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ASPAR's formulations are driven by results, botanically active and skin-friendly. Each product in the twenty-four piece collection is an intense concentration of active, high quality botanical ingredients, ensuring that the skin receives a therapeutic benefit. Given that they are developed, and designed for use in-spa, all products are professional-strength and tested continuously, and rigorously, to make sure they deliver maximum results each and every time. Not only that, ASPAR firmly believes that what we put on our skin is equally as important as what we put in our bodies, so customer wellbeing is a top priority. Chemicals are not used unnecessarily in ASPAR products and there are no parabens, lanolin, sulphates, fragrances, mineral oils, SLS or artificial colours in any of the formulas.

Each item is created with expertise and love, by real beauty therapists from award-winning spas. Right from the beginning, when products were hand-mixed in ASPAR's flagship Melbourne spa, the brand has dedicated itself to sublime, effective and high-performing products. The formulas are then refined in more than 300,000 customer experiences, until they deliver the best results in-spa and at home - regardless of whether the desired outcome is to relax the mind and body, nourish the soul or hydrate the complexion.

Health is super important to the founder of ASPAR, so she is inspired to live a healthy, happy life, making nutrition, exercise, positivity and wellbeing, while encouraging others to do so, too.

With an infusion of therapeutic goodness, yielding maximum results in minimum minutes, ASPAR’s products are designed to add a bit of ‘me time’ into our day.

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ASPAR founder, Lyndall Mitchell grew up on an organic farm in Queensland, where wellness was always a way-of-life: "Health is super important to me after working in an industry where you see first hand that people can sometimes lose their health. From such a young age I have always cherished and made my health a priority. I am inspired to live a healthy happy life, so nutrition, exercise; positive reading material is all about the integration of wellness in my life and my families and our planet."

Mitchell is a firm believer in eating right and exercising, so she rises at 5.30am for a morning run, walk or yoga and meditation. After this, she then pick the organic greens from her veggie garden ready for an energy-boosting juice of kale, cucumber, spearmint, spinach and lettuce.

Her morning beauty routine includes a cleanse in the shower with Grapefruit and & Seaweed Revitalising Body Cleanser, then a scrub with the Wattleseed & Walnut Resurfacing Skin Cream to increase circulation and remove dead skin.
After bathing, Mitchell recommends using the Ultra Rich Body Cream, as the warm temperature of the water helps to open up the pores of the skin so you can get maximum benefit from the application.

Of an evening, the ASPAR founder rinses away the day with Rose & Aloe Body Cleanser and applies the Vanilla and Honey Lip Moisturiser, along with the Rose & Shea Hand & Cuticle Cream. These products' aroma-therapeutic ingredients are calming for the mind and body.


ASPAR Botanical Hand Wash

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