A Skin Specialist Reveals The Products She Always Recommends To Clients

Skincare is a daunting world if you’re new to it. There’s a ridiculous amount of brands and products to choose from, so if you know absolutely nothing about skincare, where do you even start?

My advice: see a skin specialist. Don’t ask your friend what she’s using, don’t buy whatever influencers are posting on Instagram, don’t rely on beauty groups on Facebook. Ask someone who knows damn well what they’re talking about – trust me, it’ll save you money in the long run.

That brings me to introduce you to @teganmac.skin. Not only is this girl hilarious to follow on Instagram, but she’s also a skin and advanced laser specialist, and she’s sharing her expert tips and most recommended products with us.



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Cosmedix Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser

“People underestimate the power of a high-quality cleanser. So many skin problems originate from using the wrong cleanser so it’s important to get the first step of your skin routine right. I recommend Benefit Clean to many of my clients as it ticks all the boxes – free from nasties, non-stripping and packed full of skin-nourishing ingredients. So much more than just a basic cleanser!”

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Aspect Extreme B 17

“Extreme B 17 is a super versatile serum that every skin can benefit from. This product is amazing for barrier repair, reducing inflammation, balancing oil, it’s an antioxidant, and energizes cellular activity. Whether you’re dealing with pimples, sensitivity, dry skin or signs of ageing, adding Extreme B 17 will turbocharge any skincare routine.”

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PCA Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum

“This serum is the Rolls Royce of hyaluronic acids. Not only does it feel incredibly velvety and luxe on the skin, but it also encourages your skin to make more of its own hyaluronic acid! Remember, a hydrated skin ages slower, so it’s very important to have a super effective hydrator in your routine.”

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Cosmedix Define

“Vitamin A is a key player for anyone over 25. It keeps the skin working like it’s young. Define has a beautiful balmy texture that feels incredibly nourishing and it’s very sophisticated in the way it absorbs into the skin. Keep your skin clear, plump and smooth without the redness and sensitivity often associated with Vitamin A products.”

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You can follow Tegan on Instagram at @teganmac.skin, or if you’re based in Melbourne, you can find her at Bare Body Laser & Skin Clinic in Brunswick West.


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