Are You Cleansing Your Skin With Milk?

I never really thought milk would be such a topical subject, but now that every second person on earth is lactose intolerant, and every cafe has 14 different milk alternatives, it seems like a regular conversation topic to discuss which kind of milk you have in your latte.

But today we’re not talking oat milk or almond milk – we’re talking cleansing milk. And I’m deliberately timing this as we enter winter, because those of you with dry skin will really benefit from this.

Tell Me More:

I have normal to dry skin which tends towards dry and sensitive during seasonal changes. Throughout autumn it’s been particularly dry and uncomfortable thanks to frequent travel and wearing makeup most days. So I made the very unusual move to swap out my go-to cleanser for Aesop’s new Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk to see if it would help to rebalance my moisture levels (note: I literally never do this, so it’s a big deal).

It promises to efficiently do its job without stripping the skin’s natural lipid-layer (tick!), and according to the ingredient list which I carefully observed, it also boasts a blend of mild surfactants (tick!) and skin-nourishing oils and extracts (tick!). So, I felt like I couldn’t really go wrong with it…

The Details:

– It’s a gentle milky daily cleanser with a non-foaming formula

– Suited to most skin types, especially dry & sensitive (and during winter!)

– Doesn’t compromise the skin’s natural barrier or strip away all moisture

– Leaves the skin feeling clean, yet comforted (instead of tight & itchy)

– Effectively removes dirt & impurities, including light makeup

– The velvety texture glides over the skin like a lotion & easily emulsifies

– It has quite a strong, refreshing herbaceous fragrance

– It’s available in both a 100ml and 200ml glass bottle

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What’s In It?

Aesop are known for their botanical ingredients, and the Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk does not disappoint.

It contains Panthenol (Provitamin B5) which both attracts and retains water, preventing that dry and uncomfortable feeling post-cleansing.

Grape Seed Oil helps to rebalance the skin and reduce moisture loss, while Sandalwood soothes the skin and Soybean Oil defends it from environmental aggressors.

My Verdict:

As I said, it’s very unusual to stray from my go-to cleanser, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and my skin just needed some extra love. By love, I mean moisture. And Aesop’s Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk sure did deliver.

While I wouldn’t say it’s the most effective makeup remover in the world (I still use my Face Halo to remove most of my makeup first), it did leave my skin feeling super comfortable and nourished, and it took off that layer of excess makeup, oil and dirt still sitting on my skin. I’d been finding my skin felt sensitive and dry after cleansing lately, and those symptoms dissipated immediately, and I had zero redness when I got out of the shower.

I definitely felt my skin was rebalanced, and my natural barrier was reinforced, so as a result my skin felt much more hydrated. I’m now using it as the second step in my cleansing routine with my usual cleanser. If you’ve got dry skin, give it a go.


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