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Hello and welcome to Baebrow, a brand that’s here to make at-home brow tinting easy, achievable, and not terrifying. The natural-looking, defined brows of your dreams are only minutes away, friends.


How do I use the Baebrow Instant Eyebrow Tint?

Good news: it’s really pretty easy, and it doesn’t involve any mixing of colour and developer or anything too fiddly like that. Read on for our 4-step plan for Baebrow Instant Eyebrow Tint success.

First up: Cleanse your eyebrows. You’ll want to use a cleanser that isn’t oil-based, as any residue of an oil cleanser will stop the tint from catching. This is the time to border your eyebrows with Vaseline, if you’re going to.

Second: Apply the tint. You can use the applicator in the tube, or a small angled brush if you want to get super precise. Either way, work it into your brow so you can be sure you’re getting all the hairs, and tidy up with a damp cotton bud. If you’re using a duo pack, apply the lighter colour first, and then emphasise the outer part of your brow with the darker shade on top.

Third: The waiting game. Let the tint brew for 5-10 minutes - less time will result in a softer finish, more time will give you a more dramatic result. Feel free to err on the side of caution if it’s your first time.

Finally: Remove that tint. It’s best to use a damp cotton bud, and move outwards along your brow. You’ve made it, and we’re so proud of you.


How do I remove eyebrow tint?

Well, the easiest way to fade your eyebrow tint is probably just to wait a little while - as we’re about to talk about, this product doesn’t stick around forever anyway. But, if you’ve come in a bit hot and really want to speed up that fading process, you’ve got options. Try washing your brows with a clarifying shampoo, or soaking a cotton round in makeup remover and getting right in there. Do this a couple of times a day (while being careful not to irritate your skin, or get any into your eyes) and you’ll notice a difference.


How long does eyebrow tint last?

That varies, of course, but you can expect your Baebrow Instant Eyebrow Tint to stick around for somewhere between 3-7 days. Variables include: what you wash your face with, how long you left the tint on to start with, and how well your hair tends to hold colour. Once you’ve used it once or twice yourself, you’ll get a sense of how often you need to re-up.


Which colour of the Baebrow eyebrow tint is right for me?

Honestly, this requires a bit of explanation. Bear with us. We’ll figure it out together.

Black: Let’s get the easy one out of the way. This shade will suit you if you’ve got very dark brown or black hair, whether it’s warm or cool in tone. It’s the darkest of the bunch and will give the most dramatic result. If you’re not after that look, and you don’t have very very dark hair, steer clear. Use in combination with Dark Brown if you’re wanting a deeper, multi-tonal effect.

Dark Brown: This one is a neutral toned dark brown, leaning on the cooler side. If you’ve got blonde, light brown or mid-brown hair, this is your best bet. Remember, you can vary the result by the amount of time you leave the tint on for. Five minutes will give you a more subtle look than 10 minutes. This is also the best shade for warm-toned dark hair. Use in combination with Black or Graphite if you’re after a more dramatic result. Graphite will add an ashier tone, Black will just offer more depth.

Graphite: This is an ashy grey-black shade, best suited for cool-toned hair from blonde to dark. It’s pretty universal, but doesn’t suit very pale blonde or translucent brows on its own. If that’s you, you’ll want to opt for the Dark Brown + Graphite Duo - the brown colour will counteract any potential weirdness in terms of undertones. If your hair is ash blonde or cool-toned brunette, this is your best bet.

There’s also the option of a duo. You can get either Black / Dark Brown, which comes with a full size of each and offers a bit more depth than Dark Brown on its own, or Graphite / Dark Brown, which is ideal for cool-toned blondes who like a deeper brow, and particularly suits light to medium skin tones.


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