Alpha-H Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum by Alpha-H


The Alpha-H Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum is a product that works the night shift; working on your lines and wrinkles, repairing old damage that's become apparent in recent times, strengthening your skin's own defence, giving a more uniform tone and texture while stimulating the cells' natural renewal process.

This water-based serum combines the latest Peptide formula and 14% Glycolic Extract to radically reinvigorate collagen production; Vitamin A to accelerate cell turnover, and encapsulated Vitamin E to repair lipid damage and restore comfort, suppleness and flexibility.

The Alpha-H Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum is not a "quick fix" but a cumulative treatment, to keep your skin looking younger and healthier for longer.

Not suitable for use during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.


This product contains retinol or Vitamin A. Please consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for use.

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Can really feel the active ingredients - 01-01-2019 by

I love this product! I have oily aging skin and helping with preventing/reversing aging was my main concern. When applying this product I can really feel the active ingredients being absorbed. In the morning my skin feels soft and looks brighter and smoother. I will continue using this product once or twice a week.

Magic - 29-12-2018 by

I use this twice per week (alternating with liquid gold) and find that my skin is so hydrated and supple in the morning. I love it! It’s also help even out my skin tone

Great Product - 27-12-2018 by

Before using this, my skin was dull and felt and looked tired. Even after a great sleep my skin looked like it needed a boost. After I started using this my skin felt and looked great. The stickyness of the product felt weird at first but was easy to apply and absorbed quickly into my skin. Within a week of using it, my skin looked fresh, bright and youthful.

Absolute life saver! - 11-12-2018 by

At first I wasn’t sure about this one because it can be a little sticky, but now I cannot live without it. I use it every second night before bed and I always wake up glowing. My skin tone dramatically improved after starting to use it. I’ve even noticed some age spots starting to improve and some acne scarring clearing up. I highly recommend this product.

I will keep buying this - 10-12-2018 by

Does as it says, I have sensitive skin and the product doesn’t make me tingle or burn like some others do. I use with other liquid gold products and am quite pleased with the results I’ve been noticing. Mainly smoother and more even toned skin with way less breakouts.

Absolutely the best night serum ever - 05-12-2018 by

This would be the best purchase in a skin care range that I have ever used . Absolutely does everything that it promises to do . My skin was a looking harsh and dry until I commenced using Alpha H products . I started receiving compliments on my skin within days of using Alpha H .I look youthful and my skin is so soft and hydrated .It is a must I purchased this together with the Alpha H Ultimate Perfecting Mask and have discovered the fountain of youth

definitely worth every dollar - 26-11-2018 by

beautiful skincare, softness, colour, and firmness. Pair with the other liquid gold products

AMAZINGGGG - 30-10-2018 by

Wake up with noticeable difference in the softness, colour, and firmness. Pair with the other liquid gold products (especially the mask) and you'll be sorted!

Excellent Product - 16-10-2018 by

I use this every second day, alternating with the liquid gold after cleansing with the triple action cleanser and my skin is the best it has been in a long time, it's so soft and smooth. I'm also lazy when it come to skin care so only having to do two steps is great for me. The simpleness teamed with the results from Alpha-H products, is making me far more consistent with my routine.

Paired with Liquid Gold, this is my dynamic duo. - 15-10-2018 by

I use on alternate evenings to my Liquid Gold and I have no need to add any other products to my night time routine. I love how my skin feels in the morning and the thick serum sinks in beautifully. Would absolutely recommend this combination!

Miracle Serum - 11-10-2018 by

I have dehydrated, combination skin. For years i have searched for products i can use on my skin to look hydrated and plump with or without makeup, Alpha-H products are perfect on my skin. This serum is a little sticky when first applied but my skin looks perfectly resurfaced and plump the morning after. I love how my skin feels using this

smooth and soft - 03-09-2018 by

Serum feels sticky when first applied but absorbs quickly. I haven't seen a difference in wrinkle reduction on my skin yet, but skin does feel smoother and softer the next morning.
Together with Liquid Gold, i think it will lighten my dark spots and clear my skin. I wont be trying other products anymore.

Liquid Gold Yes - 03-09-2018 by

Love this product. At first I found it a little harsh on my skin but I soon realised it was doing what it needed to do. My skin was dehydrated due to winter and dull. I started using this on alternate nights with the hydrating cream and I noticed the difference after a week. Fines lines are reducing and my skin is looking so much brighter.
Do not make the mistake of using this every night, it’s too harsh. This is now a permanent part of my night time routine.

A good product - 21-08-2018 by

This product definitely has noticeable results. My 30yo normal/combo skin looks clearer and brighter of a morning. I use it a couple of nights a week, on days I don’t use
Liquid Gold. The only downside is the packaging - I find the pump often gets clogged and it can be really difficult to get the product out. I find I have to pump many times and by then Tim enough serum comes out, it’s gotten a bit aerated, which I don’t think is meant to happen. I’d recommend making sure you apply this at least 20mins before bed as it’s sticky and needs to dry down. I typically don’t apply anything else over it, so only use it a couple of nights a week.

Good - 15-08-2018 by

use this on alternate nights to Liquid Gold as recommended and I've found the holy grail combination for my skin. This leaves my skin hydrated, plump and clarified. I didn't detect a distinct odour. A little product goes a long way.

Sadly didn't get along - 10-08-2018 by

I was intrigued by this serum with its 14% glycolic acid combined with retinyl acetate and niacinamide in a gel form. There are small beads that burst upon application and the serum leaves a very tacky finish. Unfortunately the deal breaker for me however was the pungent chemical scent and how it seemed to irritated my skin, and my skin is used to high percentage of resurfacing products. This is definitely not one for sensitive skin. I hate wasting product, but I couldn’t even bring myself to use this up on my body.

My fav product from Alphah-H - 17-07-2018 by

I am in my mid 30's, and my skin is really starting to show signs of aging. It's been dull, dry and my pigmentation is getting worse. First time I used this serum overnight I couldn't believe the results. I woke up in the morning and my skin was bright, smooth, my pigmentation seemed duller and my husband said that I looked like I had slept for 24 hours! I use this on alternate nights to liquid gold and I love it!!

Not for sensitive/dry skin - 02-07-2018 by

I bought this product after seeing the reviews on here saying it was a good combination with the Liquid Gold. I have dry/normal skin and this product made my skin really dry. I used as directed, and it proved to be too strong for my sensitive skin. It gave me dry patches on my face, and in other places it made me break out.
I stopped using this serum and only used Liquid Gold for a few weeks, and my skin was totally fine. I won't be repurchasing this product as it was far too concentrated for me.

Fantastic product - highly recommend it - 30-06-2018 by

I’m in my early 30s, have pretty fair skin and brown hair and I’m seeing the early signs of ageing which I really wanted to deal with. With a skin that tends to be both sensitive, dry, oily, and more recently prone to breakouts, I have searched high and low for something that works for me and this product is fabulous. I’ve fallen in love with Alpha H products overall in the last 8 weeks as I’ve seen such good results and surprisingly quickly. It does what it says it will.

The serum feels a bit tacky to put on (not like most serums) and no it doesn’t smell great, but with the results I couldn’t care less. I’d rather use a serum that gives results than one that “feels lovely” but does nothing particular that a day cream doesn’t achieve.

Using it every second night, with the Alpha H gold liquid every other, has over the past 8 weeks really decreased the lines between my eyes and on my forehead (my main concerns). It has also faded some pigmentation that I had.

It suggests on the bottle to not use anything after the serum, for a more intense treatment. I highly recommend doing this, or at least doing that sometimes. I never wake up feeling dry, and I often do otherwise. When waking up in the morning my skin looks and feels lovely and hydrated, and well, I’ve already noted the long term results so there’s no need for reiterating that. Try this product!

Fantastic - 11-06-2018 by

This is like the original Liquid Gold with extra oomph, in a serum form. In addition to 14% Glycolic Extract, it has a retinol/Vitamin A (Retinyl Acetate), niacinamide, silk amino acids, and some peptides as well. It is quite gluggy and smells a bit, but I don't mind that. I would rather skincare smell of their actual ingredients than have a whole lot of pointless citrus and lavender fragrance pumped into them. This is awesome stuff, but I only use it once a week and use either a Vitamin C or retinol on the other nights.

Actually solid gold - 08-05-2018 by

Anytime my face is a bit patchy, breaking out, pigmentation is a bit off - I use this. And honestly it's been a game changer. I don't use it everyday (you're not meant to), only when my skin needs it - so my tube has lasted ages. Definitely worth the price! Highly highly recommend

This is intense! - 22-03-2018 by

1 pump is all you need for 1 nightly treatment. And intense is what you get. Going on it feels, non greasy and light. I love seeing the little gold flecks as you apply.
In the morning you skin feels tight, fresh, less lines and wrinkles, reduced redness, toned and smooth.
And I use it every second night, when I dont use my liquid gold. Its worth the investment.

Fantastic - 30-06-2017 by

This serum is really what the name says! Intensive Repair.. I loved how your skin looked the next day ( After cleansing the next morning) It does relieve the lines you have. Even though you have to avoid the eye area your lines are definitely less around the eye area the next day. I have used similar product from Lancome Hydra Zen Masque where you do the same application ( at Night) and is hard to pick which one is better . I think the Alpha H is a little bit better. Absolutely Unreal product. If you dont want to have botox ( I don't) this does similar work and is natural and cheaper ( yippee)

Great nightly serum - 10-06-2016 by

This is the perfect buddy to Liquid gold. I use the two product on interchanging nights. The product feels fantastic on my skin! The only thing I hate is the packaging. The product can be really difficult to pump out. I don't think it is the pump itself, but more the product. I have to have my product standing upside down to be able to pump the product. I think it would be best if the product was in the same packing of the rest of the Alpha-H moisturisers where you have to press down to remove the product.

- 11-10-2010 by

There is a lot to love about Liquid Gold Night Serum - a non oily, liquid-based anti-wrinkle serum packed full of skin goodies. The attractive formula bears the resemblance of gold with bubbles of Vitamin E which repair lipid damage and keeps skin supple. It is also enriched with Peptides and 14% Glycolic Acid extract to help increase the turnover of skin cells. Best of all: it is free from parabens! Use with care: those with sensitive skin types or who are pregnant should avoid the product due to its intense repairing. Having sensitive cheeks I used with caution every second night and avoided my cheeks but I have not experienced any negative reactions. As it contains Vitamin A (which should only be used in evening skincare), it is crucial to wear sunscreen during the day because Vitamin A makes skin more susceptible to burning. At the time of reviewing, I have trialled Intensive Night Repair Serum for over a month and my skin feels soft, smooth and even firmer around my slight yet troublesome sagging under the chin and this has certainly made me feel more confident. Having said this, I have used the serum in conjunction with other anti-age products but the overall result is certainly positive and it is great for those with dry or mature skin. The packaging is appealing and the pump applicator gives the right amount each time (I recommend about two pumps for the face and neck). I love the limited edition box which makes this luxurious product feel even more lucious. The sleek, tall bottle does not take up a lot of room on my dresser which is great but when unsealing the bottle for the first time, the plastic seal tore off some of the clear plastic packaging that encapsulates the bottle which was a shame to damage.

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