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A celebration of fragrance & luxury. A sumptuous feat for the senses. Amouage was founded by the Sultan of Oman, who wished to create something iconic that Oman could become known for. Asked to put aside all worries of cost and rarity, one of the greatest French perfumers of all time, Guy Robert was approached to create a fragrance that represented elegance and class. Amouage Gold Woman was created, and a lineage of timeless and peerless fragrances was born.

Drawing inspiration from luxuries all across the world, and where nostalgia meets inventiveness, Amouage fragrances are created. Formulated with the highest possible concentration of fragrance oils, Amouage excels in fragrances that are opulent down to the finest detail. With an unconditional pledge to use the finest materials, Amouage fragrance bottles are made of hand-blown, artisanal glass, and are embellished with extravagant materials such as silver, gold, or crystals.

What are Amouages best fragrances to buy?

Amouage are legendary for their well-crafted, well-balanced fragrances, and are widely considered to be the best in class amongst fragrance lovers. There is a fragrance for everyone, no matter what your scent preferences are - be it floral, spicy, oriental, woody, chypre or so on. We recommend you begin with an Amouage Sampler Pack, of which there are two options.

  • Amouage Women’s Sampler Pack
    This best-seller contains 12 generous vials from Amouage’s fragrance range. This includes the original Amouage fragrance, a rich floral called Amouage Gold Woman, the delicate Amouage Blossom Love Woman, and the floral Chypre Amouage Interlude Woman.

  • Amouage Men’s Sampler Pack
    Ideal for men or for assertive women, Amouage men’s fragrances use heady, traditional ingredients to create signature scents that pack a punch. Like the women’s sampler, this pack contains 12 of Amouage’s best fragrances to experience, including Amouage Epic Man, Amouage Interlude Man, and Amouage Honor Man.

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Amouage Honour Woman Eau De Parfum 100mlAmouage Honour Woman Eau De Parfum 100ml
Amouage Honour Woman Eau De Parfum 100ml


It stays close to the skin, and I can't imagine anyone not liking this... correction, loving this scent. It is pricey but to me, it's worth every cent.
Amouage Men's Sampler 12 PackAmouage Men's Sampler 12 Pack
Amouage Men's Sampler 12 Pack

perfect luxury

These are all amazing, beautiful scents and I love that a couple are unisex.
Amouage Ciel Woman Eau De Parfum 100mlAmouage Ciel Woman Eau De Parfum 100ml
Amouage Ciel Woman Eau De Parfum 100ml


Smells very fresh, a bit green and very flowery. A little sharp for my nose and longevity isn’t the best for me. I have other amouage I like more for sure.