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Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream 60ml

4.4 of 110 reviews


4 instalments of $14.00

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4 instalments of $14.00

Or 4 instalments of $14.00 with LEARN MORE

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Features calendula oil from marigold petals, highly regarded throughout history for its healing and repairing properties.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Paraben Free

What customers say

GREAT - 85% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream Reviews

4.4 of 110 reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This cream leaves my skin soft and nourished. A very natural cream

Most Helpful Criticism



Nice quality cream, buttery consistency, however, did not notice any significant results or changes to my skin.. Much prefer my O Cosmedics Night cream in terms of price range!
  1. Natural


    This cream leaves my skin soft and nourished. A very natural cream
  2. Hydrating


    I've been using this on and off for the past few years and find that it's one of the only creams that will last through the night. I have very dry skin and a lot of other creams will dry out before morning and leave me with tight feeling skin, No such problems with this one!
  3. Nice texture and scent, just not for me


    First off, this cream smells wonderful. Even though it is a little thick, it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Sadly, I don’t think my oily skin loves it. I experienced clogged pores and bumps following 1-2 weeks use. My mum is using the rest of my jar and after two months of use, she still loves it. This may be best for those with normal to dry skin.
  4. Very moisturising


    Very light texture, absorbs quickly. One of my favourites. Great hydration but not for you if you are looking for something very thick.
  5. Nourishing!


    verified purchaser
    This is perfect for overnight hydration and revitalized skin. I use this product once a week after cleansing my face although, I know of others who use it more frequently. I have 2 uses for it. Mostly as an overnight type cream but sometimes 1-2 hours before I sleep, I lather on a thick layer (it absorbs within minutes) and I wash it off with water before bed. Smells Delicious.
    P.S: I would...
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  6. Nourishing


    very thick and creamy, skin feels nourished by the morning.
  7. Hydrating


    Nice quality cream, buttery consistency, however, did not notice any significant results or changes to my skin.. Much prefer my O Cosmedics Night cream in terms of price range!
  8. Nourishing


    Very Nourishing cream. I love a thick cream at night to help replenish and lock in moisture and thats exactly what this cream does. I love it.
  9. Avocado Pear Nourishing NIght cream


    I have used this night cream for years, as I love the fragrance and texture of this cream. My skin is dry and dehydrated as I am going through the change. This cream is a treat to use every day and wouldn't be without it.
  10. Moisture


    This is a very moisturising and nourishing cream for my dry skin. Love it
  11. Glowing Skin


    I love using this moisturiser. It’s so nourishing to use and it hasn’t broken me out. I put it on at night and when I wake up, my skin is plump and glowing without it being oily.
  12. Ok moisturiser


    Used a sample. It’s an ok moisturiser. Nothing special. Don’t think I want to use an whole jar of it.
  13. This is amazing


    I love this product. One of the best night creams I have ever used. It is definitely a thicker cream but this is exactly what my skin needs. It feels nourished and makes my skin look amazing. Smells so comforting. I would definitely recommend.
  14. bit greasy


    so softening but can be a bit greasy on my skin
  15. Love the moisturising


    I have bought this before after receiving a free sample and love the moisturising effect, leaves skin soft and glides on easily
  16. Great night cream


    An extremely hydrating night cream, leaves my skin plump and soft the next morning. Absolutely amazing.
  17. Best night cream


    This cream gets results. It's the only cream I've used where I've received comments about how fresh my skin looks. It's incredibly hydrating and I love that it's a natural brand. Some people may find it a bit heavy so I don't use it every night.
  18. Not for me


    I have red itchy bumps the next day straight after using this !! Omg ! horrible product !! So sad. I will never purchase this brand ever again ! Rubbish ...
  19. Scented


    The scent is very gentle and smells nice but I think some people may not like fragranced creams may be put off. The jar is lovely and the cream sinks into the skin nicely. Thicker than a day cream
  20. Fantastic!


    I've been using this cream for a while now and I think it's fantastic for improving skin texture. It's very hydrating and nourishing with a lovely fresh scent. It's quite heavy but perfect for night time and you only need a small amount.
  21. A little too heavy


    Smells so good, however felt a little too heavy overnight. Felt like my pores were a little more clogged the morning after use.
  22. gave me little bumps


    I think that i may have had an allergic reaction to this because when i woke up in the morning after using this i had small red bumps on my face. The texture is really nice though.
  23. Divisive


    I love this as I wake up and can feel that it is still nourishing my face but my best friend hates how heavy it feels throughout the night. If anything else, it smells FAB!
  24. Solid choice for the price point


    I got a sample of this, and then bought the full size because I did really like it, it moisturised well, didn’t contest my skin around my t-zone or chin (super typical combination skin right here), and helped my complexion overall and gently decrease my very very minor forehead wrinkles (I’m 32 so early ageing, but I’m super dedicated to my skincare and have good genes, people usually think I’m on...
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  25. Hydrating


    An extremely hydrating night cream, leaves my skin plump and soft the next morning. Absolutely amazing.
  26. Nice


    I love this night cream, it isn’t too heavy and hydrates the perfect amount.
  27. Not too heavy


    I was concerned this might be really dense and heavy on my skin because I've never used a night cream before but I was wrong - it feels lovely and creamy and it's definitely heavier than my day cream but it doesn't leave a gross residue.
  28. great for dry skin


    I really like this night cream, particularly when my skin is feeling dry. I wake up the next morning with dewy skin
  29. Can be heavy


    While this didn't irritate my sensitive skin, I find it quite heavy and a bit suffocating at times despite having dehydrated skin, I find this sat on top and didn't really sink in. However, your skin might be different!
  30. Smell Can Be Overpowering


    This is a very hydrating night cream, which feels lovely on the skin. However, the scent of Sandalwood is quite overpowering.
  31. great


    this cream is really thick but doesn’t weigh down my skin too much, i love how refreshed and clean my skin feels in the morning
  32. great!


    I use this at night and it's really great for my dry skin. It's not too thick but definately rich and moisturising enough for night time use
  33. Good night cream


    I have really dry skin, and this cream is nice and hydrating which is perfect. I like the smell and texture.... the only reason I'm giving 4 stars is that its not the best night cream I have tried, but will still keep it in my rotation.
  34. rich


    I do like this cream but there is something about it that stops me from giving it 5 stars. I think it might be the after feel. Or maybe it's the pear, but it's a good cream, quite rich and moisturising
  35. Rich and smells lovely


    This is the first night cream I’ve used for ages, and it’s lovely. It smells lovely and the cream is so rich and thick, but absorbs really well.
  36. Night cream


    A very hydrating formula. Definitely worth the investment in my opinion, makes my skin feel less irritated (I use a lot of acne medications for scarring/ active acne) overall.
  37. Hydrates so well


    I put this on overnight a few times a week and it absorbs into my skin so well and hydrates my skin intensely!
  38. Love love love


    I have normal to dry textured skin and am in my early 30's.

    This cream is like a hug in a tub (just like the exfoliator). It's so rich and gentle. I love how my skin glows afterwards. This whole line never ceases to amaze me.

    I wish it wasn't so pricey would be my only complaint.
  39. Fresh


    I tried this when I received a sample and was pleasantly surprised. It's a beautifully hydrating cream and it feels and smells super fresh.
  40. Good night cream


    Good night cream. It does separate a bit in the tub, so I find that I have to mix it before using. A little goes a long way, so only apply a little bit to avoid it feeling too heavy. My skin feels nice and soft when I wake up.
  41. Good


    This is a nice night cream. Makes my face feel very hydrated when I wake up in the morning
  42. amazing


    This is a very good night cream making my skin feel amazing
  43. like


    I liked this cream, it's nourishing but it's not my favourite night cream to use
  44. Good


    This is very rich and nourishing and has really helped my skin. My face feels smoother and healthier every morning as a result
  45. moisturizing


    I liked this cream but didn't love it. It's definately moisturizing and has a nice creamy consistency but it's just not my favourite night cream
  46. Good


    Havent noticed any major differences in my skin but it does make my face feel soft and hydrated when I put it on each night.
  47. Amazing product


    I use this cream every night and it is so nice on my skin, keeping it moisturised until the next morning. Great thick texture means only a little bit is needed. Smells great too!
  48. Great for skin repair


    An excellent natural product for repairing damaged skin. The smell is quite strong, but it's worth wearing it overnight for results. You get a lot of product in the pot as well.
  49. scent is a bit strong


    I found the scent of this cream to be a bit strong for my tastes. It's not a bad cream, but I don't love scent
  50. Great for winter and dry patches!


    This is a moisturiser I love using sparingly and only when my skin is very dry or it is the winter time. It moisturises my skin without leaving a heavy film and smells absolutely wonderful too! The ingredients do not irritate my sensitive skin and I only need to use a small pea sized amount because it spreads very easily. It is able to moisturise dry patches very well and I would recommend using t...
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  51. Rich and nourishing!


    I received a sample of this and used it of a night over the Avocado and Rose Divine Face Oil. I woke up with plump, more even toned skin that felt deeply nourished. A great moisturiser!
  52. Excellent


    This cream is very rich, soft and totally hydrating. My skin felt smooth after application and not heavy with application.
  53. Kami

    This was really nice to use, super hydrating and really noticed the difference to my skin. Would purchase this after receiving a sample recently.
  54. Thick and creamy, feels great


    A gloriously thick cream that quenches the skin, great for dry skin and for winter. Also smells amazing from the essential oils.
  55. Very creamy and hydrating


    I recently received a sample of this night cream, enough to last me 3 nights and it is very hydrating! The list of ingredients is impressive and I was very happy with how soft my skin was in the morning. I used it over the top of a hyaluronic serum and it soaked in nice.
  56. Beautiful product


    Such a beautiful product, feels so nice on the skin and leaves it feeling soft and nourished. Smells great. Deeply hydrating. Only need a small amount. Would definitely buy again!
  57. Great


    It's a deeply nourishing cream, definitely for very dry skin. My skin looks super hydrated in the morning thanks to all the oils this cream contains. I've been using it every single night for three years and to me this is the one.
    Antipodes has such great products with amazing ingredients; this Avocado Pear Night Cream and the Vanilla Pod Day Cream have been my go-to moisturisers for years.
  58. very moisturising


    This product is very moisturising, i love any product that has collagen in it, it gives you a great glow
  59. greatttt


    I was never a fan of night cream until I tried this Avocado night cream. It makes my skin feels so healthy and soft in the morning, and for my oily skin type, I have been waking up with a perfectly oil balanced skin (which isn't easy to achieve). It's not just a moisturizer which just keeps your skin hydrated, it's like an anti-ageing overnight treatment.
  60. GREAT but too expensive


    It's my second bottle of the Antipodes Worship Antioxidant Serum. I use it for fighting my red acne marks and hiperpigmentation. It works really well to heal and diminish redness of my marks. Although you have to be patient-it certainly won't happen overnight. But this serum works much better in my opinion than the Antipodes Apostle Serum.
  61. Rich moisture


    Nice thick cream for extra moisture. Wake up with nice soft feeling skin
  62. Didn't seem to absorb


    Unfortunately I wasn't a fan - this cream didn't seem to sink into my skin at all. The first time I tried, I ended up wetting my face to try and remove some of the product after a couple of hours or waiting for it to absorb. The second time, I cleansed and then only patted a tiny amount of night cream onto my face, but it didn't make a difference. An hour later my skin looked so shiny, as though i...
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  63. nourishing face cream


    Smells beautiful and feels great on your skin. Definatly hydrates the skin while you sleep. I'm 41 and have normal to dry skin and prefer to have a heavy face cream at night especially, I used a serum under this one for extra hydration. reasonable price as well.
  64. Too heavy for me


    This cream felt really nice to apply, but didn't really sink in to my skin well overnight and in the morning it felt as if it was still on my skin. I have sensitive skin and it felt a bit too overpowering for me.
  65. Awesome


    couldn't recommend this anymore! absolutely love it so much, clears my dry acne prone skin
  66. Overwhelming Fragrance


    This was a very nice feeling rich cream that help keep skin soft and plump. I doubt this cream will help with the signs of ageing and the fragrance is a bit on the peculiar side and overwhelming. I would not purchase this cream and use it in my regular night routine.
  67. It’s okay


    There is nothing wrong with this face cream but it’s just not as good as others I have. I stopped using it because it wasn’t wowing me and I was getting better results from others. Smells nice though and felt great going on.
  68. Good


    A nice moisturizer. I would like it a little more if it was faster absorbing, but it is a very nice cream to use. No amazing skin changing effects to speak of, but good all the same.
  69. Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream


    Very light feeling on skin but gives sufficient hydration. After application it turns into a somewhat watery texture that gets absorbed quickly.
  70. Really nice


    This is a really lovely cream. Very moisturising and doesn’t leave a weird film on my skin!
  71. love!


    I really like this night cream, particularly when my skin is feeling dry. I wake up the next morning with dewy skin
  72. hydrating and light

    perfecting skin

    great for dehydrating and sensitive skin. it feels so light on the skin and also made my skin feel so smooth. totally recommended.
  73. great for dry skin


    I love this at night, it's nourishing and smells lovely. My skin feels dewy and well moisturized after use
  74. Delightful surprise


    Received this as sample and didn’t hesitate to purchase the full size. Loved the fragrance and the ethical background. Even went ahead and purchased others from the range as trying a new more natural approach to my skincare regime. This cream is a fuller heavier night cream and suits my mature skin with only a little needed. The ingredient list and the ethos behind the brand clinched the deal.
  75. Pleasantly surprised


    I received this as a sample and had previously never heard of this brand.
    I absolutely loved this luxurious and rich night cream so much so that I went in to purchase the full size product.
    I apply this generously at night and wake up to plump and nourished skin in the morning. Needless to say, another product I will keep repurchasing.
  76. Great for dry skin


    I am definitely a fan, I found it comparable to Avene Hydrance Optimale (rich) for my very dry skin - my only problem is with the jar packaging.
  77. Not for me


    I have combination skin and found this night cream to be very heavy on the skin and I don’t feel like it really soaks in, it just left my face extremely oily and gave me a breakout however my husband loves it on his very dry skin.
  78. perfect for all over body!


    I've been using this Antipodes night cream for many years and would never change. It's so nourishing & soothing on my skin & I even use it on my hands in the winter months when I get painful splits on my knuckles & around nails - works better than any of the hand creams I've tried which never seem to absorb as well as this amazing night cream. Love the smell too!
  79. Love this product!


    I'm a 57-year-old with skin that was feeling really dehydrated. I tried a few different products, and just couldn't find anything that made my skin feel better. Until I found this product, that is! From the first night I applied this delicious-smelling cream, it gave my skin the moisture-rich feeling that I had been searching for. I wake up in the morning and can still feel the moisture in my skin...
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  80. Feels good, does nothing


    Cream is nice and thick and feels nice to apply. But I felt like it had no effect on my skin when I woke up the next day, The skin thirst quencher I was looking for
  81. the smell is confusing


    I've been a long time user of aesop's primrose and camellia nut face creams, and wanted to try something of a similar thickness, but a different brand. Since I love the Antipodes avocado face oil, I thought I'd give this a try instead. The price is similar to Aesop's (this is a few dollars more) but I cannot get past the smell. I'd read reviews that this had a lovely scent so it really has me wond...
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  82. Wish it was in a pump bottle


    Pros: It has a light fresh scent, very hydrating, works on my combo skin and my mum's dry skin

    Cons: in a jar, so it's easy to get contaminated, quite pricey, the shea butter may irritate some people's skin because it took some time for skin to get used to it
  83. Great absorbing cream


    I usually have very oily skin, but due to an autoimmune thyroid disorder, have found my cheeks, neck and forehead edges scaly and dry - which no cream (and I’ve tried so so many including Dermalogica, etc) has been able to help.. but this cream is perfect. It’s feels heavy when applying and you only need a small amount, but after 10 minutes it’s soaked in and leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydr...
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    Oh my, this has to me the most nourishing night cream I've ever used, it hydrates my skin and feels amazing. I love the texture and smell, try if you have very dry skin.
  85. Beautiful


    This is one of my favourite Antipodes products. It's so hydrating and makes my skin feel so silky smooth. A truly luxurious moisturizer.
  86. great


    This is the best anti ageing night cream I’ve ever used and I’ve tried plenty!
    Love the texture works so well on tired skin rehydrates beautifully after wind or sun dries it out
    Love it
  87. great for dry skin!


    this is a wonderful, natural moisturiser for dry, weathered skin or hands. I would caution though, apply too much and it causes spots.
  88. Great


    Best night cream i ever use !! It makes my skin so soft smooth and nice. I will never change night cream !!
  89. Great product


    This face cream is great! I have dry, sensitive eczema-prone skin that has disliked other natural products. But this night cream is a winner. It feels like it has wrapped its nourishing, protective arms around my skin and isn't letting go! It has a lovely silky texture and a gently pleasant fragrance, I highly recommend it.
  90. Thick and delicious


    This cream goes on thick, which leaves my skin feeling very hydrated the next morning. I have very dry skin. Also smells delicious
  91. Lovely hydrating night cream


    I wanted to try something new. I'm in my mid forties and my skin is less supple and suffers from dryness. This is a lovely smelling night cream and a little bit goes a long way. It smells invigorating and has definitely improved the texture of my skin. I will buy again.
  92. Nice smelling but average performance


    This is fine, but if you're needing super hydration for any very dry patches this will not offer enough hydration.
  93. Great


    Great just like the day cream. Perfect consistency for night time snd I wake up with lovely skin.
  94. Good night cream but I don't see a difference in my skin


    I bought this night cream after finishing up an old one and I wanted to try something new. I have combo skin and bought this while it was on sale. It was a good night cream but I didn't notice any differences in my skin. At the price point, I won't repurchase.
  95. Lovely Night Cream


    The scent of this cream is beautiful! I have sensitive/dry skin and this cream makes my skin super soft and smooth. It's very nourishing but not too thick at the same time
  96. nice


    isn't too thick and greasy which I love!! after putting this on my skin feels so soft and i love the smell!
  97. great for oily skin


    Even though I have oily skin, I used this cream in winter for that extra bit of care. If you have dry or delicate skin this would be GREAT for me. The smell can be a bit off putting but is quite nice after a while. The packaging is AMAZING, very solid and a small amount of product goes a long long way. Well done Kiwis. Brilliant Product. (Also great if you are going on a long haul flight - keeps t...
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  98. New Zealand goodness


    A slightly thicker night cream that is very gentle on sensitive skin but super nourishing and rich. Ideal for dry skin types especially. Scent is light and divine. It definitely works hard on your skin while you sleep. Well worth it.
  99. Nourishing


    This cream is the perfect consistency for evenings. It feels super creamy and always leaves my skin feeling plump the next day.
  100. Great


    Beautiful night cream for those who want simple, fuss-free natural skin care. Kept my skin perfectly moisturised throughout the night and woke up with supple soft skin. Smells nice too. Did not break me out or cause any sensitivity. One jar will last you ages with daily use. Great quality night cream, highly recommend.
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