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Alpha-H offers a vast selection of high-performance skincare products that are enriched with potent natural and chemical actives to deliver fast and dramatic results. Whilst some Alpha-H skincare products are not suitable for very sensitive skin types, the Essentials Collection has been formulated with every skin type and concern in mind, so you can still benefit from high-quality skincare without exacerbating sensitivity.

The Essentials Collection currently contains five products: a luxury soothing cleansing balm, a deeply nourishing cream, a daily SPF moisturiser, a protective vitamin mist, and a hydration concentrate for a boost of moisture.

What are the long-term benefits of the Alpha-H Essentials collection?

The skincare products in the Essentials Collection have all been developed to become everyday staples in your skincare routine. Whether you have a dry, oily, sensitive, ageing, or acne-prone complexion, the Essentials Collection has a moisturiser, cleanser, or treatment to suit your everyday needs. If you want to maintain and protect healthy skin, the Alpha-H Essentials Collection is the perfect choice.

Who should use the Alpha-H Essentials Collection?

Whilst most Alpha-H products are skin-type targeted, the Essentials Collection has been developed with every skin type and concern in mind. The cleanser and vitamin mist are suitable for all skin types. There are two moisturisers available; choose one to suit your oilier or drier complexion. Essential Hydration Concentrate helps increase moisture levels in dry skin and can be mixed with Hydration Cream to create a gentle face mask.

The Alpha-H Essentials Collection is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Unlike many other Alpha-H skincare products, these essential products do not contain any Alpha-Hydroxy Acids.

What are the key ingredients in the Alpha-H Essentials Collection?

The Alpha-H Essential Collection uses a variety of natural and chemical ingredients to maintain and protect skin on an everyday basis. The range includes Essential Oils, Rosehips, and Vitamins but is free from Alpha-Hydroxy Acids and so features the gentlest of Alpha-H products.

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Recent reviews on Essentials products

Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream
Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream

Dry skin must have

Amazing moisturizer! Sinks in pretty fast but the skin feels hydrated all day. The scent is pretty strong so if you have issues with that you might not like this. I have super dry skin and eczema on my face, this has definitely helped my skin during the cold weather.
Alpha-H Essential Cleansing Balm
Alpha-H Essential Cleansing Balm

Smells Divine

I like this product just for the rose smell alone! But I LOVE this product to take my makeup off before cleansing. I can feel the makeup basically melt off then I add a bit of warm water to lightly work it in before rinsing off and cleansing. It leaves my face feeling soft and hydrated, not at all greasy or oily like you would expect. I don’t know how I went so long without this in my routine!
Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50+
Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50+

Great daily moisturizer for an excellent price

I am very happy with this Moisturizer! I am most impressed with the spf50+ and how wonderful is it that it is manufactured in QLD! Well done on creating a great product Alpha H!