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Dermalogica PreCleanse 150ml by Dermalogica


A bestselling product that pioneered the essential double cleanse, Dermalogica PreCleanse removes makeup, impurities, pollutants, sunscreen, and all the grime of a long day to help get skin ready for the next step: the skin cleanse. This lightweight oil is an essential step in ensuring skin is properly cleansed, refreshed, and ready for the rest of your regimen.

Key benefits


  • Removes surface impurities, makeup residue, sunscreen, and pollutants
  • Helps skin maintain proper levels of hydration whilst cleansing
  • Minimises environmental damage, breakouts, and clogged pores by ensuring all residue is swept away before you cleanse
  • Removes even the most stubborn waterproof makeup with ease
  • PETA-accredited, cruelty-free


Key ingredients


  • Rice Bran and Vitamin E nourish and calm inflammation
  • Kukui Nut and Apricot Oils remove impurities and pollutants without stripping skin’s natural moisture barrier
  • Essential Fatty Acids replenish natural moisture loss during cleansing


How to Use:


  • Dispense a generous amount of PreCleanse onto dry hands.
  • Massage onto a dry face and neck in circular motions.
  • To remove, wet hands and massage water into skin. PreCleanse will transform into a light, milky emulsion that’s easy to rinse.
  • Rinse thoroughly and follow with skincare routine as usual.

Who is Dermalogica PreCleanse for?

Truly a one-size-fits-all product, Dermalogica PreCleanse is suitable for all skin types, genders, and ages. PreCleanse is great for keeping dry skin from becoming flaky and irritated as well as helping oily skin achieve balance. This is a product that every skin type can use and love.

Why is a double cleanse important?

Double cleansing is the key to keeping skin properly cleansed and balanced. Skincare products, makeup, dead skin, and pollutants are attracted to different types of cleansers. Using an oil-free cleanser to remove oil-based substances is either ineffective or requires harsh  ingredients to get the job done.Although double cleansing sounds excessive, it’s actually gentler on your skin. Start with a mild cleansing oil to break down sebum, makeup, moisturisers, and sun protection. Then finish with a gentle foaming cleanser or other water-soluble cleanser to wash everything away.


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squeaky clean - 17-07-2018 by

I use this before my normal cleanser and I can definitely tell the difference in skin cleanliness, especially if you're taking off makeup. I've noticed less congestion and brighter skin too!

Great for makeup removal - 17-07-2018 by

I use this to remove make-up and it works really well. It even removes tough eye-make up and mascara. Overall a great product but not a necessity.

Doesn't strip natural oils - 16-07-2018 by

I have dry skin and find that most even "gentle" cleansers are too harsh. I use this on it's own to take off makeup and cleanse my skin. It looks so hydrated and feels great! Cannot recommend enough.

Clean skin!! - 16-07-2018 by

Love this product, I’ve been using it for years!! My skin is always left beautifully clean and soft after using this as a first cleanse. Love it!

So amazing - 13-07-2018 by

I use this a few times a week to give my skin a better clean.

This gives my skin a really good clean.

Prep perfect - 12-07-2018 by

First thing I use to cleanse & prep skin in the morning. Lovely subtle scent.
Little goes a long way with this product & it reaches my whole face without needing a full pump of the bottle. I gently rub it all over with my hands in circular motion, then wash off with warm water. Face feels really clean, without dryness & ready for serum, moisturizer & sunblock.
I love this product for being gentle on my rosacea, combination skin without irratiation. Removes foundation quickly at night too, then I double cleanse with Dermalogica Ultra-Calming Cleanser. Lovely 1st step in my skin care regime!

Nice but not a necessary - 10-07-2018 by

I use this for when I have a lot of makeup on. It does a good job cleaning my makeup off and I use a cleanser after.

Adore! - 10-07-2018 by

This product is an actual miracle. I'm usually a little wary of oils as I have oily skin, however this is an exception. For starters it smells divine, quite citrusy but not overwhelmingly so. It really helps remove all traces of makeup/dirt, I've used this with a full face of makeup and it has successfully removed the majority of it, including waterproof mascara and matte lipstick. It also leaves skin feeling very soft and supple, added bonus.

Amazing - 10-07-2018 by

Best pre cleanse at it always gets makeup off and gentle enough on my skin.

Best sample! - 06-07-2018 by

What a treat to get this product as a sample! Being my first oil cleanser I was initially skeptical, but the smallest amount of this product was able to remove my makeup, even mascara, effortlessly. I'll definitely be ordering more!

Smells amazing and removes eye makeup really well - 06-07-2018 by

I love this pre cleanse! The lavender smells amazing and it is so gentle on the eyes. It removes heavy eye makeup with ease. Ive found using a warm wet face washer helps to remove it all in one go.

Good sample - 05-07-2018 by

Have only tried a sample of this but it's good. Removes my makeup well too

Incredible!! - 05-07-2018 by

The best oil cleanser I've used! I initially bought the mini size of this to try it out and I fell in love! It gets ride or every trace of makeup!!!!!! I have dry skin so I'm obsessed with anything oil but my sister has oily skin and she really likes this too!

Best for cleaning makeup - 04-07-2018 by

I use this most when I have used a lot of makeup. 8t gets rid of the products and gunk. My skin is left clean with this.

Silky smooth makeup-free skin - 02-07-2018 by

I have been using this product for a good few months now and I can without a doubt say it does a better job of removing my makeup than any other product I have used. I was surprised at how squeaky clean my skin felt after using this as I was expecting it to feel oily..but this was not the case! It really does last you a long time so its worth the investment!

Fabulous! - 02-07-2018 by

This pre cleanse is a must! Works perfectly as a make up remover (including eyes). Allows your cleanser to cleanse your actual skin not just remove superficial make up etc.
This product delivers.

One of the best Pre-oil Cleansers! - 02-07-2018 by

I'm obsessed with this product (I'm a big Double Cleanse lover) This pre cleanse oil just melts away my stubborn makeup before cleansing and doesn't leave my skin feeling oily. Beats any makeup remover I have ever used, a must have in my opinion!

A nice way to start removing makeup before cleansing - 30-06-2018 by

I like this product but I don't love it as I don't see much improvement to my combination skin, for me the main benefit of this product is its ability to pre-loosen makeup prior to cleansing. I would recommend it for its makeup removal ability but not really for any skincare benefits aside from that - it is nice though and feels luxurious if you have the time to add this step into your routine.

Very good oil cleanser - 27-06-2018 by

This is great - I mean who doesn't love a good oil cleanser? This one is takes off my makeup with ease. I double cleanse, and this is excellent as my first cleanse. It takes off all my makeup, including stubborn eye makeup, it's non-irritating, and I actually feel moisturised after cleansing with this. It is a little pricey, so I'm trying to find a cheaper alternative, but so far this one is the best.

Melts off makeup - 21-06-2018 by

I love to use this before my cleanser as it melts off my makeup and any excess oil without irritating my skin, especially around the eye area.

Perfect for removing make up! - 20-06-2018 by

I have oily/combination skin and I love using this before my gel cleanser as it gets rid of every bit of make up and leaves my skin feeling clean and moisterised. This product also smells amazing like your getting facial! I have also found my skin is less oily when I use this product!

Fantastic makeup remover - 15-06-2018 by

I have combination oily skin and wear long wearing foundation every day. I love using this as part of my double cleanse routine. It dissolves away makeup really well and doesn't leave my skin dry. You don't need to use much either.

Can't live without. - 15-06-2018 by

I don't know how I survived without this product. It breaks down makeup (even waterproof!) so well and is the perfect first step in a double cleanse. Absolutely love, love, love.

The best - 12-06-2018 by

I use this to get the remnants of my makeup off before cleansing. Any remaining makeup melts away leaving your skin hydrated. I wish I had found this sooner as I could have avoided a lot of damage over the years.

One of my favourite products - 08-06-2018 by

Again, this is one of my favourite products, I woukld have this if I could only have a handful of products, you only need 2 pumps to do your entire face, I undress for the shower, 2 pumps on the hand start rubbing all over then a quick hand under the shower to add a tiny bit of water, more gentle massaging on the face then rinse off, it takes away every bit of day makeup, I then cleanse with an AHA based product, I highly recommend for full face make up removal.

A Boujee Step In Your Routine, But A Must!!! - 07-06-2018 by

I was a bit skeptical about how well this product would work, but after using it a couple of times, I must say that you can really feel the difference on your skin and how clean it is afterwards. Even if I don't wear makeup, I still use this product before my skin routine day and night, to ensure EVERYTHING is removed from my face, including dust and bacteria. One pump will get you through one cleansing. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Good but not great - 01-06-2018 by

it does its job but you do need a lot of product so it waste quite fast.
I don't think it did anythin spectacular for my face, just an ordinary cleanser

Not for me - 30-05-2018 by

I thought I would try out a oil cleanser after a lifetime of using stripping, foaming cleansers on my combination skin. As I know plenty of people for whom this is their holy grail cleanser, Dermalogica's PreCleanse was the obvious choice to try. However, it's just not for me. It's full of fragrant fruit oils and citrus, which tends to irritate my skin. As a cruelty-free brand, I really wish I could support Dermalogica, but their ingredients just don't seem to agree with my skin. I think I'll try out their Microfoliant as a last-ditch attempt to find something of their's that I'll like!

Still need to use eye makeup remover - 24-05-2018 by

I started using this oil cleanser to remove my makeup before using my regular Aspect cleanser. I find that it removes most of my makeup, but I still need to use eye makeup remover to remove the rest of my mascara/eyeliner (non-waterproof) to avoid the dreaded panda eyes! I would have loved for this product to be able to do that, to avoid having to waste makeup rounds, but it doesn't seem to do so. Otherwise, it's a great product in terms of removing most of my foundation (before the rest is removed with my regular cleanser) and it smells quite nice.

Amazing stuff that works - 23-05-2018 by

Such a good product to use to take off makeup! Would definitely buy again :)

Double cleansing has transformed my skin! - 18-05-2018 by

Since using this my skin has never been cleaner and clearer - it gets EVERY trace of makeup off!

Fabulous for dry skin - 17-05-2018 by

This product works perfectly for my dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. It gently removes all my makeup without leaving any residue and keeping my skin hydrated.
Unlike other products like this one, I don't find this product overly oily either.
Love it!!

Love Love Love - 16-05-2018 by

I received a deluxe sample of this with a recent order and I am so in love with this cleanser, it has the most amazing essential oil scent and works wonders at removing makeup. I have been using this daily and will be purchasing the full size product once my sample is empty. So far is it the best oil cleanser I have tried.

So good for dry skin - 07-05-2018 by

I am loving any oil formed cleansers at the moment. I suffer from eczema and super dry skin and this just worked wonders on my skin. I love the pre cleanse idea and can definitely feel the difference when using this - it is such a deeper clean. Would use again!

LOVE THIS! - 07-05-2018 by

Best make up remover in my view. Takes off waterproof mascara and leaves my skin feeling lovely unlike some other brands which can be drying. The package lasts for ages too as you don't need to use much.

Best - 30-04-2018 by

This is the best cleansing oil i have ever tried. it doesn't irritate my eyes and always gets everything off straight away. highly recommend

Extremely good makeup remover - 29-04-2018 by

This is one of the best makeup removers that is gentle but effective.

Doesn't irritate skin so perfect for my sensitive skin as a first cleanse.
I highly recommend.

Holy grail!!! - 17-04-2018 by

Dermalogica pre cleanse is by far my favourite skincare product that I have ever tried. Most effective oil based cleanser that effectively draws out all dirt and make up so that you can go in for a second cleanse with your normal cleanser and have beautiful fresh skin. So good for every skin type and condition and I recommend it to everyone.

Good cleansing oil - 16-04-2018 by

I used this product on and off for many years. It removes makeup effectively, isn’t drying on the skin, and is pleasant to use (it emulsifies nicely and has a pretty but inoffensive smell). I do find this overpriced though and the packaging is suboptimal - the outside of the bottle always felt oily no matter how careful I was! In my view, a simpler micellar water works just as well as a first cleansing step. I do understand the love for this product though and I think it is a good option for those who prefer an oil cleanser.

Great for a double cleanse - 05-04-2018 by

I received the sample size of this recently, and had been using a balm as my pre cleanse previously.

It is quite thin/runny, which was an adjustment from the balm I had used previously, so I did lose some product the first time as it ran between my fingers.

I love the smell of this, it feels luxurious and leaves my skin clean and supple. I will definitely be purchasing it in a full size. It made short work of my Estee Lauder Double Wear.

If you haven't used an oil cleanser before, definitely give it a chance!

LOVE - 29-03-2018 by

This is my first go at double cleansing with an oil cleanser at first and I am loving it. This product smells amazing, melts away all traces of makeup (even my thick Estée Lauder double wear + full coverage powder!). Unlike other reviews I do not experience spillage into the sink when I pump into my hand.

I sorta get the hype... - 06-03-2018 by

I only sorta get the hype surrounding this product. Granted - it works super well and does what it says it'll do (i.e. remove all traces of makeup and leave skin feeling clean, plump and softened) but what I don't get is WHY Dermalogica would put citrus oil in a product that you are meant to use around the eyes?!? I don't have very sensitive eyes at all (I dont wear glasses or contacts) and yet after prolonged use, this oil makeup remover starts to sensitise my eyes. For that reason I wouldn't repurchase this product.

Could be better - 06-03-2018 by

Works ok to remove make-up, but I tend to need quite a lot for this product to work effectively. It also has too much of a thin consistency so I end up losing some product in the sink whilst pumping it into my hand. Overall, I have used better oil-based make up removers. Sadly as a Dermalogica fan, this is not a product I will be repurchasing.

Wasn't sure at first - 06-03-2018 by

I received this as a sample, but now I want to purchase.

I have over 40 skin and have been using Micellar Water as my pre-cleanse. This products smells heavenly, very herbal and calming and it really does a fantastic job. I use it on my face before getting into the shower, where I lather up, rinse and cleanse with my other cleansers. Skin feels great afterwards.

BUY IT RIGHT NOW! - 21-02-2018 by

I had wanted to buy this for about 12 months but never did. Just didn’t see the sense in spending money on an additional product I didn’t absolutely need BUT holy moly, this stuff has been a game changer. It melts off my make-up super quickly, it’s so satisfying that I genuinely look forward to it. I had been using make-up wipes or micellar water to take off the bulk of my make-up before cleansing. It used to take a while and I was going through that many cotton pads. This stuff feels great and works quickly. Can’t believe I’ve gone without this for so long. Buy it!!

New - 19-02-2018 by

I've only just started using this and I have to say that I am already seeing the benefits to having it in my routine. It removes makeup so easily and smells amazing. Such a great product to have in your kit!

Amazing product - 14-02-2018 by

Been using this product for years and I wouldn’t know what to do without it. It gets rid of any makeup including waterproof makeup instantly aswell as helping to get all the dirt and bacteria off the skin. I have oily and breakout probe skin, precleanse works so well for my skin and doesn’t strip any of my natural oils. Would highly recommend to everyone as a makeup remover/precleanse.

Keep going back - 08-02-2018 by

I have tried so many oil makeup removers and I just keep going back to this one. This has got to be the best on the market. I use this as my first step in my nighttime cleansing routine when I’m wearing makeup. 2-3 pumps rubbed straight onto a dry face rubbing off the makeup (including eyes!) and gradually adding water and emulsify. Rinse face throughly and walah! Makeup is gone! Follow up with your cleanser etc. I love this product because there is no fragrance, it’s gentle on eyes and I don’t need to use any other makeup removing products. This replaces the makeup removing wipe and my skin is thanking me for it! For days where I wear heavy eye make up I may use an eye makeup remover but if I didn’t have any then this would do the job still. Always in my shower - love it! No other cleansing oil like it.

GREAT PRODUCT BUT! - 16-01-2018 by

I have been using this product for 2 weeks now. I have combination oily skin. I do like the Dermologica PreCleanse but I do find that I need to use a eye makeup remover first. I am I makeup artist so at times my makeup can be quite heavy. So going in first with an eye makeup remover and then going in with the Dermalogica Pre Cleanse on dry skin massaged for 15 seconds it does remove my base beautifully. And I love the smell its delicious! I then follow on with the Dermologica Skin Kit for Normal to oily skin and its a power house for your skin. Would recommend to everyone!

Does the job - 20-12-2017 by

I've used up a couple of bottles of this and it works well. It gets all my makeup off, doesn't feel like it's stripping my skin or clogging my pores. It doesn't make me break out and doesn't smell bad. The only issues are that when it's near the end of the bottle you have to take out the pump to get the last bit of cleanser (I was tipping little bits into my hand for at least a week) and the other issue is that it's quite expensive for something that goes down the drain. I like it and it lasts a fair while.

Obsessed with this pre cleanser - 29-11-2017 by

I've been using this product since it was released. It's non-drying & is awesome for getting off make up & sunscreen. Highly recommended!!

Great makeup remover - 10-10-2017 by

I received a free sample of this and was devastated when I knocked it over and the packaging broke. However, I managed to get a couple of weeks of usage out of the bottle. It's a great makeup remover and I will be repurchasing this product in the future

Good for makeup wearers - 04-10-2017 by

I don't wear a lot of makeup but when I do this is great to melt it off before using my normal cleanser. Very strong lavender smell which I like but may be a turn off if you don't like lavender. My face feels super soft after using this.

irreplaceable - 27-09-2017 by

I have combination/normal skin and I often wear quite alot of makeup. I find this product leaves my face squeaky clean without drying, tightening or irritating my skin at all. I cannot see myself using any other product. I use this paired with the dermologica special cleaning gel and together they are unbeatable. I have tried many high-end makeup removers like Estee lauder, Shiseido and Clinique but this is the product that I always keep going back to. 100% recommend to everyone. A must-have for your skincare routine

Effortless - 27-09-2017 by

Small amount of this precleanse dissolves stubborn makeup effortlessly.

Skin isn't left tight and dehydrated

Use this product every evening to remove my makeup and am pleased with its thoroughness

Makes getting rid of my makeup a breeze! - 20-09-2017 by

I LOVE this product. I used to use a face wipe to try get rid of the majority of makeup before using a cleanser, but it would never do the job properly and even after cleansing I would have some makeup on my face still. This pre-cleanse is a life saver. I can't believe how well it takes off my makeup. I was worried using an oil based product but my skin feels amazing! Highly recommend

Holy grail cleanser - 18-09-2017 by

I am someone who often wear alot of makeup, and this cleansing oil, paired with the dermalogica special cleansing gel is a fool proof combination. I have combination skin and the oil doesn't dry out my skin , or leaves my skin leaving tight, when I use it at night. Sometimes I tend to over cleanse my face to reapply makeup for different events , and my skin does feel abit tight but the dermalogica toner and some moisture is a quick fix. I have tried many alternatives , like the Clinique cleansing balm etc and now have come close this product. The only downside is that it doesn't really remove eye makeup well. I reccomend this to everyone. Wonderful product and lasts quite awhile

Total aromatherapy experience! - 03-09-2017 by

I received a sample of this in the Dry Skin kit and loved it so much I purchased the bottle. It's supposed to be used as a pre-cleanse and then followed by a cleanser but I just use it on its own. I find that if I use a cleanser after it, it takes away that beautiful feel and smell the pre-cleanse gives you. Definitely recommend this product to anyone with dry skin!

Really good - 07-08-2017 by

High Recommended!!

Gentle but effective way to remove makeup - 21-06-2017 by

I received a sample of this at my last spa treatment and was hooked. It is a lovely way to take your makeup off. I do use it on my eyes but find I still need to use an eye makeup remover to totally get rid of my non-waterproof mascara. Half a pump onto my dry hands then massaged onto my dry face, massage for 30 seconds then I jump into the shower for the rest of my cleansing routine. I have mature mostly dry skin with oily t-zone and I wear medium to heavy makeup daily. This does the job for me. I would give it 5 stars if it took off mascara as well.

Absolute favorite - 16-10-2016 by

This is by far my favourite beauty item. It literally melts your makeup away, it's amazing. I use it before I use my cleanser at night and it leaves your face so so soft. It's an oil but in no way does it make your face oily, its actually really good for people with oily skin. You'll vastly reduce the amount of breakouts you have using this as just a cleanser leaves quite a lot of makeup that you never actually notice. Cannot recommed it enough!!

You need this in your life - 02-09-2016 by

This product is absolutely incredible! It is an oil which literally melts a majority of your makeup off and does wonders when paired with a seperate cleanser afterwards. It can be used alone, I do this in the morning. I couldn't recommend this it right now!

A complete game changer & must have product! - 05-11-2015 by

I was a little baffled when a friend of mine recommended this product as the idea of adding extra oil to my already oily/congested skin didn't really appeal to me but since adding the pre-cleanse to my routine I have never looked back! A little goes a long long way. It literally melts away all makeup including eye makeup and even heavy makeup from a night out. It doesn't leave me that tight skinned feeling that most makeup removers do either. I found using it before cleansing really allowed my cleanser to get to work and penetrate the skin a lot better than just using straight over makeup. An absolute must have product that I can't live without now! I even have the travel sizes for when I go away - the hype is all worth it!

Worth the hype - 19-05-2015 by

I ordered this under recommendation from my beauty therapist.
I never really felt like my skin was clean after removing make-up & even cleansing in the shower.
This has definitely been a game changer for me as it's so simple to just pump a dose onto my palm and massage over my face for a good 30 seconds before adding water & building into a bit of a lather. I then wipe or rinse off & can feel how clean my skin is & it is so amazingly gentle.
Appreciate that it is counter-intuitive to use oil as a cleanser, but it works!

My favourite makeup remover - 24-06-2014 by

Hands-down, this is my favourite makeup remover. I use it at the end of every day before my cleansing routine, and it effectively melts even waterproof liner and mascara right off, letting my cleanser actually get through to my skin.

It also works great as a one-step remove and cleanse on a late night after I've been out - I use this to remove all my makeup and my skin always feels clean enough to chuck on some moisturiser so I can get to sleep quickly and then do a proper cleanse in the morning.

Never thought I'd need this... - 03-11-2013 by

I thought a 'pre-cleanse' was a bit of overkill until I tried this. I'm getting a really good clean without stripping my skin. All my eye makeup comes off without with one wipe of a cotton pad. I used to find washing my makeup off at night a bit of a chore, but now I actually look forward to doing it because I like the lovely smell of this product and how my skin feels afterwards. A little bit goes a long way so I can see the bottle lasting me a very long time. I follow with the Dermalogica skin renewal cleanser and I feel like that cleanser actually gets to do its job properly because I've taken my makeup off with the precleanse first.

An oil to clean? - 19-09-2013 by

Do not judge a book by it's cover. The same applies in this instance! Although the product does come as an oil, it does wonders. It removes all of that stubborn makeup, bacteria and sweat particles prior to cleansing your face. This is so the cleanser can get into all the nooks and crannys properly and do what it's actually meant to rather than just skimming the surface and removing all of these imperfections as it cleanses.
The product is expensive for what it is, however adore beauty have it at the best price i have seen online. I would recommend this to anyone who wears makeup daily, works out regularly and has problematic skin including clogged pores.

Excellent - 01-09-2013 by

This product is excellent. My face feels so clean and I don't need to use another cleanser.

Love this cleanser - 09-04-2013 by

Such a fantastic product that truly removes all gunk from your face. You know how you think you've washed your face and then you find mascara residue on the towel when you are drying your face? Well that doesn't happen anymore.

Pre Cleanse is used before your proper cleanser which sounds excessive but is a quick and easy clean than allows your real cleanser to get in and do it's job.

Seriously, it works.

Cleaner skin - 14-02-2013 by

I was having trouble finding a cleanser which would remove zinc based sunscreens. I have oily sensitive skin, so I was looking for something not harsh and not too rich which would do the job.
This is easy to use before cleansing gel to effectively remove makeup and suncreens. My skin is less congested from using this regularly.
Can't say that I like the smell very much, but that's not a huge issue.

Get this now! - 30-01-2013 by

What can i say that hasnt already been said?
Fantastic addition to the routine, removes all dirt and grime, and the extra step in the routine makes sure you give your skin the TLC it deserves.
If you want fresh, clean, sparkly skin, add this to your cart!

- 29-11-2010 by

Great at removing make up, especially oil based products. definitely needs to be followed by single or double cleanse. Has a nice smell and is a great start to a daily skin care regime

- 13-10-2009 by

Easily removes makeup and leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed. I still follow with another cleanser but it is excellent for removing Invisible Zinc and Mineral Makeup. Plesant smell.

- 13-09-2009 by

This has become a staple in my PM routine to get rid of all the dirt and grime that has gathered on my skin throughout the day. Absolutely love this product and would definitely buy again. Another HG!

- 24-08-2009 by

What a difference this has made to my skin! Who would've thought you'd need to clean your skin BEFORE you clean it!? I use this a make-up remover too and works great. It really does get rid of the daily dirt and grime. Has a pleasant smell and so very easy to use. Will be sticking with this one for a long time!

- 16-06-2009 by

Love the feeling of this on my skin and it smells nice too. Has made a difference to my congested areas. Am using it in the pm to remove make up and general grime. All round great product.

- 26-11-2008 by

I was introduced to Dermalogica's PreCleanse just recently and I am in love with this product! Use this BEFORE your cleanser and it will attract and remove all traces of oil from the skin accumulated by your cosmetics, your skin and the environment, add water and it is gone. My skin is already so much cleaner after using PreCleanse a few times and I will be recommending this to all of my friends! A+

- 04-09-2008 by

This is Dermalogica's stand-out product, where the others are nice but don't deliver the 'wow' factor-this sure beats double-cleansing and is particularly good for oily skins. There is A LOT of it so it's good value, too!

- 13-08-2008 by

I only had a sample of this but i loved it and wanted to buy it so bad. It removed all my make up and was easy to use in the shower. My skin felt great afterwards. I would like to repurchase this in the future.

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