4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Brow Grooming

Up until last week, I hadn’t let anyone touch my brows in over 4 years. I’d grown out my eyebrows in 2014, and then been taught by a brow specialist how to map my own brows, and had exclusively plucked them myself since then.

That was until Benefit’s National Brow Artist, Hannah Mutze visited our office last week and I couldn’t resist a bit of a freshen up (I’d also never had a brow tint before and now I’m obsessed).

Not only did I walk away from my appointment with Hannah absolutely loving myself sick, but she also taught me some things about brows along the way that I wanted to share.

Myth: Don’t Wax Or Tweeze Above Your Brows

“Shaping above the brow is completely safe for your brows (despite popular belief that it’s a no-no!) It is no different to waxing other areas of the brow, in fact, a small tweak to the top line of your brow can transform your shape! Find a brow expert you trust and let them work their magic!”

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Myth: Brow Tinting Is Always Dark

“Brow tinting has come a long way since the too-dark ’80s! There are now colours to suit every hair shade, from raven black to peroxide blonde. A professional brow tint lasts up to 4 weeks and will make your brows look instantly fuller and more defined!”

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Pro Tip: Get To Know Your Brows

“The brow mapping technique can be used to find the ideal start, arch and ending point for your brows. It uses your features as a guide – meaning the end result is designed for your unique face shape. For the start – use your brow pencil as your ruler and vertically line up the start of the brow with the corresponding nostril. For the arch/highest point of your brow, measure diagonally from the nostril through the outer edge of your iris. And for the tail/end of your brow, the line runs diagonally from the edge of your nose past the corner of your eye!”

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Pro Tip: Backcomb Your Fibre Gel

“Fibre gels like Gimme Brow+ use microfibers to build natural looking fullness around the brow hairs. By backcombing, these fibres adhere to all sides of the hairs to create a thicker looking brow in seconds! Also, before applying any product to your brows, brush through them using a spoolie brush. This simple trick allows you to see the natural shape of your brows and any bald spots or holes you will need to pay extra attention to.”

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