A Makeup Artist Shares All The Mistakes We’re Making (And How To Fix Them)

If you find yourself constantly staring at other people’s makeup wondering why yours doesn’t quite look the same, you might benefit from reading this article. After all, it could be one little thing you’re missing in your routine that could make all the difference to your finished look.

We asked Melbourne-based makeup artist Arielle Wray about the most common mistakes her clients tend to make when doing their own makeup, and how to fix them.

Mistake #1: Not Prepping Your Skin Properly

Failing to cleanse properly before reapplying makeup can leave your pores congested with blemish-causing debris, or leave you with ‘panda eyes’ from dried up mascara chilling underneath your eyes (which definitely doesn’t help your poor concealer do its thang the next morning). Always remember to double cleanse each face of makeup off – it’ll leave your face feeling clean and fresh for your next application, and will ensure you maintain healthier skin underneath your makeup.

Not hydrating your skin before applying makeup – oily-skinned women are usually a culprit of this! Sometimes we can get confused between oiliness and hydration – they are two separate things! It doesn’t matter if you are oily or dry, not putting on moisturiser before you start your makeup application (even if you’re oily AF) can leave your skin looking super dull, flakey, and can make your makeup fly off your skin even faster throughout the day. Always remember to moisturise, regardless of your skin type. 

Not priming. It’s plain and simple, making sure you apply a suitable primer for your own personal skin type is an absolute must! This creates a super smooth/prepped surface for your foundation to glide onto, kind of like when you paint the walls of your house with an undercoat – you’ve got to do that with your face as well! Not only will it allow your makeup to last longer, there are so many added skin benefits to primers these days, including adding radiance, mattifying the skin, blurring enlarged pores, neutralising redness etc. In my opinion, priming is the most important step to creating any type of makeup look.

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Mistake #2: Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Dirty brushes = bacteria. If you’re using dirty brushes, they could be a massive reason why your makeup isn’t turning out the way you hoped. Every time you use your makeup brushes on your skin, they come into contact with bacteria hanging around on your skin’s surface. If you don’t wash or sanitise them and then use them again on your skin the next day, you’re basically just spreading all that bacteria back onto your skin again! This could be causing breakouts, blackheads or bumpiness/texture.

Another big reason why cleaning your brushes is an absolute must is because dirty brushes do not allow for true colour payoff when it comes to makeup products! If you’re like me and have an addiction to purchasing deliciously gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, you expect the shadows in the pan to look exactly the same on your eyes, yes? Dirty brushes drenched in leftover shadow can prevent that, and dull down other shadows. So definitely give those brushes a good wash!

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Mistake #3: Not Using Restraint

I know, I know – makeup is so damn fun and we love being able to dip our brushes in all sorts of glittery, glowy and glossy products. BUT, sometimes exercising restraint with the amount of product you’re using on your brush can leave you with a much more put together and flawless end result. Remember, makeup is buildable so start off light.

I personally love to use makeup to enhance my clients/my own features instead of entirely changing the appearance of those features. Isn’t that what it’s all about? I know how easy it can be to get carried away with the glam of it all, and next minute you have a thick face full of products.

Using the right amount of product in the right way will make sure you’re enhancing those Cara Delevingne brows instead of ending up like Bert from Sesame Street. However, in saying that, makeup is completely subjective, so you do you, girlfriend!

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Arielle Wray is an experienced makeup artist and airbrushing specialist, and was recently named as one of Melbourne’s top bridal makeup artists by Elle Australia. You can find Arielle on Instagram here.

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