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Children and babies need special care for skin and hair. The Eco–Bio line of kids' products from APIVITA is formulated specifically to address the unique needs of young, tender skin and scalp.
APIVITA Barrier Cream is 100% natural and contains calendula and zinc oxide to address inflammation while creating a moisture barrier on babies' skin. Mild Body Wash is safe for daily use at bath time and rinses off easily. This wash contains organic lavender essential oil to soothe skin and organic honey extract and wheat proteins to moisturise and protect against redness and irritation. Eco–Bio Baby & Kids Mild Shampoo cleanses hair gently and effectively, leaving it soft and manageable. Don't want to deal with separate shampoos and body washes? Then Hair & Body Wash is the perfect two-in-one product.
Since 1972, APIVITA has been developing its line of over 300 natural and holistic cosmetics, skincare products, and hair care products. The brand uses herbal extracts, pure essential oils, and beekeeping products to make you and your family more beautiful, safely and effectively.
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