Why Dr Hauschka is the natural beauty authority

German brand Dr Hauschka has over 46 years of beauty industry know-how and research under its belt. Their holistic approach to haircare, make-up and skincare means they take pride in understanding the way our body works, making sure that everything is always in balance, without being bombarded with unnecessary ingredients. Many people are allergic to chemicals commonly found in non-organic […]

Get sunscreen smart – ASAP!

Now is the perfect time to incorporate sunscreen into a skincare routine every day. It€’s amazing how many people still believe they only require UV protection when they’re exposed to the sun! The damaging and ageing effects of UVA rays in particular are constantly present in daylight, no matter the season or weather. UVB (burning) […]

BECCA founder explains: how to know which colours suit you

Most of us have an idea of which colours we like, but do they translate into make-up that suits our features? BECCA‘s Rebecca Morrice Williams gives us some pointers on how to look good and have fun with cosmetics (And yes, blue eye shadow is allowed!) As a rule of thumb, which shades suit which […]

Retinol: what, why and how?

The world of skincare can sometime seem like a jungle. You know where you want to be, but there are obstacles in the way; the variety of treatments is infinite; and most confusingly of all, it’s populated by products that appear to speak another language. Which brings us to retinol. It’s one of those buzz […]

Your A – Z of skincare

Sometimes reading skincare packaging or ingredient lists feels like they’re written in a whole different language! Hang in there though, as once you understand this new vocabulary, you’ll be much better equipped to make decisions about which products to use€“ or not to use. Here are some commonly-used words and what they mean for your […]

How to cleanse the right way

You! Yes, you. Put doooown the soap! On your face, it will cause more harm than good. With pore-clogging ingredients and a dehydrating nature, it strips your skin, causing the glands to react and start over-producing oil. This will lead to more pimples and greasiness! Here at Adore Beauty, we know that you don’€™t want […]

Five daily habits that cause break-outs

Pimples. Acne. Zits. Spots. Blemishes. Whatever word you use, these little lesions are a not-so-fun part of teen life! Whether you break out a lot, a little or not at all is largely down to genetics and hormones. There are many contributing factors which lead to the development or breakouts, some of which you may […]