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Badger Balm Yoga & Meditation Balm

Badger Balm Authentic
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Badger Balm Yoga & Meditation Balm by Badger Balm


We use the essential oils derived from the bark of Cedarwood and Sandalwood trees, and CO2 extracts from the tree and root resins of Frankincense and Vetivert.

Just as the noble trees are deep rooted in the ground, these extracts work to bring a deep rooted centering and grounding experience, essential to the practices of Yoga and Meditation.

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I love it all! - 11-01-2018 by

I truly want every product in this brand, I use this at home and when I'm out to relax as I am an anxious person. I've tried three products from them so far and am already in love.

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