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You can have all the best products in the game, but just like anything else, if you haven’t got the tools to put it all together, you won’t get very far. Aveda’s selection of tools and accessories is top notch, just like their products, and will help you achieve the look you’re after without having to wrestle with your locks. So what sets Aveda tools apart? The thought that goes into each individual tool.

Aveda’s Top Tools & Accessories

  • Aveda’s Wooden Paddle Brush is the perfect everyday brush, at salon quality. Each brush is outfitted with extended bristles for easy detangling while reducing the stress to hair and scalp during blow drying and styling. Ultra lightweight and easy to work with, the Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush is a hair must-have.
  • For deep cleansing and exfoliation, the Pramasana Exfoliating Scalp Brush is the first step in the Pramasana routine. The looped bristles massage without tangling and help increase microcirculation. Dry brush hair to help loosen buildup and impurities to aid in achieving optimal scalp health and easy cleansing.
  • For a unique way to kick off your cleansing routine, give the Tulasara Facial Dry Brush a whirl. Dry-brushing is an ancient health practice used in Ayurvedic treatment in which a dry brush is swept along the skin’s surface, called gharsana, which is meant to lightly exfoliate, increase circulation, and prep the skin for cleansing and application of product. This product may not be ideal for more sensitive skins, so patch test before use on the entire surface of the face.

Sustainability In Styling
Aveda brushes, following in the tradition of the rest of the line, are created with 100% natural or recycled materials. Each brush is slightly different due to the different results each brush is intended to produce, but all are 100% cruelty free and Aveda strives to provide the highest quality, most eco-friendly brushes on the market, from hair to makeup and for everything in between. Each brush is also packaged in 100% post-consumer fiber, ensuring each step of the process, from the bristles to the final package, is completed with sustainability and environmental concerns in mind.

If you’re not sure what brush will be the best choice for your hair concerns, check out our Ultimate Guide to Hairbrushes and Accessories to further inform your styling tool choices.

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Aveda Wooden Paddle BrushAveda Wooden Paddle Brush
Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush

Hair best friend

I bought this brush as a present for my Mum. She has been using it and loving how it detangled her hair nicely, it also helps massage her scalp, distributing her natural hair oils to the tip.
Aveda Mini Paddle BrushAveda Mini Paddle Brush
Aveda Mini Paddle Brush

Excellent brush

The best paddle brush I've used! I have the original size but had to buy the mini to put in my handbag/for travelling. It's great for thick frizzy hair and so easy to clean.
Aveda Shampure Set with Mini Paddle BrushAveda Shampure Set with Mini Paddle Brush
Aveda Shampure Set with Mini Paddle Brush

Aveda Shampure

So I was really excited to try this shampoo along with the conditioner. And rightly so because it's the most expensive ones I have tried in my life. But it's been a letdown.

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