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asap daily exfoliating facial scrub 50ml 50ml

4.5 of 104 reviews

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4 instalments of $6.24

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A 50ml sized tube of the popular dual action exfoliator that is gentle enough for everyday use, designed to smooth and clear skin. This exfoliating product chemically removes dead skin cells, and excess oil with its powerful Glycolic Acid and Biodegradable Microbeads.

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.5 of 104 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I received this exfoliating as gift with purchase, I was very surprised how smooth and glowing leaves your skin, like silk. It doesn't feel tight at all, It’s very gentle exfoliat. I would definitely recommend this product.

Most Helpful Criticism

Scrub the day away


I use this to exfoliate at night 2 times a week. Not only does it get rid of the dead skin but also helps my products penetrate better.
  1. Oh WOW


    I received this exfoliating as gift with purchase, I was very surprised how smooth and glowing leaves your skin, like silk. It doesn't feel tight at all, It’s very gentle exfoliat. I would definitely recommend this product.
  2. Perfect travel scrub


    I love ASAP products. This is one of my favourites. It's also great that it comes in a travel size, perfect for taking away. It leaves your skin smooth and glowing. Nice and clear. Would definitely recommend this product.
  3. Perfect


    This is honestly the best exfoliator I’ve ever used for my face. It doesn’t dry my already dry skin out, and leaves it feeling clean, but not tight. I highly recommend it and will be repurchasing!
  4. Scrub the day away


    I use this to exfoliate at night 2 times a week. Not only does it get rid of the dead skin but also helps my products penetrate better.
  5. Will Use Again


    This is a pretty good daily exfoliating scrub to use to get make up and other impurities off. I've used it for about two weeks now and it's quite gentle and hasn't cause any irritations on my skin. The size is quite small but a little goes a long way so I see it lasting for quite awhile.
  6. Love this everyday exfoliator


    This is the best daily exfoliator, it makes your skin so smooth and feel so clean
  7. Gentle yet exfoliating


    Love this. Leaves my skin sooo soft. It exfoliates all the dead skin but not in a harsh way. It’s very gentle
  8. My fav face exfoliator


    I received a sample of this in one of my orders and have been using it. After I use it my skin looks clearer and feel smoother. I am definitely going to get this. It does not irritate my sensitive dry skin. Though I think it is a little too harsh to use everyday.
  9. Gentle but effective


    verified purchaser
    Great product to start exfoliating with. Gentle on the skin but still gets rid of the dirt and muck. I don't use it daily like it recommends, just a few times a week is effective for me. Will definitely buy the big boy when I need to restock!
  10. Gentle exfoliant


    I have not yet added an exfoliant to my skin routine yet so thought this would be perfect as its description as very gentle you could use twice daily. To be honest, I only use once a day, maybe even every second day as I dont want to strip to much away from my face so will just stick with my cleanser. But when I do use it it is very gentle and my skin feels soft after using and I always feel like ...
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  11. Great exfoliating product


    I love this product, it's not too harsh yet gets rid of all the yucky stuff you don't want!

    I have used it daily in the past but I find that it's so good at what it does, I only need to use it every third day or so.
  12. Love this brand


    Love this exfoliant and in this mini size, its perfect for travel. I love it
  13. Great for travelling


    Love this exfoliating scrub. I have the larger one also but this one is just ideal when I travel for a few days. It has lasted me a long time as you only need a very small amount
  14. Quality Exfoliator


    I've gotten this a few times as a sample, and enjoy using it. The exfoliating particles are small, but don't feel to gritty, which is why it's perfect for everyday use. You don't need much to get full use out of it either
  15. Very nice exfoliator


    This exfoliator is gentle but effective. It makes my face feel really clean and my pores especially look really clean after using it.
  16. Excellent travel scrub


    A good travel size scrub. I love how much product comes in this travel size, left my skin looking clearer and brighter.
  17. Great exfoliator!


    Great exfoliator offering both physical and chemical exfoliation. I have been using chemical exfoliators recently and found that they weren't doing enough to remove my blackhead on my chin. This works really well! It is a little drying, but I'll be purchasing a serum to help with this!
  18. Perfectly prepped skin!


    I received a deluxe sample of this and it really eased my congestion and left my skin perfectly prepped for other products! A really great Exfoliator at a very reasonable price point! I love asap products!
  19. Quite harsh but great for the body


    I found this physical scrub quite harsh - I prefer chemical exfoliants for my face. But I use this on my knees and elbows and it works wonders.
  20. Excellent to travel with


    Excellent to travel with. It works really well and is perfectly sized.
  21. Great if your skin is feeling oily


    A very effective face scrub which really smooths the skin, keeps it looking nice all day, and you will your skin is smoother
  22. Great exfoliant


    This is the best exfoliating cleanser I have used to date. It is so gentle yet super exfoliating. My face doesn’t get red or irritated at all by using it. My skin feels clean fresh and smooth after but not tight or dry. Excellent product
  23. Gentle but effective


    I really love this exfoliator. I prefer a physical exfoliator over a chemical one but often find they are too rough and damage the skin. This one is very gentle but definitely gets the job done and It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. I use it in conjunction with other asap products and it works brilliantly.
  24. ASAP


    I love this for a weekly deep cleanse, but I find it to be too rough on my skin for daily use. Has the tendency to dry out my skin if I use it too much. Otherwise, it works well on getting rid of texture.
  25. A favourite!


    This exfoliator is great, very effective and still gentle for my slightly sensitive skin. I often use the exfoliator straight onto my face before using water for an even more intense exfoliation, scrub for a around 30 seconds then remove with warm water, leaves lovely soft skin. You also only need a small amount so the 200ml lasts forever and such a great price. Highly recommend.
  26. Fantastic


    I love this product! I use it every second day alternating with the Skinstitute Lactic Acid Cleanser, they work great in conjunction with retinol. it really lifts the skin cells and feels great afterwards.
  27. Gentle daily exfoliating


    My skin is usually too sensitive for a daily exfoliate, but this is extremely gentle and non irritating. It certainly leaves the skin soft and smooth after use and it’s easily incorporated into my daily skincare routine. I got this as a sample, but will definitely be buying the full size.
  28. Great product, great size!


    I bought this size because it was a new product I wanted to try and I'm really happy with it so I will be repurchasing in the bigger size! I love how it's really exfoliating but not harsh or irritating so it really is perfect for every day use...
  29. Best exfoliator!!!!


    Got a 15ml sample for this. Such a great product. I have dry skin and this AHA is extremely good. small pea amount does a long way. Only used twice a week and still going. Will definitely purchase once this one run out.
  30. Great travel size


    I love the size of this product, it's super great for travel and helps keep your skin clear.
  31. Gentle exfoliater


    I got this as a free sample, I used it 2-3 times a week when I felt like my skin needed a good exfoliation. I feel like it did a good job, its not irritating or harsh on the skin. Will purchase when I need another exfoliater
  32. Good


    I love using this to help remove makeup. Makes my skin soft after i use it
  33. Goodbye deadskin!


    This product is fab! But I only use max 3 times a week as that's all your skin needs! I do have sensitive and I wouldn't recommend to use daily!
  34. I love it


    My skin loves asap skincare and this is always pulling through! I absolutely love how my skin feels after using it and this is amazing. Very very impressive product!
  35. Works Wonders!


    This is a great exfoliator that isn't too harsh. It cleans my skin thoroughly and also buffs away dead skin. Love it!
  36. Wouldn’t use daily but love it


    It feels quite rough and hard to use daily but it cleans my skin for sure. Great scrub without being too harsh
  37. Smooth!


    I was lucky enough to receive a sample of this product, and I’m glad I did! It’s not ultra grainy like my other scrub, it has the consistency of fine table salt. And a little bit goes a long way! I’ll be purchasing a full sized product for sure!
  38. Amazing !!


    Super gentle and great for my sensitive skin . The price is great for the size :)
  39. Another great ASAP product


    I am currently using a sample of this product and am impressed with the light texture of the exfoliator compared to other grainier mixtures. It feels safe to use every day and leaves my face smooth. I follow this with the ASAP clear body gel as a spot treatment on my face.
  40. Love it.


    This exfoliating gel works wonders for my skin, it gets rid of most of the bumps on my face while leaving it nice and smooth. In the past I have had irritable skin when it comes to expoliants however I had none with this one. Would 10/10 recommend this product.
  41. Clean Skin


    I received this product as a sample and found it cleaned my skin really well without dehydrating it. I would definitely purchase this if I required a deeper clean that didn't strip my skin.
  42. Leaves my skin smooth as a babies butt


    I received this as a sample. I use it about once a week to help refresh my skin, it leaves my skin feeling extra clean and smooth as a babies. I also find my pores look much smaller/less noticeable after cleansing with this.

    I love that the microbeads are biodegradable so they won't end up in lil fish tummies and its also vegan which is a big plus for me. Does everything it promises t...
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  43. Small granules - not too abrasive


    The results seem to be cumulative with this product in my opinion. I have combination skin and blackheads that require regular exfoliation on my nose. I found that it does everything it needs to do - clean my skin without leaving it dry after the fact. I did only use it for 1.5 weeks as I received it as a sample. Perhaps if you use it more consistently for longer your results would be better. In m...
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  44. Duo


    The physical and chemical exfoliants in this are a very powerful duo that work well to treat texture on my skin without stripping it completely. Good product
  45. Not bad


    This is ok but not one of my favourites, it is however gentle enough to use on a daily basis. No irritation issues
  46. Best physical exfoliant ever!


    This is a fantastic gentle scrub. Exfoliates well but is not harsh on the skin. It lasts well too.
  47. Great Value


    I love this exfoliant, I received it as a sample and it made my skin so smooth without irritating it (I have sensitive skin). My skin feels refreshed and so smooth after using this and it’s grntl enough for sensitive skin. Great price as well.
  48. ok


    I received this as a sample and would say that it is ok.
    it is nothing special, i have used better exfoliating products. It would probably be best for dry sensitive skin as it has a moisturising effect and not many exfoliant particles.
  49. good


    So glad this one is back in my regime! Leaves my skin super clean and smooth, but no redness.
  50. lovely scrub


    I love using this when I'm travelling because of the size! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my face very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone!
  51. Great


    This hasn't controlled my oily skin entirely but it definitely has helped. I wanted to use second daily but I find I need to use it daily. I have super sensitive skin and that hasn't been an issue with this. Going to purchase the larger one from now on.
  52. Gritty and satisfying scrub


    Sometimes you need to feel the grit to know that you are giving yourself a good clean. This does the job! Great product only wish there was a pump option as you don’t need alot and you can easily pour out too much.
  53. Thorough deep clean and amazing exfoliator for blemished skin


    This exfoliator is so thorough. Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and radiant. I use this twice a week and I have less blemishes as a result. Highly recommend!
  54. Great


    Throughout my life I have always had troublesome skin, including monthly breakouts. This product seems to keep that in check so I will keep using it. I haven't used a better exfoliant - it's fantastic!
  55. Nice but drying


    I quite like this scrub. You only need a small amount, it’s quite gritty and works well at exfoliating my skin. I do find most of the time I only use it every second night as it can dry out my skin quite a bit but overall I do like it
  56. Decent


    This scrub makes you face feel nice after, however it doesn’t scrub enough to get flakey/dry feelings skin off. I also found the beads difficult to wash off unless I was in the shower.
  57. Amazing


    I love love love this scrub its super gentle but so effective it leaves my skin soft and glowing and controls my oils!! I love it
  58. Great


    Throughout my life I have always had troublesome skin, including monthly breakouts. This product seems to keep that in check so I will keep using it. I haven't used a better exfoliant - it's fantastic!
  59. Effective


    Although expensive, it feels so soft and nurturing on my face while also works gently but also thorough to clean my skin.
  60. perfect size


    Who wouldn't love this amazing product. This is the perfect travel size, convenient and easy to store
  61. Life saver!


    Received a sample with my last order and it really has been a game changer! I'm in my 30's and have pcos, so hormonal acne and extreme facial hair (causes added acne). This has helped immensely! I use it every second day and love how my skin is perfectly polished and my acne is somewhat reduced.
  62. Fresh faced


    I originally tried this as a sample in a four piece gift from adore beauty and loved it so much I’ve purchased it! I use this every other day to brighten and keep my skin glowing and clear. You look visibly fresher and feel more awake after using this cleanser!
  63. Nice but no "wow!" effect


    This is a nice scrub to refresh the skin, and is very gentle. I don't see a very noticeable result even after a daily use for about a week or so. There are definitely more effective product out there, and I'd much rather exfoliate with a stronger scrub once a week, than use a weak one every day. But this comes down to personal preference and you skin type.
  64. Perfect for every other day


    I use this every second day and it makes your makeup go on perfect after.
  65. Great consistency, gentle on the skin


    This is a fantastic gentle scrub. Exfoliates well but is not harsh on the skin. It lasts well too.
  66. A good, deep cleaning scrub


    This scrub is great for your 2-3 times weekly exfoliation to clear away dead and dull skin. My combination skin feels smoother and clean after using this, without feeling squeaky or stiff/dry. I only give this 4 rather than 5 stars because I like my scrubs to pack a bit more punch, and I feel the Skindinavia glycolic scrub does that a little better than this one.
  67. Amazing product


    Totally transformed my blemish prone skin, first time in my life I don't have a single breakout, can't praise this product enough.
  68. Leaves skin clean and smooth


    Skin feels soft and smooth after using exfoliant. It isn’t harsh, in fact soft enough to use daily. Quite runny in consistency, so do not need much to do whole face. Definitely recommend.
  69. Nice product


    This is a nice gentle physical exfoliating scrub. It’s gentle enough to use every Day leaving my skin soft without the feeling of being dry or stripped. The travel size is a great size to try before purchasing full size.
  70. So Good


    i bought the biggy of this product and had to get the mini for travel - Obsessed
  71. Great scrub whilst over drying


    This scrub is great when I use it once or twice a week on my sensitive skin. Everyday is too harsh however. When used occasionally it does not over dry my skin.
  72. My go to from now on


    I have dermatographia which means harsh pressure/scratches send my skin into itchy, raised welts. I took a chance on this product hoping my face wasn't left red and inflammed as usual - And omg! I'm not even itchy or red after using it. I can even apply pressure and there's no reaction from my skin. After washing it off my face feels clean and refreshed. I've started using the daily moisturiser an...
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  73. Love this


    I love this , it keeps my skin so smooth and bright without the dryness highly recommended
  74. Good to try out chemical exfoliation


    I was keen to try chemical exfoliation as I felt my skin was lacking brightness, and i’m starting to see a few fine lines. I’ve been using this every second day for a week and have noticed a texture change in my skin - very soft!! I like that it’s got AHAs in it, while also being a traditional scrub, so I can see how my skin reacts to chemical exfoliation before I take the leap to purely chemical....
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  75. Great facial scrub!


    I really like this Daily scrub because it helps keep my acne-prone skin smooth while still being gentle!
  76. Ok for a basic scrub


    I like this as a basic scrub and find my skin is cleaner and fresher after use. I’ve got quite sensitive, acne prone skin and haven’t had any irritation or breakouts after use. The price point is good for a staple in your skin routine and it definitely does work. That being said I’ve used other products that I like better for my skin.
  77. Good scrub


    I've been looking or a nice facial scrub for a while. This one can be used every day or so, and works surprisingly well.

    When I first felt the texture I thought it was too runny and the beads too large. However, once I got out of the shower that didn't matter because my skin felt/looked great.

    I brought the sample size to trying (which has a terrible screw lid) but I'm lo...
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  78. does the job


    i have normal skin but at times i get dry and i enjoyed using this kept my face clean and prevented breakouts, however i did need to heavily hydrate my face after this.
  79. Cleans and refreshes


    Cleans and refreshes skin without stripping away natural oils or leaving me with dry patches which other cleansers, especially exfoliating ones, tend to do. I received this product as a sample, and would buy it.
  80. Fine grit


    This product has a very fine grit so it’s gentle enough to use daily. Not too harsh on the skin. Keeps pores clean and tight
  81. One of the best


    This product is great for my oily skin, it clears my pores and doesn't leave my face feeling tight and dry. It's so smooth and definitely a new favourite.
  82. Cleared up my skin


    I honestly believe that this exfoliator is the key contributor to my clear skin now as it is the only new product i have added in my skincare routine. It has glycolic acid which i know to be a very effective ingredient in battling dark spots and acne. Highly recommend for sensitive skin swell as i have very sensitive skin and it did not irritate my skin at all
  83. Great daily exfoliator


    I use this product everyday. I have bought this small size to take on holidays as I don't want to stop using it while I'm away. It's a gentle exfoliator and it does not dry out my skin like some others do. My skin feels smooth and moist after use.
  84. Great daily scrub with gentle exfoliation


    I was recommended this product by a beautician as I had lots of fine bumps and blocked pores along my chin which weren't really visible, but I could feel them. When I use this scrub it removes a lot of these. I use it up to 5 times a week (which I've been told by a few people is okay) when my bumps are bad and it does seem to help. I use in conjunction with other ASAP products, but found it works ...
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  85. Nice product

    Ms Zig

    Received a sample and I quite like how it made my skin feel it’s quite light and gives you a nice glow
  86. Nice light exfoliater


    Not to harsh or gritty so great to use every day. Helps me keep my pores clean and less noticeable.
  87. Radiant


    I was a bit hesitant to use a physical exfoliant everyday on my dry (and sometimes sensitive) skin however this product is amazing. The formula is fine and non-abrasive and leaves my skin glowing. Perfect addition to my morning routine and before applying makeup. I prefer to use this in the morning and a chemical exfoliant every second night.
  88. Baby Smooth Skin


    I love that it is extremely gentle with it's very fine beads while being so effective. Use in the shower massage in and leave for 30 secs. Fantastic results. I also love the fact that it's cruelty free :)
  89. Light, refreshing & works better than I could have hoped


    I loved this product so much that I'm about to order my second tube. I am very prone to blackheads on my chin, nose and between my brows and before trying this scrub I just thought I couldn't get rid of them. As soon as I use this scrub my pores look clean and free from blackheads. I'm also prone to dry skin from exfoliating products, but the combination of this product and a light moisturiser has...
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  90. Would purchase


    I received a sample size of this with one of my adore orders and found it really lovely.i used it on holiday and it kepy my combo skin nice and bright, and my pores mostly clear. Solid stuff - definitely thinking about getting the full size.
  91. Simple Exfoliant


    Product comes out quickly, is quite runny in texture, beads are nice and small so youre not over exfoliating. Product is a good price, and great for sensitive skin like mine.
  92. so nice


    This is my second favourite scrub that I alternate, I love how gentle it is. Definitely worth it
  93. Great for sensitive skin


    I have really oily skin, even in winter. I am also quite sensitive to most sunscreens. This is the first sunscreen to not feel like it is burning my skin! I am in love!!! Yes, I do agree that the consistency of the product is a little on the greasy side, but I still love this product. Makeup sits over the top of this product really well, especially ASAP's mineral powders. I love this product so mu...
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  94. amazing as always, ASAP!


    Received a sample size of this and absolutely loveee it, perfect for gently removing dead skin daily!
  95. Favourite scrub ever


    I bought this scrub in the 50ml after reading so many great reviews and I've fallen in love with it. I have been using it in the evenings for the past month or so and my skin is so soft and smooth, and my pores are significantly smaller. I have oily combo skin and blackheads and congestion are my biggest issues. They're not completely gone, but I feel confident enough to have stopped wearing found...
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  96. Hooked


    I received this as a sample and am hooked! This product is super effective for something that feels so gentle when using, a little bit goes a long way [probably got 4-5 washes from the small sample]
  97. Very gentle on my skin


    Very gentle but extremely effective.
  98. Just wow


    I’m definitely Inlove with this scrub!! A little goes a long way. I’ve tried many exfoliators but this is the best as I never go dry or flake after every wash. Definitely worth investing in! Good for price too!!
  99. Thorough but gentle


    This cleanser is brilliant! I bought the small size a while ago and it's still going. A small amount goes a long way. Face feels squeaky clean without the harsh tightness and sahara desert sensation some cleansers leave you with. Even got my partner on to it!
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