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Greece is home to over 5,500 plant species that are native or endemic to Greece and also to 750 unique endemic plants like mastic, dittany and crocus kozanis. Greece has a unique landform, with many islands and small peninsulas and mountains and all together create a unique mosaic of small ecosystems. The geological and climatic diversity in Greece favors the welfare of different systems and thus different species of high biological value and potency ingredients. Moreover, low levels of industrial pollution and almost year round sunlight allow for such biodiversity and potency of extracts of excellent quality and high biological value. At APIVITA, we learn from nature and strive to create formulas that are as rich and diverse as the natural ingredients in which we borrow from Mother Nature. Juvenal, Satires was quoted to say that “Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.”


Holistic Approach

The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, was known to utilize nature in order to cure disease and find equilibrium between mind, body and soul. Even now, doctors around the world take their Hippocratic Oath. He carefully studied the human body and explored it in comparison to nature, which used it as a wise wizard after monitoring, imitated, experimented on it. In parallel, he taught how important it is to fortify one's body with the help of nature, preventing future diseases, rather than trying to cope afterwards. His famous quote states that "Prevention is better than cure". In his therapy used essential oils, herbs and plant extracts in combination with therapeutic massages and spas, to cure not only the body but also spirit and soul. Several plants of the approximately 256 plants he used are now ingredients of modern drugs.


When looking for a cure, he took a holistic approach and also acknowledged that changes in the climate and environment can affect human health in many different ways. At APIVITA, we share the same holistic philosophy by incorporating herbs and essential oils into our products to heal and invigorate your entire self. As Hippocrates said “Nature is the most dominant ruler of all.”


APIVITA were the first company that incorporated propolis in soaps (1979). Nowadays ingredients such as propolis are considered cosmeceuticals.

According to scientific evidence propolis has beneficial effect on the skin. Propolis acts as an antibacterial and is used for its antiseptic and antifungal properties. Also due to the phenolic compounds and flavonoids it also possesses strong antioxidant effect and equivalent efficacy of Vitamin E and ascorbic acid. Propolis extracts also inhibit the formation of Reactive Oxygen species. Recently scientists considered propolis as a natural sunscreen agent due to its photoprotective properties.
Today propolis extract is produced by APIVITA in-house by a patented method. By this method, active ingredients of propolis (polyphenols, terpenes) form inclusion complexes with cyclodextrin, a molecule that is produced from starch, in order to increase stability, permeability and bioavailability of the active components in the skin. The title of the patent is ‘’Simultaneous extraction and inclusion complex formation of propolis’ active ingredients with HP- b-cyclodextrin’’ and has been submitted to the National Industrial Property Organization.

Royal Jelly is one of APIVITA's active ingredients. Royal Jelly according to in-vitro tests increases the number of fibroblasts in the skin. Fibroblasts provide a structural layer for many tissues, and play a crucial role in wound healing. The main function of fibroblasts is to maintain the structural integrity of connective tissue.


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