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Gone are the days when styling salons catered primarily to women. The men are back! American Crew continues to be a pioneer in men's grooming and hair care, helping the modern man look his best every day.Towards that end, the brand offers a full line of products formulated to add sleekness, texture, and hold to today's men's styles.

American Crew Fiber is a great choice for giving hair high hold and low shine. This resinous product is designed to thicken hair and increase fullness while providing strong, pliable hold. For a slightly more relaxed hold, American Crew Pomade does the job. This water-based formula gives hair smooth control with high gloss and is a great choice for curly hair. Styles that require medium hold with medium shine will respond well to the easy-to-use American Crew Forming Cream. This cream gives hair a natural-looking sheen and is a great item for those who may be new to using jar products.
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