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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose Hand Cream 100ml

4.4 of 73 reviews

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4 instalments of $9.57

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The popular Liquid Gold range by Alpha-H has added another member to their family. Introducing the Liquid Gold Rose Hand Cream, a powerful hand and nail treatment that works to repair and replenish skin and nails.

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose Hand Cream Reviews

4.4 of 73 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This hand cream has definitely brought my dry hands back to life. Does not leave my hands feeling gross and oily after use which us truly a huge positive for me

Most Helpful Criticism

Moisturising hand cream


Using this leaves my hands feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. This hand cream is non greasy and quite heavily scented , a bit too strong personally for me.
  1. Love


    This hand cream has definitely brought my dry hands back to life. Does not leave my hands feeling gross and oily after use which us truly a huge positive for me
  2. fantastic


    this is great! helps my hands so much and such lovely packaging!!
  3. Improves skin texture


    verified purchaser
    Lovely rose fragrance with great texture that absorbs into the hands amazingly without any residual greasy feeling! I have gone through 3 tubes of this cream and will definitely be repurchasing! I do find that I need to re-apply quite a bit if my hands are very dry but a little definitely goes a long way!
  4. Costly but worth it!


    Worth every penny as it lasts for ages! Smells amazing.
  5. Not great


    verified purchaser
    I purchased this moisturiser as the age delay hand cream seems to have been superseded by this product. I expected a similar product but with the rose scent. My hands feel chalky and almost dry. In fact, I feel like I need to go and wash this product off. So disappointing as the age delay hand cream was fantastic and a must have product. This one sucks. And the rose scent is very overpowering. Wil...
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  6. hydrating


    this is really hydrating and a little goes a long way so it doesn't end up to be that expensive
  7. Very Moisturising


    verified purchaser
    I find this hand cream to be very moisturising, however the smell is quite overpowering. Fortunately a small amount goes a long way!
  8. a must for winter


    A good hand cream is a must for me in winter and this has been really great, helps my super dry skin but also doesn't feel that greasy and wet on your hands for ages.
  9. Simply Brilliant!


    I have been desperately searching for a solution to my dry, ugly hands. With all the hand sanitiser, washing and the cold weather I have the hands of an 80 year old. Seriously dry with thin skin - my hands looked like scrunched up tissue paper.
    I bought several hand creams - even ones that seem more medical-grade - but other than short term relief nothing seemed to work. Admittedly, I was a...
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  10. Perfect for dry hands


    This product has done wonders for my dry hands, I put this on every night before bed and my hands always feel so nice in the morning.
  11. My favourite hand cream!


    This is hands down (pardon the pun) my favourite hand cream! The smell is gorgeous and it doesn't leave a sticky film afterwards. I put it on of a night time and in the morning my hands are so soft!
  12. Beautiful Hand Cream


    I love Alpha-H products and this hand cream does not disappoint! This cream is light but moisturising and absorbs quickly. I use it at night and when I wake up my hands are soooo soft. Love it!
  13. works great


    super nourishing on dry hands, doesnt feel sticky and has a nice scent
  14. Feels beautiful on your hands and lovely scent


    This hand cream is fabulous. Makes your skin nice and hydrated and has a lovely scent. Some might feel it’s a bit strong. The four stars are 1) for the price. It is very pricy for a hand cream 2) because if you have my wounds or scratches on your hand this cream will make them sting quite a bit when you first put it on.
  15. New gold rose series surprised me


    I love the gold liquid, and I use it for years. The gold rose series is new to me and I was hesitated to choose it coz I am allergic to most products with rose extract. I bought a travel size pack to try. It really impressed me on the texture and the result next morning after application. I am NOT allergic to it at all. My skin becomes smooth and the pores minimize. I definitely recommend the gold...
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  16. Great scent and texture.


    The scent of the hand cream is lovely. It's not too thick and it's not sticky. Absorbs fairly well too.
  17. Moisturising hand cream


    Using this leaves my hands feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. This hand cream is non greasy and quite heavily scented , a bit too strong personally for me.
  18. The best


    The scent is absolutely sublime. It takes a moment to absorb, it immediate softens and this cream is lush. This hand cream is a hand mask before bed.
  19. Not my fave


    I was a bit disappointed with this product. It didn't sink in as well as other hand creams I have tried and I didn't notice any difference in how dry my hands were.
  20. Buying again !!


    Works very well for really dry hands, I use it at night only because it is very moisturising. Hands down the best night time hand cream, make my dry hand back to live again.

    Not a fan of the scent though.
  21. Good


    This moisturises my dry hands really well and I use it during the day or night whenever I feel like my hands are dehydrated
  22. Great gift idea


    A beautiful gift idea for mums, friends and a classic just like the rest of the liquid gold range!
  23. Fight the signs of ageing hands


    I love this hand cream it has AHA's in it to help the signs of ageing hands. I have dry hands as often have them in water this keeps my hands and nails hydrated and plump and in good shape
  24. incredible


    This cream is a must have in your routine, I always have one on my desk! Extremely moisturising.
  25. LOVE!


    This is the best hand cream evvvvvvvver! Leaves your hands so soft and isn't greasy at all. It absorbs really quickly and it is beautifully scented. I would buy again 100%.
  26. amazing


    This cream is a must have in your routine, I always have one on my desk! Extremely moisturising.
  27. Pricey but smells nice


    I think for a 100ml hand cream that it was kind of pricey but at the same time, quite affordable as many other brands only have 15ml hand creams at best. The only downside of having such a large size was that it would barely fit in my handbag. but I did love the scent of this. It was very hydrating and easy to use.
  28. love this


    It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards
  29. My favourite hand cream!


    This smells so beautiful and has restored my dry, nurse's hands back to their prime! I use this before going to sleep as it takes a while to absorb. Only a small amount is needed so it lasts a long time!
  30. If you have eczema, don't buy


    I bought this hand cream together with the whole Rose Gold Collection. I would totally love this hand cream because of all the good ingredients and benefits it has. But I have one major problem: my eczema on my hand. When I first tried it, I thought it was just because of my hand is just adjusting or whatever. Then I keep applying because my hands tend to dry fast. Then after a while, it started t...
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  31. Nice cream


    I like the scent and the feel of this hand cream. I tend to have really rough, dry skin from constantly washing my hands and using alcohol rub and using this in the morning before work and then again in evening before I go to sleep seems to have improved my skin and hasn't caused my dermatitis to flair up.
  32. super moisturising


    I really enjoyed this hand cream as it felt and smelt luxurious. It was moisturizing without being heavy or greasy and made my hands feel soft. The rose scent wasn't my favourite as it was a little grandmothery
  33. OK hand cream


    This does its job, but I'm not crazy about the feel. It does not feel as nourishing, more than it does quite siliconey. The smell is also a bit intense and quite plastic-like, but that comes down to personal preference. I've used this up but would not repurchase.
  34. Too expensive


    I got this as a sample and loved it a lot, especially because of the strong scent, but seeing the price I think it is too expensive for hand cream for me
  35. Great for super dry hands


    With 3 kids, the nappy changing and hand washing makes my hands so so dry and aged. This hand cream soaks in to the skin really quickly and makes a noticeable difference in hydration. It smells just like my Gran's rose garden too.
  36. Lovely Product


    I had a bottle of the liquid gold rose and enjoyed it, but as it is a limited edition very difficult to keep in stock, I use this as a moisturizer on my face rather than my hands, and the results are fantastic to say the least. A little goes a long way and only as a night cream. My s.o. has also found it more beneficial for his skin than some other moisturizers we have tried. So what ever works ...
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  37. love


    This is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality! Another important factor is the amazing smell, I look so forward to using it everyday!
  38. amazing


    I always take this with me when I’m travelling! I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky!
  39. Good


    My hands were starting to looking crusty and dry and slightly aged but this cream has helped smooth out my skin and give it a healthier look.
  40. Nice handcream but a strong rose scent


    This handcream is good, but the rose scent is very strong. Use most of the year to keep hands nourished however, find in the depths of winter when hands are really dry is not sufficient on it's own, and I need a more nourishing cream. Unlikely to repurchase.
  41. So helpful over winter


    My skin always cracks between my fingers and greys itchy and uncomfortable, this has saved me over the winter!
  42. Fantastic


    My favourite handcream. I love it so much as my hands do show the signs of ageing the most, with dryness, and lines and wrinkles and age spots. This cream is wonderful , it really does make my hands younger. Love a nice thick layer at night time too, it's awesome.
  43. So Lovely


    Extremely soft with a lovely scent. Instantly smooths and hydrates. Works really well with my dry and sensitive skin.
  44. Good


    This is definitely a good handcream for dry, flakey hands, as it is very nourishing, and a great exfoliant due to the alpha hydroxy acids. However the scent is too overpowering for me, and the slow absorption time makes it hard to fit into my busy lifestyle.
  45. love this


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands very hydrated! Although it is quite expensive I think it's great value for money! I would recommend this to anyone!
  46. Great value


    You only need a little of this hand cream as it goes a long way. It smells wonderful and leaves my hands feeling wonderfully soft.
  47. so lovely


    I've been using the alpha-h range for a while now and love the brand!! This cream is super hydrating for my dryer hands, I would recommend to everyone!
  48. such a great hand cream


    I've been using the alpha-h range for a while now and love the brand!! This cream is super hydrating for my dryer hands, I would recommend to everyone!
  49. Very good but a little greasy!


    I am a hand cream nut, so I will try everything!!

    I really did like this hand cream, gorgeous scent however I always felt my hands were slightly greasy after, like it had t soaked in all the way.

    I probably wouldn’t order again in a hurry but that’s just because of my own preference to how I like hand cream to feel!
  50. Smells great, works great


    Hands show your age. We often forget to put sunscreen on them, or it gets washed off. This handcream help with the appearance of the wrinkles, freckles in my case & general skin condition. Locks in moisture. Not greasy and it smells wonderful.
  51. Great


    the smell is more like a mix of different ‏tea extract but I do like it and the effect of the cream.
  52. Delightful rose


    Lovely hand cream that has lasted ages and leaves hands soft. Nice rose fragrance that is not overpowering. Would Recommend!
  53. Great


    the smell is more like a mix of different ‏tea extracts .
    but I do like it and the effect of the cream.
  54. One of my Two all time favourtie hand creams


    This product is great, it s thick consistency but just soaks into your skin and leaves them feeling so hydrated. you don't feel greasy or like you need to wash your hands after which I have found with previous hand creams. I can't rave enough about this brand and hand cream :)

    I always get comments on how soft my hands feel. I have this on rotation with one other hand cream and i have...
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  55. Nourishing


    Extremely soft with a lovely scent. Instantly smooths and hydrates. Works really well with my dry and sensitive skin.
  56. Best Hand Creme I have tried.

    ROSE 70

    I bought the ROSE GOLD ALPHA H hand crème which is very good & has a lovely fragrance that people remark on, while I am applying. For the quality it is good value.
  57. Best Hand Cream


    It smells excellent and very hydrating!
  58. Smells great


    Smells really lovely and had a soft gentle feel on the hands, not greasy like so many hand creams. Personally I think many are similar and its on par with a lot of other brands. But its a great one!
  59. Love love love the scent


    I love the scent of this hand cream, very fresh floral rose scent - not the fake rose scent you often get with rose scented products. the amazing scent and luxurious texture has this product shining on my bedside table within reach every night . I like that it contains Glycolic acid , so I know it is also slowly exfoliating my hands to ensure smooth and wrinkle free hands - Its amazing people forg...
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  60. Super soft


    Extremely nourishing and smoothing with a lovely scent. Instantly smooths and hydrates. Great for my sensitive skin!
  61. Amazing


    As someone in the helathcare industry, i am washing my hands numerous times a day. This handcream is hands down the best i have used. I use it of a night before bed and wake up with moisturised hands, no more dry scaly hands for me!
  62. Lovely


    This is pretty pricey for a hand cream, but I love it. It contains all the lovely emollients that I would never dream of sticking on my face (shea butter, oils etc.) - but they are perfect for dry hands. You just need to give it a while to sink in, so I tend to apply this at night before bed.
  63. Greasy


    Although the packaging says to apply liberally, the formula is definitely a greasy one, and I find small amounts applied continually over time works much better. Otherwise this product is definitely one to apply at night before bed or while you're sitting watching TV/doing activities that don't require use of your hands.
  64. Amazing product


    I suffer with dry, irritated skin on my hands due to eczema. This product is amazing for hydrating my hands and therefore clearing up any eczema. I don't particularly like the smell of this hand cream compared to Alpha-H' other ones, but can easily see past that due to how incredible it is!!
  65. Fantastic Hand Cream


    This hand cream is the best I have ever used. It's soft rose scent is beautiful. I use it morning and night and have found my hands are definately softer and more hydrated.
  66. Lovely cream


    This cream feels so good to use. It actually feels so luxe as well. So worth every cent.
  67. Moisturising hand cream


    My hands became really dry this winter and my normal hand cream wasn't able to restore the mositure. I decided to try this hand cream and i am not disappointed. My hands are so moisturised and smooth. This is now my go to hand cream.
  68. Lovely rose hand cream!


    This is such a lovely hand cream with a beautiful rose scent. It is a great moisturiser for my dry hands, especially in Winter. I use it daily and a little goes a long way! I highly recommend it and this is my second time purchasing it.
  69. Amazing Hand Cream!


    I have dry skin (especially in Winter) and I love how this hand cream leaves my hands feeling soft and moisturised! It has a beautiful rose smell that makes me feel pampered without being too overpowering. I love it and I'm so glad that Adore Beauty sells it!
  70. GOLD!


    I’ve only been using this for about 5 days but my hands are already looking smoother/younger and feeling softer. It’s not greasy at all and smells divine! I won’t use anything else now and I think I’ll get one to keep in my handbag too. Love this!
  71. rosey heaven


    I'm pretty picky about the scents of the hand creams I use, and even more picky about rose scents. this event is beautiful and soft, but it also works wonderfully too. it's not sticky, spreads well because it's not too thick and maintains hydration all day. I use a scrub on my hands every night (the aesop reverence aromatique hand wash) and this in the morning and they're the perfect pair!
  72. Miracle Cream


    My hands had been looking so dull and older than my 34yrs. I have bought so many hand creams over the years and given up because they are so greasy and there are very little improvements to my poor skin.

    I love the Alpha H brand so I knew I needed to try this product. Within minutes there was no greasy residue and my hands looked amazing. I only used it once and the next day my hands ...
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  73. Holy grail!


    Well, I have always bought hand creams in the past and only ever used them once or twice. However, this gem, is my nightly go to! It smells absolutely beautiful, not too strong, absorbs really well and leaves no residue! The next morning my hands are so soft! I was amazed, so got my 60 year old hubby to use some on his dry truck-driver/motorcycle mechanic hands, and the next morning he too was ama...
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  74. Highly recommend


    I am a 44 year old hairdresser, so my hands are in water and chemicals daily. I highly recommend this hand cream, it is just beautiful.
    I’ve only
    Used it for a few weeks, but it has definitely made my hands look and feel better.
    I was a little hesitant, as it’s a little pricey for hand cream, but I am sold. I’ll definitely repurchase.
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