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Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant 50g

4.4 of 61 reviews

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4 instalments of $13.18

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Winner of Best New Exfoliant in the beautyheaven Glosscar Awards 2012, the Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant features a unique way to renew the skin, using crushed fruit enzymes naturally sourced from Papaya and Pineapple.

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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  • Normal to oily
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Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant

Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant

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Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant Reviews

4.4 of 61 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Key word Gentle


I love this exfoliant it’s super gentle on the skin, I put a heap in my hand and just let a couple of drops of water in until I can make a paste. Great after you have had a big sweat at the gym or worn heavy makeup.

Most Helpful Criticism



this is okay, not amazing but also did not irritate my skin. There was no extreme changes in my skin and I would probably just stick to masks.
  1. average


    this is okay, not amazing but also did not irritate my skin. There was no extreme changes in my skin and I would probably just stick to masks.
  2. Key word Gentle


    verified purchaser
    I love this exfoliant it’s super gentle on the skin, I put a heap in my hand and just let a couple of drops of water in until I can make a paste. Great after you have had a big sweat at the gym or worn heavy makeup.
  3. The best


    verified purchaser
    The daily exfoliant has become a must for me. It keeps my pores reduced and my skin bright. Can’t be without it!
  4. Love it!


    This moisturizer has become a staple in my daily routine. I have a bunch of acne scars, and this actually helps lighten them. I saw them lighten only after a few days of using this product, plus the texture of my skin highly improved! It also has a cooling effect on the face too, which I like.
  5. A good physical exfoliant


    verified purchaser
    I use this exfoliant once a week in conjunction with the Alpha-H Liquid Gold (2x/week). It can be a bit messy to use but overall I think this is a good physical exfoliant, especially for individuals with more sensitive skin.
  6. Good for sensitive skin


    I've found exfoliating with sensitive skin is really hard. I think i landed on a winner with this one though. It's nowhere near as abrasive as other exfoliators I've used.
  7. Not Fully Convinced


    I had no particular problems using this product, however I think that the Vitamin C powder is much more effective at complexion brightening than this. Nice product, but wouldn't continue to put my money here.
  8. A bit messy to use


    verified purchaser
    I find this does make the skin look brighter and definitely is a gentle exfoliator. I just find it a tad bit messy to use and slightly more time consuming because it’s a powder so I don’t always have time for it in my daily routine.
  9. Gentle exfoliant that works!


    verified purchaser
    Love this exfoliant! I have sensitive skin, so I do find the generic exfoliants whether their chemical or physical exfoliants too harsh for my skin and I break out in dermatitis. This exfoliant is gentle but still effective. Leaves my skin smoother and brighter. I use this once or twice a week, as I find exfoliating everyday quite harsh despite this being marketed as an everyday exfoliant.
  10. MAGIC


    verified purchaser
    I’ve gone through so many exfoliators because I need to constantly remove my dry and flaky skin but have found that nothing has really worked. Either the exfoliator was too harsh and aggravated my acne or dried out my skin further. I decided to give this product a go because it was different to what have tried in the past and because it had good reviews. I wasn’t sure what to expect as the idea of...
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  11. effective but gentle


    This exfoliant is definetely usable on a daily basis. I use it when my skin needs gentle exfoliation or in between the days that I use chemical exfoliants. It leaves a noticeably "moisturised" smooth finish. It is not your typical exfoliant, you will definetely not feel that "squeaky smooth" finish atypical of other exfoliants. I enjoy using these in the morning when I need something gentler to tr...
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  12. Gentle and effective


    This is a lovely gentle exfoliator. I have combination skin that errs on the sensitive side and often find other exfoliators are too harsh - this strikes a perfect balance - effective but gentle.
  13. Great!!!


    So fantastic! Have been using it a lot more recently and absolutely loving it! Yay!!


    As someone who has been on medication where you cant use exfoliants. Slowly introducing these back into my routine has been fun. This is SUPER gentle. Perfect for makeup prep, as skin is silky smooth after and glowy. I use oil after and it just soaks in so perfectly.
  15. Nice product


    My skin type is dull combination with hormonal breakouts. I found this powder a little to 'raw' for my skin. As I was using it I really felt like it was 'scraping' a layer of skin in a gentle way but left my skin feeling tight dry and red after washing it off. I used this only 2 times a week even though it is a daily exfoliator, it was abit too harsh for me.
  16. Gentle but effective


    I was unsure about this product to begin with seeing as it is a powder, however, it ends up a nice smooth paste that is gentle on the skin but leaves it clean, clear and ready to soak up moisturiser. I originally had the sample size but have since repurchased the full size.
  17. Yaaaassssss!!


    So so so good. It's super gentle which is great to use everyday plus its so fun to work the powder into a paste. By boyfriend steals it all the time because it is so fun, so is great if you're trying to get your bf to take care of himself. The bottle lasts ages too because you get a lot of paste from a small amount of powder
  18. very genlte


    Very gentle exfoliation that you can do everyday. Does not irritate the skin, so if you have pimples, this is nice, as it gentle on the skin while your skin is inflamed.
  19. Great for even the most complicated skin types


    Exfoliates well, leaves skin looking radiant and glowing and removes stubborn blackheads with ease.
  20. Gentle enough for SUPER SENSITIVE SKIN


    If you are scared like me to introduce exfoliation into your skincare routine. This is fab! I had been using skin medication for a year and had not been able to use exfoliants in addition to medication. So finally after a year and a half. I thought my skin was ready to introduce something gentle.

    While this says safe DAILY gentle exfoliation. As my skin has not had any exfoliation fo...
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  21. Great


    This is really good for me. I using this 3x a week only. Very effective. specially here in Ph. Please complete the stocks so we can repurchase. Thank you


    I must say this is the best exfoliater that I have ever used, as some of them are a bit scratchy.
    But this Alpha H doesn't disappoint.
    It's very soft and gentle on the skin and does a great job exfoliating
    Will definitely re purchase
  23. Gentle but effective


    Alpha h continue to provide hard working ingredients with maximum results. Love the gentleness of the Aussie papaya and pineapple without the harsh scratching found in some other products. I still feel the dispenser could be easier for the purchaser to use but perhaps that will come later. Can’t beat alpha h skincare.
  24. Gentle but effective


    With the gentle exfoliating action of the Papaya and pineapple alpha h daily exfoliant is very gentle but the dispenser could be a little easier to use. Great product and definitely one of the alpha h routine.
  25. Good


    This was the first 'powder' exfoliant I ever tried, overall its really good but I still find the concept messy, and difficult to use.
  26. So soothing


    Most exfoliators are so harsh on the skin, but this exfoliator is so good! It really exfoliates the skin but also leaves it feeling so smooth and fresh. I love this exfoliator.
  27. Love this Exfoliant!


    A very effective exfoliant which delievers amazing results to my skin! It gently exfoliates my skin to reveal fresher, more plumper skin underneath. I have noticed a positive difference in my skin since using this product. I also love that it is not irritating for my sensitive skin - it is also gentle enough to use every day!
  28. Great


    Exfoliates well, leaves skin looking radiant and glowing and removes stubborn blackheads with ease.
  29. Great


    i was so happy with this exfoliant.i have an oily and sensitive skin type but didnt had an irritation on this compared to other brands. its so gentle and refreshing and wont leave the skin too dry.overall its perfect for all skin types
  30. Great for sensitive skin


    This is such a great exfloliator! I just love that my skin feels so soft and so clean after using it! It's gentle but very effective and after one use I feel a difference.
  31. Game Changer!


    I love this exfoliant! Gone are my days of crushed almonds, chia seeds, icky nut oils in other brands. I won't go back now I've tried fruit enzymes. You get a more complex clean and it leaves the skin feeling soft without being taunt and 'scrubbed'. I use twice a week paired with the Liquid Gold. Like an at home facial!
  32. Great


    This is absolutely amazing! The results are instantaneous! I have oily, acne prone skin and clogged pores. Extremely smooth and clean after the first use. The only thing that puts people off is the price but thumbs up to this!
  33. Leaves my skin feeling fresh


    I have never been able to find something to get rid of my dry flakey skin, I was recommended this by a team member at Adore Beauty after contacting them asking for help. I use it every second day and my skin feels amazing after using it. Will definitely be purchasing again
  34. Soothing


    I was a bit skeptical at first as to how it was going to actually exfoliate my skin because it's actually not very gritty but I must say I'm pretty impressed! It's super easy to use, soothing for sensitive skin & makes your face beautifully soft without having to use something so abrasive.
    I would definitely consider buying again.
  35. soothing


    I really enjoyed this daily exfoliant, it smells lovely and is easy to use, this is non irritating and I really enjoyed knowing it had pineapple and papaya in it. would repurchase both this one and the dermalogica daily one again
  36. Gentle!


    This is a nice daily exfoliant as its not too harsh and not too gritty!
  37. Very gentle


    Love this product is very gentle for my sensitive skin. Great as it's not gritty and harsh like other exfoliants can be. A must buy.
  38. Love it!


    I have combination skin, therefore some parts of my face is extremely oily. After I used the Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant my face felt so clean and soft. It felt moisturized as well. I used this every other day and my face looked so radiant.
  39. Didn’t exfoliate my skin well


    This product didn’t exfoliate my skin well. It did not clean out any of my shallow imperfections
  40. My Skin Thanks Me For This!


    I am a big fan of this daily exfoliant - and so is my skin! I love the fact that this exfoliant is very gentle and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. It gently brushes away all of my dead skin, revealing new glowing skin underneath! I love that it is gentle enough to use every day - my skin has never looked better! It is also really simple to use. It comes as a powder form, which you add a little...
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  41. Love this so much!


    Its not grainy and sandy like usual exfoliants. So it wont give you that feeling that a layer of skin had been scratched off your face. Its just enough to lightly remove dirt and skin cells without being harsh.
  42. Gentle but mighty


    I love this exfoliant! It’s not like a traditional exfoliant as it’s not at all grainy. It’s a fine powder (looks like talc) which forms a paste with a few drops of water. It’s super gentle and yet you can see and feel the difference it makes! I use this everyday as part of my skincare regime and it’s improved my skin considerably. My skin is much brighter and healthier looking whilst not being ir...
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  43. Gentle yet great


    I got this with the A list pack. It make my combination skin soft and smooth after I clean with it. This exfoliant is gentle for the skin and helps to remove the dead cells and make your skin ready for the other skincare products as it leaves your skin clean and soft.
  44. Perfect exfoliate for super sensitive skin


    This is the perfect exfoliate for sensitive skin. Using only the tiniest amount of product you can remove the dead cells leaving your face feeling soft and silky without inflammation.
  45. Didn’t do anything


    This product didn’t seem to do anything for my skin. It neither hydrated or exfoliated. It didn’t irrate my sensitive skin but at the same time it did nothing to improve it. Waste of money for my skin
  46. Not as good as reviews made it out to be


    I have very dry skin and this product promised to hydrate and exfoliate skin, I found that it did neither of those, the dry skin round my nose and chin built up, and the powdery formula left my skin feeling as it needed to be cleansed again and powdery, skin was also dull.
  47. Nice


    Yet again another wonderful product by AlphaH. Simple and easy to use, not making the daily routine too tedious. Minimal to no scent at all, with a soft powdery feel. Once on the skin it blends well dampened and massaged around the face.
    Very affective. Leaving your skin feeling fresh, tight and totally clean. Definitely an everyday product for me and highly recommend to all. Packaging kept ...
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  48. Good for every skin


    I have used this and shared this with my housemates. We all have different skin types but this suits us all so well. Really love this for making our skins so soft.
  49. I prefer the dermalogica version


    I find this proud is easy enough to use and my skin feels clean afterwards. It is a little too ‘gentle’ though which is why my preference is the dermalogica daily microfoliant as it’s a bit stronger.
  50. Yes, yes, yes


    When I first received this product in a travel size along with others in a test kit, I was sceptical. How can this powder exfoliate my skin without harsh grit? I was blown away ( and still am daily) with the results. I have since purchased a full size.. which by the way has lasted forever!
  51. Wow


    I love this. Cleans my pores out leaving them looking small and clean! Very essential before I apply makeup.
  52. Nice exfoliant


    As someone who finds it impossible to give up on scrubby exfoliators, this is a perfect compromise. It is a powder that you mix with water to form a fine paste. It isn't harsh or abrasive like the apricot-type exfoliants you get at the chemist, and it is a good complement to chemical exfoliators like Liquid Gold (although I wouldn't recommend using them at the same time!). It is especially good fo...
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  53. It's okay


    I have been using this a while now, it's okay. I don't really like the packaging as I like to exfoliate in the shower but it's hard with this product. Other than that this leaves my face feeling nice and soft, very clean and fresh.
  54. I love this product


    This product works wonders, maybe not the fact that it does anything to the skin itself, but what it does it allow my skin to absorb serums and moisturisers like never before! I love the smell and the feeling of using this and I will be purchasing again.
  55. V Luminous


    Overall I'm a big fan of this exfoliant. I strongly feel like it has helped even out my skin and give me a glow I've never had before. I havr sensitive skin and i have had no trouble with discomfort or dryness from it either. I found it easy enough to use; i tap a portion into my hand & wet my opppsite hand and let a few drops of water fall onto the powder and then mix with my finger tips and appl...
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  56. Nice and gentle


    I received this as a gift when purchasing other items. I used it after cleansing and followed the instructions of 1 tsp. I was a bit surprised because there was no typical feeling of other exfoliants that I had used previously such as texture of beads etc. However I must say that my skin loved this product. It felt so smooth and it was easy to remove with warm water. I am in my sixties so someti...
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  57. Perfect for sensitive skin


    Personally, Im not into facial exfoliants that feel like I'm sanding my face - which is many of the products on the market today.
    Many Women feel they need to be scrubbing their face with harsh abrasives to get a good clean. Im not of that mind set.
    Since using this exfoliant I have noticed my skin is actually looking fresher, has more elascticity & feels cleaner without feeling like ...
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  58. Use with Cleanser to create paste not water


    This powder exfoliant is perfect for my skin, with mechanical bead exfoliants I always get dry patches and tiny tears in my skin and my makeup looks terrible for days. This exfoliant is perfect, I use one teaspoons amount mixed with the alpha h Cleanser after I wash my face in the mornings and let it sit while I wash the rest of my body in the shower. I then wash it all off and cleanse a second ti...
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  59. great product, tricky packaging


    I have been useing Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant for a few weeks and really like the addition of an exfoliator to my daily routine, as it makes my skin feel very clean and smooth, ready to absorb any serums, treatment etc.

    I did not realise when I purchased that it was an AHA-free product and was initially worried I would need something stronger. However I have been impressed so far...
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  60. Ok but not a winner


    I have been using this for a few weeks and have not been overly fussed. It seems to do an ok job but it is not great to use. It comes out of the packaging in a difficult to control portion and dissolves a little too much in water so that it is fiddly to get a good paste. I don't think it will last that long. I don't think it is doing a great job either. It is gentle on my skin but it has made no d...
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  61. Soft, soft skin


    I have been using this exfoliant for almost a year. I like to regularly exfoliate, but do not like anything lumpy that scratches my skin. This is perfect. The fine powder turns into a soft paste that gently polishes your skin. I use it every day and it lasts soooo long. Definitely recommend.
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