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Alpha-H Vitamin E Refill by Alpha-H


Alpha-H Vitamin E Refill is a refill for the Alpha-H Vitamin E supersized bottle, easily slotting inside the protective outer clear case. This innovative, eco-friendly solution ensures minimal wastage. This healing, nurturing serum can assist in accelerating the skin's natural processes, leaving your skin more even-toned and radiant.


Alpha-H Vitamin E Refill is a natural and effective antioxidant essential for efficient utilization of oxygen in the skin tissue. Provides a protective action on other nutrients such as Vitamin A and C and unsaturated fatty acids. Assists in defending the skin against attacks from free radicals by repairing and preventing cell damage. Antioxidants are the body’s defense against oxidative stress.

Alpha-H Vitamin E Refill Benefits:

  • Enhances skin barrier repair function
  • Provides anti-oxidant properties
  • Protects against environmental aggressions
  • Assists skin immunity and healing
  • Assists rough, dry and damaged skin.

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