powder Foundation
Light to Fair Porcelain (Pink) Meringue (Yellow)Parfait (Pink)Sherbet (Pink) Eggshell (Yellow)Bisque (Pink) Beloved (Neutral PinkBliss (Neutral Yellow)
Fair Sand (Neutral)Cashmere (Neutral) Torrone (Neutral)Praline (Neutral)Biscuit (Pink)Latte (Pink) Bisque (Pink)Sesame (Yellow) Bliss (Neutral Yellow)Bloom (Neutral)
Fair to Medium Camel (Yellow)Nude (Neutral) Banana (Neutral)Tahini (Neutral)Cashew (Yellow)Butterscotch (Warm) Bisque (Pink)Sesame (Yellow) Bloom (Neutral)
Medium Toast (Warm)Olive (Neutral) Macadamia (Neutral)Brulee (Pink/Neutral)Caramel (Yellow)Mallow (Warm) Sesame (Yellow)Ginger (Pink) Desire (Warm)Dream (Neutral Yellow)
Light Tan Tan (Neutral) Honeycomb (Neutral)Honey (Yellow)Toffee (Warm) Wheat (Yellow) Rapture (Neutral Pink)Revere (Neutral Yellow)Ravish (Warm)
Tan Bamboo (Yellow) Coffee (Neutral)Cappaccine (Yellow) Wheat (Yellow)Mocha (Neutral) Enchant (Yellow)
Dark Tan Nut (Warm)Sepia (Warm) Maple (Warm)Pecan (Warm) Mocha (Neutral)Spice (Warm)
Dark Golden Tobacco (Neutral) Brioche (Yellow)Syrup (Warm) Mocha (Neutral)Spice (Warm)
Golden Brown Nuba (Neutral) Fudge (Yellow)Treacle (Warm)Truffle (Neutral) Spice (Warm)Cardamom (Neutral) Cherish (Neutral)
Warm Brown Cognac (Warm) Hazelnut (Warm)Chestnut (Warm)Almond (Neutral) Cardamom (Neutral)Clove (Warm)
Deep Brown Mink (Neutral) Walnut (Warm)Chocolate (Neutral) Carob (Warm)Nutmeg (Neutral)
Bronze Mink (Neutral) Molasses (Warm)Espresso (Neutral) Cocoa (Warm)