My 7 Remedies For Flawless Skin

I’m a serum girl. I always have and always will gravitate towards serums over creams, lotions and oils. I love that serums feel super light on the skin, they absorb almost instantly, and they often contain concentrated active ingredients.

So whenever I’m asked to try out a new serum, I jump at the chance. That’s how I was introduced to Bobbi Brown’s Skin Remedies collection. Oh, and they’ve just added a new one which makes you glow.

I am all about radiant, healthy skin and I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it. Bobbi Brown’s newest serum, Skin Brightener No.42 contains a potent superblend of ingredients to maximise skin radiance (and I’ll tell you about my other fave Bobbi Brown serums, too).

How Does It Work?

No.42 helps to boost skin cell turnover with Glucosamine

– It reveals brighter, clearer, more even-toned skin

– Gently exfoliates dull skin to reveal a refreshed complexion

– Stimulates new cell turnover for restored skin vitality

– Targets discoloration so tone appears more even over time

– It has a watery consistency & absorbs immediately

– Leaves the skin feeling immediately soft & glowy

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How To Use:

Apply 2-3 drops of the serum on clean skin, morning and night. As this particular serum has a very fluid formula, I try to use the dropper to apply it directly to my face so I’m not wasting any product. You can pair up other serums from the Remedies collection as well, just layer them over the top prior to moisturiser.


What Other Serums Are There?

Well, there’s pretty much a serum for every skin concern to be honest, which means you can mix and match according to your skin type and concerns. Here’s a little run down of what each serum is designed for:

For Tackling Ageing:

Problem: Lines & wrinkles

Solution: Skin Wrinkle Treatment No.25 | Buy here

– Instantly smooths fine lines

– Corrects dry surface lines

– Visibly plumps wrinkles

Problem: Loss of elasticity

Solution: Skin Fortifier No.93 | Buy here

– Helps repair and replenish skin’s barrier

– Helps restore skin’s ability to protect itself

– Keeps moisture in and toxins out


For Tackling Problem Skin:

Problem: Redness & irritation

Solution: Skin Relief No.80 | Buy here

– Reduces the impact of stress on skin

– Helps prevent and reduce the appearance of redness

– Immediately reduces irritation and helps keep future irritation at bay

Problem: Pores & blemishes

Solution: Skin Clarifier No.75 | Buy here

– Clears out pores & controls oil production

– Normalises cell turnover

– Gently exfoliates, refines & balances skin


For Tackling Lacklustre Skin:

Problem: Dull, tired skin

Solution: Skin Reviver No.91 | Buy here

– Supports the skin’s natural function for overall health

– Helps replenish vital skin nutrients

– Helps protect skin from environmental aggressors

Problem: Dry, parched skin

Solution: Skin Moisture Solution No.86 | Buy here

– Helps increase skin’s natural moisturising factor

– Works to restore skin’s optimal moisture levels

– Minimises skin discomfort


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