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Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant by Alpha-H

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Reveal a brighter and smoother complexion with Gentle Daily Exfoliant from Alpha-H. This revolutionary exfoliator is a unique way to renew the skin. Crushed Fruit Enzymes lift away dulling debris and cleanse clogged pores for revitalised skin. The award-winning treatment gently penetrates the skin to accelerate skin cell renewal. Gentle Daily Exfoliant also resurfaces to minimise the appearance of pigmentation, acne scars, breakouts, and congestion.


Perfect for all skin types, Gentle Daily Exfoliant can exfoliate even the most sensitive skin. It’s perfect for skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and redness.


Key benefits of Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant


  • Unique powder exfoliant to buff and revitalise skin
  • Removes unwanted dead skin cells, impurities, and blackheads 
  • Leaves skin looking brighter and feeling soft
  • Boosts skin’s moisture retention 
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin


What are the main ingredients in Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant?

Gentle Daily Exfoliant has a unique powder texture, which, when blended with water, creates a soft and non-abrasive paste. The natural powers of Crushed Fruit Enzymes from Green Papaya and Pineapple rid skin of dead skin cells and impurities whilst decongesting pores and reducing inflammation of the skin.


How to use Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant:


  • Gently shake the bottle and dispense a teaspoon of product onto damp hands.
  • Mix into a paste with fingertips and apply directly to face and neck.
  • The product can be applied over the eyelids as well.
  • Massage for up to 1 minute in circular motions.
  • Rinse off thoroughly with warm water.
  • Mix the exfoliator into Alpha-H cleansers to boost the benefits.
  • Use once daily.
  • 50g


Who should use Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant?

Due to its natural and non-abrasive ingredients, Gentle Daily Exfoliant can be used by anyone who wants to lightly buff away dead skin to reveal a brighter and smoother complexion. Its gentle formula is perfect for sensitive skin and can be used as a beauty skin care aid for skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema. Gentle Daily Exfoliant can minimise the appearance of premature aging such as fine lines, pigmentation, and age spots. The product also can clear congestion and breakouts on acne-prone skin.


Is Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant suitable for dry skin?

Gentle Daily Exfoliant works perfectly in beauty skin care routines for dry skin types, as it can lightly buff away dull and dry skin patches without causing irritation. The non-drying formula helps boost the penetration of moisturising products to increase water retention in dry skin.


Is Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant suitable for oily and acne-prone skin?

Gentle Daily Exfoliant is also highly beneficial for oily skin types. It clears congested and blocked pores and works as a blackhead remover for a clearer and brighter complexion. The exfoliator also reduces the appearance of acne scarring and uneven pigmentation.


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Kaolin, Solum Diatomeae, Bentonite, Maltodextrin, Ananas Sativus Fruit Extract, Carica Papaya Fruit Juice, Citric Acid, Ci 77891.


1. After cleansing your skin, dispense approximately one teaspoon into very wet hands and mix into a smooth paste with your fingertips.
2. Massage over cleansed skin for one minute in circular motions then rinse thoroughly with warm water.
3. Gentle enough to use on a daily basis.

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Reviews (8)
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I love this product - 11-04-2018 by

This product works wonders, maybe not the fact that it does anything to the skin itself, but what it does it allow my skin to absorb serums and moisturisers like never before! I love the smell and the feeling of using this and I will be purchasing again.

V Luminous - 19-03-2018 by

Overall I'm a big fan of this exfoliant. I strongly feel like it has helped even out my skin and give me a glow I've never had before. I havr sensitive skin and i have had no trouble with discomfort or dryness from it either. I found it easy enough to use; i tap a portion into my hand & wet my opppsite hand and let a few drops of water fall onto the powder and then mix with my finger tips and apply. The only reason it looses a star from me is the lid. Despite the twist top underneath the cap, I have found the cap frequently jams and then once I've finally pulled it off it has loosened the twist top and i spill powder everywhere. That being said I've been using this product for a few weeks now and it feels like it will last a long time so a little spill isnt a big issue but more an inconvenience.

Nice and gentle - 08-01-2018 by

I received this as a gift when purchasing other items. I used it after cleansing and followed the instructions of 1 tsp. I was a bit surprised because there was no typical feeling of other exfoliants that I had used previously such as texture of beads etc. However I must say that my skin loved this product. It felt so smooth and it was easy to remove with warm water. I am in my sixties so sometimes gentle is best even though I have combination skin. I will purchase this product without hesitation when my generous gift is at an end. Love it!!

Perfect for sensitive skin - 08-01-2018 by

Personally, Im not into facial exfoliants that feel like I'm sanding my face - which is many of the products on the market today.
Many Women feel they need to be scrubbing their face with harsh abrasives to get a good clean. Im not of that mind set.
Since using this exfoliant I have noticed my skin is actually looking fresher, has more elascticity & feels cleaner without feeling like I have stripped out all the natural goodness of my skin.
I love that its gentle enough to use every night, & thanks to a fellow reviewer, now mix it with my Alpha H triple action cleanser at night for an easier clean in one less step.

Use with Cleanser to create paste not water - 27-05-2017 by

This powder exfoliant is perfect for my skin, with mechanical bead exfoliants I always get dry patches and tiny tears in my skin and my makeup looks terrible for days. This exfoliant is perfect, I use one teaspoons amount mixed with the alpha h Cleanser after I wash my face in the mornings and let it sit while I wash the rest of my body in the shower. I then wash it all off and cleanse a second time to make sure it's all gone.

My skin is soft, I don't break out nearly as much and my skin looks so much clearer and smoother. I would not mix this with water alone, it's just not as effective for me and hard to manage the exfoliant, combining with the cleanser evens out the exfoliant into a paste and I only use 2 pumps to 1 teaspoon of the powder.

great product, tricky packaging - 28-07-2014 by

I have been useing Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant for a few weeks and really like the addition of an exfoliator to my daily routine, as it makes my skin feel very clean and smooth, ready to absorb any serums, treatment etc.

I did not realise when I purchased that it was an AHA-free product and was initially worried I would need something stronger. However I have been impressed so far, particularly when I supplement it with a weekly glycolic treatment (ie Alpha-H's Smoothing and Perfecting Mask).

The only thing I have trouble with is the packaging; the instructions say to measure portions and I cannot work out what that means!

Ok but not a winner - 22-10-2012 by

I have been using this for a few weeks and have not been overly fussed. It seems to do an ok job but it is not great to use. It comes out of the packaging in a difficult to control portion and dissolves a little too much in water so that it is fiddly to get a good paste. I don't think it will last that long. I don't think it is doing a great job either. It is gentle on my skin but it has made no difference in fact I think since using this and not using the ASAP exfoliator my skin looks less clear and luminous. Probably great for people looking for a very gentle product.

Soft, soft skin - 01-02-2012 by

I have been using this exfoliant for almost a year. I like to regularly exfoliate, but do not like anything lumpy that scratches my skin. This is perfect. The fine powder turns into a soft paste that gently polishes your skin. I use it every day and it lasts soooo long. Definitely recommend.

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