Alpha-H Starter Kits & Gift Sets

Alpha-H is known for is multi-purpose products, which reduce several steps to one convenient application. The experts behind the brand also strongly believe in skincare flexibility. A range of travel kits and skincare sets is available so that you can see what works best for your skin on a particular day.

Whether you have oily skin one day and sensitive skin the next, or you travel regularly to different climates, Alpha-H is determined to keep up with your ever-changing skincare requirements. The company also offers various starter kits, so you can explore the extensive Alpha-H skincare range as quickly and as easily as possible.

What are the benefits of using a starter kit?

Alpha-H has created various starter kits so that you can build your skincare routine easily, no matter your skin type. From an oily-skincare routine to facial kits for dry skin to skin-clearing anti-acne sets, all Alpha-H starter kits contain high-performance bestsellers in travel-sized packaging.

The benefits of using a starter kit are many. For one, you can try a product and see whether you like it without having to commit to the full-sized version. Each sample is big enough to give you several weeks to decide whether a product is working for your skin type. The samples are also travel-friendly and perfect for holidays and weekends away.

What is vitamin profiling?

Alpha-H is constantly developing new ideas, and the Vitamin Profiling Collection is one of its most iconic innovations yet. The Vitamin Profiling Collection is a selection of four different vitamins; A, E, B, and C. These skin vitamins all offer different benefits, so you can easily customise your skincare routine to address how your skin is feeling on any given day.

Vitamin A helps to repair sun damage and even out skin tones. This micronutrient is best used after a day in the sun. Vitamin B helps boost moisture levels and soothe redness. Vitamin C is the ultimate skin recharge, helping to shield skin from free-radical damage. Vitamin E protects and repairs damaged complexions.

Who should use vitamin profiling?

Vitamin profiling is an incredibly versatile approach to skincare. This method suits those whose skin and routine changes from day to day. Vitamin profiling is also good for those who want to enhance their anti-ageing skincare routine.

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Starter Kits & Gift Sets

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6 products found
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