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Alpha-H Serums & Treatments

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If you're looking to up the ante on your skincare, and get the best results possible, you need Alpha-H's range of serums and treatments. Designed to treat and correct, Alpha-H has used their extensive research into cosmeceutical products to help treat a range of skincare concerns from fine lines, oiliness, uneven tone and texture, to sallowness or dehydration.

Only 1% of orally ingested vitamins reach the skin, so make sure to complement your cleansing, toning and moisturising routine with Alpha-H.

Essential Vitamins in Alpha-H Serums & Treatments

  • Vitamin A accelerates collagen production and boosts elasticity. Strengthens and repairs signs of premature ageing for plumpness and an even skin tone. Use at night to diminish photo-aging and slow the ageing process.
  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant treatment that repairs skin cells with healing properties to strengthen the skin and relieve inflammation. Use to reduce scarring and accelerate healing.
  • Vitamin C is both a preventative and strengthening ingredient proven to combat anti-aging. As an antioxidant, the vitamin helps to even skin tone, shield from pollution and improve hydration. Use for plumper, more radiant skin.
  • Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 is a skin-restoring must to improve the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tones and enlarged pores. The ingredient is especially effective against environmental aggressors like sunlight. (Found in Liquid Laser & Liquid Gold Night Repair Serum)


With many gentle enough to use once or twice daily, Alpha-H's vitamin, Liquid Gold or Age Delay collections, in mists and serums, will help give you the beautiful complexion you deserve!

For best results, use Alpha-H serums after toning, before moisturising. Please take care to read product instructions as some (such as the Vitamin A serum) should only be used at night.

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Serums & Treatments

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