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Aspect cosmeceuticals contain leading-edge technologies that restore the look of youthful, glowing skin. The brand’s products are based on pure actives that marry nature and science. With regular use of Aspect skin care, you’ll see significant improvements in your complexion, from increased firmness to renewed skin radiance.

The Aspect Gold range delivers clinical-strength results in the privacy of your own home.
This collection of indulgent products includes three skin exfoliants, a high-performance eye cream, a firming sleep mask, hand cream, and more.

Aspect Gold offers similar results to those possible from medical spa treatments—but with the convenience of being formulated for home use.

How are Aspect Gold exfoliants different?

Aspect Gold offers three skin exfoliants. Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask uses non-abrasive, naturally derived fruit enzymes to lift away dead skin cells gently. This mask is free of chemical agents and may be used safely on sensitive skin without causing redness or irritation.

Fruit Enzyme Mask reveals glowing, dewy skin after only one application. And the antioxidants in this facial exfoliating treatment offer protective benefits to keep your ‘new’ complexion safe from environmental damage.

Aspect Exfoliating Clay Mask was created to alleviate skin congestion, especially in oily and acne-prone skin. Absorbent Clays pull out excess skin sebum, and Salicylic Acid eliminates clogged pores. This therapeutic mask also draws out bacteria and toxins that often lead to blackheads, whiteheads, and other acne breakouts.

Aspect Celleblation is a mechanical exfoliant, or scrub. Featuring Plum Extract, Bamboo, and Sea Buckthorn, this facial scrub whisks away rough patches and dead skin cells. Celleblation hydrates without oiliness and is best for normal-to-oily skin and skin that has a rough or uneven texture.

No matter what skin type you have, Aspect Gold offers an exfoliant formula to leave your complexion refreshed and glowing.


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Recent reviews on Gold Range products

Aspect Gold Stop SpotAspect Gold Stop Spot
Aspect Gold Stop Spot

Instant results

I used this product the night it arrived, and it worked straight away! My breakouts dried out and were basically gone within a few days. Definitely will repurchase once I've run out.
Aspect Gold Probiotic Sleep MaskAspect Gold Probiotic Sleep Mask
Aspect Gold Probiotic Sleep Mask

Love love love!!!

Stop the bus! This is such a beautifully decadent and lush overnight mask! It feels sooo good like it’s nourishing my skin with so much hydration! I use it once a week after the fruit enzyme mask and it will last me for ages so it’s good value for money!
Aspect Fruit Enzyme MaskAspect Fruit Enzyme Mask
Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask

Omg! Divine!

This product had become a part of my new weekly favourite routine together with the probiotic night mask! It’s such a decadent and beautiful little treatment and it smells so delicious it takes everything in me not to taste it! Definitely recommend!
Aspect Fruit Enzyme MaskAspect Fruit Enzyme Mask
Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask

So satisfying to physically see the dead skin come off

My sister used this product and recommended it to me and for so long I wanted to try it but couldn't because it wasn't recommended while breastfeeding.

I finally managed to get my hands on it after I stopped and can see what all the hype was about! Its like a thickish gel consistency that gets dispensed out of the tub and you gently rub it in a circular motion on your face and just wait for those dead skin cells to ball up in your fingers. Its so oddly satisfying to feel it coming off.

My skin was instantly smoother and brighter after using this product and was really happy with the way my skin felt afterwards. No irritation whatsoever (I don't have sensitive skin) and it didn't dry it out either.

I use this once a week and find it will last me some time at this rate.

Highly recommend this product. Aspect in general I think has a great line of products so this makes me want to explore more of what they have.