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Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter

4.4 of 55 reviews


4 instalments of $4.24


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4 instalments of $4.24


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Finish - Powders:

  • Full shimmer
  • Glitter/sparkle
  • Slight shimmer

Finish - Foundation:

  • Full shimmer
  • Glitter/sparkle
  • Slight shimmer

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Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter

Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter

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4.4 of 55 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

I love this highlighter. Applying this highlighter complete my makeup look and it looks beautiful on my cheekbones. Highly recommend

Most Helpful Criticism

gives the skin a glow, but hard to work with
I found this product a hit and a miss. It has the best shine and is super reflective which is great, but when I went to blend it out on the skin it pulled off all my foundation. the only way I could make this product work was by using it as an illuminating primer rather than a highlighter over makeup
  1. gives the skin a glow, but hard to work with

    I found this product a hit and a miss. It has the best shine and is super reflective which is great, but when I went to blend it out on the skin it pulled off all my foundation. the only way I could make this product work was by using it as an illuminating primer rather than a highlighter over makeup
  2. Love

    I love this highlighter. Applying this highlighter complete my makeup look and it looks beautiful on my cheekbones. Highly recommend
  3. Didn’t love this product.

    I was looking for a more natural highlight and this seeemed unnatural to me. It clogged my skin up and gave me breakouts and my skin didn’t feel nice when I wore it. I m 45 with aged sun damage skin. Prob nicer for younger skin. I ended up throwing it away
  4. Good formula

    This highlighter gives you a really nice glow. I sometimes use it on top of my face makeup on my cheekbones and at other times I mix a bit of this highlighter with my foundation. Great product
  5. Subtle and gleamy

    I don't like to look "glittery" so was worried this might be too much, but just a tiny bit tapped on high points after sunscreen gives such a beautiful gleamy finish that I barely need any foundation on top. Lovely for dry skin and a little goes a long way. Colour at first light is great for my light to medium skin tone.
  6. Highlight

    This highlighter is a great balance. It's not over the top, but gives me a lovely glow.
  7. Into it.

    A little goes a long way for this highlighter. Too much and it’s glitter city but a tiny dip on a small blush to apply works well if you want an everyday, subtle glowy look around cheeks and inner eye.
  8. High Sheen Highlighter

    This super pigmented liquid highlighter is my new favourite highlighter to add glow to the cheekbones, brow bone and other areas of the face. It starts off nice and wet so you can move it to where you’d like it to go, I have found other liquid highlighters can be quite dry and stubborn to place along the cheekbone for example and tend to drag, this one is nice and liquid-y but will eventually dry and set. It has a beautiful metallic sheen and a little goes a long way. I also love that Barry M is proudly cruelty free
  9. Beam me up

    amazing highlighter and gives a very nice glow from within if you mix it with your foundation. i mix just a little bit of it in my foundation and it gives a fantastic glow from within. also it is very hydrating on the skin it does not dries out the skin
  10. Gorgeous

    This is a really beautiful highlighter, goes on nicely and looks gorgeous on the skin. Buildable for a more intense look. And the colors are lovely too
  11. Glowy AF

    I love the formula, blends out really nicely with a blender and leaves your skin looking glowy and amazing.
  12. Stunning

    Great for a blinding highlight on top of liquid foundation, but it is very shimmery - would recommend for nights out
  13. A good blinding liquid highlighter - especially given the price point

    This product shines and blends beautifully - it's comparable to the Cover FX custom enhancer drops and is only a quarter of the price. The only thing I would improve is the formula is slightly too goopy for my liking, but it still applies easily with a sponge.
  14. affordable highlighter

    the constancy of the highlighter turn to a bit gloopy every time i open to use it but i really can't complain for the price its quiet fair

    but when place on my highlighting points still slightly visible but i tend to add a powder highlighter on top to give it a more beaming effect

    so after using it for a while now i don't mind this product i just wish it is more liquified

  15. Great Dupe!

    Good dupe for the iconic london highlighters! And much cheaper :)
  16. Pretty good

    Makes my face look really nice and glowy without looking glittery
  17. What introduced me to the brand

    This is the product that introduced me to the brand - very affordable, great colour shade and range and very pigmented which is great! Sometimes the formula was a bit clumpy- make sure to shake the bottle and warm it up by rubbing your hands against it to make it a bit more runny/flowy in consistency. Overall great product
  18. Pretty glow ~

    Although the liquidy consistency of this highlighter may be had to work with, through experimenting with techniques I find that topping this on top of a subtle blush or powder highlight adds a pop to the cheeks.
  19. Pretty but hard to blend

    I love the how this product looks on my skin, it’s so shimmery! My only issue is that it can be a little difficult to blend out.
  20. So pretty

    This product leaves my face looking dewy and smooth. I love it!
  21. Stunning

    This has got to be one of the best liquid highlighters I've used. Perfect for a glowy look. Absolutely in love :)
  22. At First Light

    Love this highlighter! I have olive-toned skin and "At First Light" works perfectly for me. I usually put in directly onto my cheekbones and it blends perfectly. Sometimes I mix a small amount into my foundation and it gives my whole face a beautiful glow.

    The glitter goes everywhere and the consistency is very weird. Not a good product
  24. Don’t like this product

    This product is really really difficult to blend and sits terribly on the skin. I ordered the precious pearl and I definitely don’t recommend it’s far too light. Was definitely disappointed as I’ve read such great reviews. Gave it two stars because I feel it could be okay if it was better to blend.
  25. Blinding and Beautiful, but

    Love this highlighter it is stunning and so cheap for how much you get. Though i wish there were more shades to accommodate for other skin tones.
  26. Beam me up

    I got great compliments when I wore this the first time, however, it takes way too long to blend it and ends up looking a bit muddy. I only use this as a body highlight and I'll stick to using my Nars liquid highlighter.
  27. Great for the price!

    I wanted a liquid highlighter to see what all the fuss was about and so wanted to purchase one that wasn't too expensive just to try it out.

    Was not disappointed, I decided on At First Light and it creates a lovely dewy glow and a little bit goes a long way.

    It is a little think and can feel a little grainy at times but for the price I can't really complain with the results.
  28. Liquid Fortune - Great natural highlight

    I love this highlight, a little goes a long way and leaves you with a beautiful sheen. There is still a slight 'glitter' to it but its still nice and subtle. Liquid fortune is a great colour on my medium skin tone, not too gold. Only thing I don't like is the packaging, I don't think there is enough product in the bottle for the eye dropper top to be very effective; however, it is still good for dabbing little bits of product on the face.
  29. Pretty amazing.

    Needed a new highlighter and stumbled across this bad boy. Pretty amazing highlighter and light enough on my skin that it doesn’t make my skin break out. I find because I have sensitive problematic skin that highlighters can clog my pores. I have used it several times with no problems. Only downside would be its thickness but still works like a treat.
  30. you'll look like a 100watt lightbulb!

    I love this stuff, will continually buy it as long as they make it. the only drawback is that the packaging and drop dispenser are not suited to such a thick mixture, it just covers everything and doesn't drop out with any ease. love, love, love it!
  31. Awesome product

    This highlighter is fantastic especially given the price! It looks great and is easy to use. I mix it in with foundation as well! It's a little gluggy but that aside, this product is a favorite!
  32. Shimmery glow

    For the price, this is a good dupe for the iconic London highlighter drops. Can create a natural look or build up for an intense glow.
  33. Love

    I love this product! So glowy and dewy. A perfect dupe for a certain higher-end highlighter in a similar shade. Will be repurchasing!
  34. SHINY

    this creates such a lovely glowy look! its so fun to apply and you can build it up for an extra shimmery look
  35. Favourite highlighter of all time

    I bought this in Gold Fortune, and it looks beautiful on medium toned skin! It doesn't highlight skin texture, will make your skin look WET and delicious. It doesn't lift foundation and it has a thicker, creamy texture. Applies beautifully with your fingers. Beats all the powder highlights I own. The bottle will last you a long time. I intend on buying all the colours.
  36. At First Light - Perfect for medium-fair skin

    This is the first (and only) highlighter I've ever purchased so I wasn't sure what to expect. This product is so easy to use, you can build it up for an intense glow or dab a teeny bit with your fingertips for something more subtle. It's cheap, which is a bonus (especially when you're experimenting) but the texture is gluggy so I wouldn't say I'm amazed by the quality.
    My skin is medium-fair with a pinkish undertone so At First light was perfect for my skin. I also have relatively sensitive skin and while I don't use this everyday, I haven't experienced any irritation.
  37. Shimmery perfection

    This product is great for a definite shimmery look. While it does smudge easily and isn't perhaps the longest wearing, it's super easy to apply and has a lovely sheen. Great for those nights out under the lights!
  38. I tried

    I wanted SO BADLY to like this but it just won't work for me! I dab it onto my cheeks and it will not budge. It just sticks and looks ridiculous. I have tried with my fingers, a brush and a damp beauty blender but no luck! I'll keep giving it a go anyway!
  39. Will be repurchasing

    I’ve trialed this after a friend purchased. For the price It is amazing! Can be mixed into foundation to give a subtle glow or blended into place as a highlighter. Would definitely recommend
  40. Nice!

    i love liquid highlighters and this ones pretty good! Only problem is it's quite runny so lil hard to apply
  41. Great highlighter

    Really nice! Such a good price and looks amazing. Would definitely recommend
  42. Slightly surprised

    Live this highlighter its bright without being too over the top.. would definately recommend!
  43. So good!

    So surprised with this. It's such a great highlighter. Very easy to blend and not too shimmery or over the top.
  44. Amazing bronzing highlighter

    I love this highlighter! Its illuminating and shimmery but not too over the top. Easy to blend and build colour. The bargain price tops it off. Bought two of the colours and love them both. Will definitely buy again
  45. Liquid fortune - you betta werq that shimmer!

    This is a fraction of the price of the Cover FX or Iconic drops, though it does have a little more of a sparkle than a glow. Liquid fortune is a little more the lighter kind of gold, more yellow than bronze, but still very pretty. The effect is similar to when I use MAC Gold Deposit under my foundation. I will probably purchase the rest of them just on price alone, great value for money.
  46. Yassss

    I purchased the At First Light shade first and loved how dewy it was and how glowy it made my skin look. So easy to use with the dropper and at such a good price. The highlight However the shade I purchased was too pink for me. I am yellow/olive toned with dark hair. I went for the Liquid Fortune the second time and preferred that for my skin tone.
  47. YES!!!

    Had wanted to try Cover FX drops or Iconic London drops for ages but couldn't justify the prices. In comes Barry M's Liquid Chrome Highlighter drops for a fraction of the price that is absolutely bomb!! Totally in love with this product and would highly recommend. Great shade range, gorgeous consistency, finish and effect. So fun to experiment around with.
  48. I love it when cheap products are just as good!

    A few years ago I bought the Becca liquid highlighters, when they were at the height of their popularity. I had that bottle for YEARS, I just couldn't use it up! Actually, has anyone ever used it up? And I suppose you could argue that years of use is still good value for money, but for me I was looking at the product I was wasting when I eventually had to throw it away.

    These Liquid Chrome Highlighters are my perfect replacement. The quality is AMAZING, they blend beautifully and colour-wise are very close to the famous highlighters...

    I have both At First Light & Beam Me Up and they're amazing in their own right, let alone that they're SUPER similar to highlighters from Becca & Iconic. I have very fair skin and they blend very well into a naturally luminous finish - last weekend I wore Beam Me Up to a friend's house for a casual catch up. I didn't want to look like I was wearing makeup, but I definitely wanted that dewy, flawless skin finish, you know?

    Barry M continue to impress me, I'm going to try more from them!
  49. High shine for all skin tones

    If you've never used a liquid highlight - these are a great starter. They have a high shine, and will instant illuminate any area of the face. If you are not one for an intense highlight, apply the liquid chrome under your foundation, or mixed together with your foundation.

    Moon Potion is a fantastic dupe for cover fx halo, without the high price tag. And Liquid Fortune is very similar to the iconic highlighter.

    Suitable for most skin tones and skin types. Would recommend!
  50. Hello glow!!

    All I can say is wow! Super pigmented molten metal formula you can wear on it's own for a highlight you can see from outer space, or mix a drop in with your base for a subtle all over glow. I have medium skintone, and dab Liquid Fortune (bronzey gold) on the high points of my face then follow with foundation for a naturally radiant and sun-kissed complexion. Such a good, affordable dupe for high end products that are almost identical!
  51. Gorgeous glow!

    These highlighters might look intimidating but I found them to be surprisingly wearable!

    The intensity is really buildable and a little goes a long way. These are easily sheered out for a nice everyday look or add more for a really intense glow.

    Every single colour is beautiful, but my favourite is Moon Potion which has a beautiful blue sheen to it.

    I would highly recommend these to anyone who wants to try out a liquid highlighter formula without shelling out for any of the high-end ones that have come out recently.
  52. Lit from within look!

    If you're after a versatile highlighter, this is it. I expected these to be a bit of fun, and not something I'd be wearing daily. I was wrong!

    I've played with this whole range and there's really something for everyone here, whether your ideal is natural or Insta-intense.

    At First Light is STUNNING! If your skintone is fair or light, this is a really safe bet! It looks really metallic in the tube but sheer it out and I think you'll have a new go to.

    At First Light looks like a metallic pink but gives a natural sheen on the skin. My other pick, if you want something unusual and dramatic, Moon Potion is a cool toned pearl with a slight blue duochrome finish.
    If you've got medium to deep skintones, my top pick for you would be Liquid Fortune - a deep gold that sheers into a sunkissed warm sheen.
  53. Dupe for Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops at less than 1/2 the price!

    At $18 dollars this is a super dupe for highlighting drops for Cover FX.

    My absolute fave is the Liquid Fortune which gives a golden, high shine glow to face or body.

    This colour is universal - I have light skin but my friend has dark skin and it looks amazing on both of us. It blends easily and can be built up if you need.
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