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Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening & Tone Correcting Serum 30ml

4.1 of 54 reviews


4 instalments of $14.75

Or 4 instalments of $14.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $14.75

Or 4 instalments of $14.75 with LEARN MORE

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Apostle Skin-Brightening Serum contains a revolutionary key ingredient which is scientifically shown* to have a very positive skin brightening effect.

  • Certified Organic
  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Paraben Free

What customers say

GREAT - 77% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening & Tone Correcting Serum Reviews

4.1 of 54 reviews

77% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My favourite


This serum really lives up to its description. I like it as it's easy to apply, gives your skin a lovely finish and makes me look healthy!

Most Helpful Criticism



I've used this for about a month and a half, and my dark spots are still persistent. Experienced changes when I used chemical exfoliation and other treatments, but this is too gentle
  1. Nice but no different


    I like the smell of it. But I haven't seen the change of my skin. I don't think I'll purchase it again
  2. Didn't leave a strong impression on me

    Julia Hothersall

    It is a first product of this brand I have tried and I quite like it. The texture is very light and I would say even a bit too runny which can complicate application a bit. It absorbs pretty quickly and Smell is nice. I don’t have pigmentation so don’t know how well it will tackle this problem but it definitely brightens your and refreshes your face complexion. I normally apply it after the cle...
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  3. Works so well on my skin


    I have freckles and sun spots. This has really helped to reduce them. I use sunscreen every single day to make sure my skin doesn't get any more damage from the sun. Its a powerful serum but you need to be patient. I have been using this for eight months before I saw any results.
  4. My favourite


    verified purchaser
    This serum really lives up to its description. I like it as it's easy to apply, gives your skin a lovely finish and makes me look healthy!
  5. Nice light serum

    Julia Hothersall

    It is a first product I have tried of this brand and would say it is not bad. I think it is great at brightening, has a nice smell and texture. I personally don’t have pigmentation so not sure how well it will tackle this problem. The texture is very light and even a bit runny I would say but it sinks in quite quickly which is great and easy to use before day cream as I prefer to use it in the mor...
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  6. A good brightener


    verified purchaser
    I found this serum to be excellent at brightening and helping pigmentation, and it definitely evened out my complexion. However, it didn't sink it like most serums but remained as a sort of oil on top, and i didn't find it easy to wear under a night cream or a day cream because of this. It also is a fairly small bottle for the price and you do need to use it every day consistently for results, so ...
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  7. A great all rounder


    This serum definitely helped with brightening my skin tone, and evening things out, but it took almost a whole bottle to see any difference, and it didn't last super long. I found it to be a surprisingly dry serum, so i'd definitely layer it with a heavy moisturizer. It was great, but i wouldn't be crazy about ordering it again.
  8. was nice at first


    This worked wonders when i first started using it but has since stopped working as well.
  9. Wanted to love this


    I love Antipodes as a brand so much and I wanted this serum to blow me away, but for my mid-30’s olive skin with sun pigmentation, it hasn’t had any effect at all.
  10. Nice, but no huge change


    I like the smell of it. But I haven't seen the change of my skin. Will keep using for a longer time.
  11. Brightening


    I bought a bottle of this and I must admit I definitely noticed a difference in my skin. It is a dark colour which was a bit of a surprise but goes on clear. I actually had a friend pinch this from me so I need to buy another bottle. Gorgeous product from Antipodes.
  12. unsure


    I've used this for about a month and a half, and my dark spots are still persistent. Experienced changes when I used chemical exfoliation and other treatments, but this is too gentle
  13. Fave


    This is my hands down favourite product from antipodes. It clears up all my blemishes and make my skin super gooey. Absolutely love it and have repurchased it many times
  14. Didn't work for me


    This was the first ever serum I tried to combat sun spots on my face. Unfortunately it did not do anything for me. It's a water based serum. On my skin it felt drying compared to other water based pigmentation serums I have tried since that feel more hydrating.
  15. pretty good!


    my skin seems to be liking this serum, I haven't seen improvement with pigmentation yet but it's a nice face serum that's making my skin look brighter
  16. Light formula but very effective


    I was given a 10ml sample of this and fell in love with it. It smells amazing and has brightened my skin. I was a little startled by the colour but it's a lovely serum.
  17. the best


    I love this serum, i feel like it really makes my skin glow
  18. great!


    really helped to brighten my skin and the serum is light so you can layer it with other skin care products
  19. brightens


    I found this brightened my skin but I've got a few sun spots which are still there
  20. Good


    Bought this in the sale, absolutely loved it, waterbased so it sinks in beautiful, smells gorgeous and really helped even out skin and prep it for next step.
  21. My #1 skincare product, made me fall in love with antipodes


    This is my favourite skin care product ever, and yes I feel that strongly about it. Every time I put this on I feel like I’m treating my skin to exactly what it deserves. As far as serums go it is very gentle and has no active ingredients in the way of AHA’s or retinol derivatives but I used to use this serum alone before trying products such as The Ordinary, and even then I noticed brightening ef...
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  22. dark spots still here


    I've been using this for a while but my dark spots have persisted. will keep using but it hasn't worked as well as I'd hoped it would
  23. Didn't notice any change in skin


    A pretty disappointing product. I didn't notice any difference in skin tone or brightening effect. Only noticeable impact was my skin felt a bit tighter after application which dissipated within a matter of an hour.
  24. not bad


    I like the smell of it. But I haven't seen the change of my skin. Will keep using for a longer time.
  25. A natural and revitalising serum


    I used this serum consistently for about 8 months when I was suffering from acne and a lot of acne scars. I was left with a lot of deep brown marks on my face and decided to use this serum to even my skin tone before jumping to more concentrated products like retinols. While I loved the smell of this and how my face felt after the application, I could not see visible results despite using it night...
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  26. Helps fade acne marks


    I received a 10ml sample of this serum and found it made a difference to my post acne marks in a matter of weeks of once daily use (it can also be used twice daily). It felt nourishing and absorbed well and didn’t cause any disturbance to my liquid foundation. Would definitely recommend if marks are of concern to you!
  27. good for brightening


    I found this serum to be good for brightening but not so good for dark spots, I have a few I want to get rid of, but I haven't seen much improvement
  28. Bright skin


    This has left my skin improved and it is looking healthier and brighter. Recommend it
  29. love serums


    I have recently started using serums and I love this one, it leaves my skin fresh and glowy
  30. will buy again


    This is a great serum, I only use it at night time because it is a bit oily feeling and too much to wear during the day underneath my foundation.
    It's a good price too and very affordable, I will buy this product again. It has definitely made my overall complexion look brighter and my skin tone look more even after using this serum
  31. Did notice a difference of my skins texture


    No surprise I received this as a tester which I was surprised of how much came inside (however AB sends amazing samples..
    There wasn't anything that outrageously spoke to me about this product as I've used a few others that simply target more things at once.
    Within saying this it's a lovely product and this has made a difference in a way of texturing my skin, I'm intrigued to see oth...
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  32. Visibly brighter skin


    Like many before me, I received a generous sample of this serum too. I have actually noticed a difference in my skin, however, I am trying quite a few new treatments at the moment. I have quite a lot left in the bottle I received however, I think I will purchase this when I run out. My poor husband keeps looking at the growing amount of skincare products in our bathroom and he hasn't said anything...
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  33. Definitely buying


    I received this product as a sample and my skin has improved so much! It’s now really smooth and is definitely brighter. The product absorbs in to the skin nicely as well
  34. Great for dry skin


    Received this as a sample and it worked beautifully on my skin. Got rid of dry patches and skin even looks brighter
  35. works great


    this product helps brighten and even out my skin tone. when I use it I wake up with fresh, glowing skin. I like to mix a few drops of this in with the Ordinary's hyaluronic acid for a brightening and hydrating serum great to use in the morning and night
  36. Great


    I got this as a free sample. Still using it - but has made a difference to my skin. Skin feels smoother when I use it (I only use serums at night only). I think the price is reasonable given I have paid $200 for other serums of the same volume!!
    I have BAD pigmentation, and although this serum hasn't really lightened these - yet, still early days; my skin feels smoother and the parts not pig...
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  37. Love it


    I absolutely love this serum! It makes my skin so clear, I notice when I haven't used it the night before. Will repurchase for sure!
  38. Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening & Tone Correcting Serum


    I used to get severe dry patches on my skin and have tried so many different products, nothing has worked. I started using this one and hallelujah! Finally!!! No more patches! This product hydrates the skin and you feel it working instantly. Perfect under foundation or by itself.
  39. Great product range


    I received the ‘worship’ serum as a free sample with an order and loved it so much I decided to order this product as have problems with uneven skin tone and skin looking quite dull without makeup. Since using this product I have uploaded a selfie to Instagram without makeup, I have never felt comfortable to do this before due to my skin.
  40. visible brightening


    I could see that my skin has become brighter after one or two uses. The smell of the product is also lovely.
  41. Massive difference after 4 days!


    I have been using this product for 4 days now. It has an interesting colour but goes on clear. My skin feels firmer and definitely looks brighter. It is long lasting as by the night, I can still feel the life that's been injected into my skin! It's great!!!
  42. Good


    I think this is quite a nice product and I feel it did brighten my skin and improve its condition but it didn't exactly work miracles on my areas of pigmentation. Personally, for this price, I probably won't buy it again.
  43. Excellent


    This worked well on my combination skin - it soothed dry patches and did not break me out and I noticed my skin looked brighter after just a few uses. It is a bit sticky and left a yellowish colour on my skin so I only used it at night. I finished the whole bottle and will be buying more.
  44. w o w


    I bought this product on a whim and now it has become my holy grail of skin care! I have combination skin that is quite sensitive, and have always had dark, yellow-toned circles around my eyes and lightly around my mouth. Not only did I actually notice my pigmentation lightening after a few weeks from using it every day, but it feels a-mazing on my skin! It smells fruity, absorbs quickly, doesn't ...
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  45. No result


    I had high expectations about it, but unfortunately, I didn't find any result. It has a dark color that stains the skin if not spread evenly. I feel it simply stays on my skin and is not absorbed well. The only positive is it smells sweet.
  46. Great smelling


    I used this serum right after using the Hosanna serum so I could really compare the two. If I could give half points I'd give three and a half because I did like this serum more than Hosanna which I gave three stars. The smell of this serum is lovely - sort of sweet and kind of fruity. It is a brown shade but doesn't seem to look brown on my skin. It dries a bit taut - like you're wearing a th...
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  47. Brightens my skin


    This actually works. I have mature combination skin with pigmentation & some acne scarring. When I use this (overnight) it just brightens up my complexion, gives it a little bright glow. Very nice.
  48. Don't know how effective this is

    Amirah (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I don't think it's anything mind-blowing? :( It may take some time before you'll start seeing results - I used it for only about a month and didn't see much results, or even any at all. Nice texture and scent though, a pleasure while I was using it!
  49. Lovely product but not sure of effectiveness


    This product has a lovely smell and feels very nice on application, however leaves the skin feeling very tight and matte so a nice moisturiser afterwards is necessary. Whilst the product is very nice to wear, I haven't noticed a substantial difference in the brightness or tone of my skin. I am very pale with freckles and redness around my nose and cheeks and haven't seen an overall change in eithe...
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  50. Lovely product!


    I've only used this product a few times! But I'm loving it! I use this as part of my night time routine. I was a bit unsure when I first saw the colour of this product, but when its rubbed into the skin, theres no tint left on your face. I haven't noticed much of a difference with this product yet. But i've only used it 3-4 times.

    It's not a cheap product, but so far, I'm enjoying ...
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  51. slight to no difference


    I have freckles and very light brown spots on my face. i thought this product could help me considering its ingredients and price. however unfortunately i was wrong. it only did slight micro-changes to my skin. the colour of serum is dark. so when you apply obviously your skin becomes a couple of tones darker and after you wash it this dark serum goes away and creates illusional effect as if your ...
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  52. Love this !


    I recently brought my second bottle of this serum after using my first quickly. This brightens and really does correct skin tone - and the smell is truly amazing.

    I love serums and face oils but this one has the immediate results I love, it is an automatic re-buy now that it is available more widely in Australia.
  53. Worth every cent !


    This really does do what it say's it will do.
    After two weeks of use, just one application at night under my night cream, the brown pigmentation marks on my face have significantly reduced - enormously so in fact.
    After applying this, it leaves a matt / "dry" finish on your skin, so idea to use under make up in a morning if you wish , but I use this under the Antipodes night cream and ...
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  54. Great natural product


    I tried this item after having a bad reaction to another whitening serum.
    This product is extremely gentle and has helped get my skin back to a healthy state.
    I have been using for a few weeks now and I can see a difference in my skin tone and the pigmentation is changing. My skin is definitely feeling plumper and more hydrated,
    I will continue to use this product as i am keen to...
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  55. Best my skin has looked in ages


    Early last year I broke out quite badly all over my face, especially my cheeks. After slowly getting my skin back to how it used to be, I was still left with bright red hyperpigmentation. It looked like I had terrible acne even though the lumps were gone! I wanted something to speed up the fading process and brighten my complexion. I came across this and loved that it was natural. After some ummin...
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