All The Reasons I’m Using A Crystal Face Roller In My Skincare Routine

Let’s be honest, my rose quartz face roller makes the ideal styling item for my bedside table. But apart from that, do these crystal face rollers actually do anything remarkable?

Apart from the alleged energetic powers of crystals and the vibrations they emit, Salt By Hendrix’s Rose Quartz Face Roller may actually have physical benefits for your skin.


1. The Power Of Rose Quartz

According to Women’s Health, rose quartz is the crystal linked to the heart chakra and is often referred to as the ‘love stone’ for its ability to promote a sense of compassion and love. Apparently rose quartz is also a powerful healing stone that can help to increase self-love, ease tension and ward off negative emotions.

2. The Anti-Ageing Effect

Using a crystal roller can have an anti-ageing effect as the massaging motion increases blood circulation. This can help to improve tone and elasticity, while promoting a brighter, more radiant complexion, helping to also infuse skincare ingredients into the skin.

3. De-Puff & De-Tox

The cool touch of your face roller (especially if you keep it in the fridge) can reduce puffiness, promote lymphatic drainage, the elimination of toxins and the tightening of pores. I use Salt By Hendrix’s Rose Quartz Face Roller to soothe my cheeks when they’re irritated and red, and to eradicate puffy eyes after restless nights.


How To Use Your Roller:

Step 1: Start by applying your moisturiser, oil or serum of choice onto the skin.

Step 2: Using medium pressure & working from the centre of your face, move your roller outward & upward ideally starting from your chin, moving onto your cheeks and forehead.

Step 3: Use the smaller end of the roller to massage upwards and outwards around the delicate eye area.

Tip: For those of you who get puffy in the mornings or have inflammatory skin issues like acne or rosacea, keep your roller in the fridge for a soothing and calming effect.

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