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Alpha-H Clear Skin Tonic 100ml 100ml

4.5 of 39 reviews


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4 instalments of $17.49

Or 4 instalments of $17.49 with LEARN MORE

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Alpha-H Clear Skin Tonic is a BHA liquid exfoliant that features antibacterial and supportive ingredients to clarify skin prone to oil and breakouts.

  • Cosmeceuticals

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Alpha-H Clear Skin Tonic 100ml Reviews

4.5 of 39 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Love this stuff. I wanted a salicylic acid but didn't want to spend too much, this last for ages especially if you wet the cotton pad first! my skin is clearer but not dried out.

Most Helpful Criticism

I recommend


I am a big Alpha H fan. Feels lovely and refreshing and noticed a difference in my skin, reduced pores and redness.
  1. wonderful


    Love this stuff. I wanted a salicylic acid but didn't want to spend too much, this last for ages especially if you wet the cotton pad first! my skin is clearer but not dried out.
  2. favourite product


    i was previously using liquid gold to assist with my breakouts and smooth out my skin. I was getting results with liquid gold, however, omg this clear skin tonic has been a life changer. i have been using for a month now and skin is the smoothest and clearest it has been. I had one pimple which after applying the tonic before bed, when i woke up was gone. absolutely love this product and don't kno...
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  3. Reduced redness


    This tonic helps reduce my redness in my cheeks, but not sure if it is worth the price.
  4. Not the best


    If you have sensitive skin I would be careful of this one, it broke me out in a red rash and my skin became worse.
  5. Effective, not too drying


    This tonic is slowly improving congestion and clearing my skin. Certainly not an overnight fix but I wasn’t expecting that. It’s caused a small amount of stinging but easily buffered with moisturiser.
  6. Perfect for reducing 'maskene'


    I got this to help with all the spots I was getting around my mouth and chin from wearing a mask every day. It definitely helped clear up all my small spots and has also helped to prevent big cyst-like pimples from coming to a head when I apply this tonic preemptively. The product also smells great, but not in an artificial fragrance way. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to clear u...
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  7. Efficacious


    A very effective product that combines science and Australian botanicals. I have found that the frequency and length of my breakouts have both reduced.
  8. Amazing


    Such and amazing product that gives quick visible results
  9. clear skin!


    I use this product a couple of nights a week (this seems to be ok for my sensitive skin). I find that I wake up after using this with clearer more refined skin. It's also great at clearing the hormonal acne I sometimes get around my chin.
  10. Did the opposite


    Been using every morning for about a month and it has not made a difference. If anything, it’s made my skin more oily and made me break out slightly. Had super high hopes for this product but, won’t be repurchasing.
  11. Life saver


    I had been dealing with some hormonal acne over the past 4 months that I hadn't been able to shift at all. I started using this product about a month ago and can honestly say that this product has almost cleared all my acne and has even helped with some scarring! I now only get the occasional breakouts which has honestly helped with my confidence so much!
    This toner is quite strong and stin...
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  12. bha


    a great salicylic acid treatment - helps to clear my pores and makes my acne reduce over time. definitely recommend
  13. Very impressed, definitely recommend


    I’ve just finished my first bottle of this and have ordered another. It’s made a massive difference, I've gotten so many compliments on how healthy my skin looks. My skin has completely cleared up and my pores are soo much smaller.
  14. I recommend


    I am a big Alpha H fan. Feels lovely and refreshing and noticed a difference in my skin, reduced pores and redness.
  15. love this!


    I had been using Alpha h liquid Gold religiously and it's not until I started reading the information for this product that I realise that this toner is more appropriate for my skin. so I switched and so far have had no complaints. it doesn't sting my skin too much and I feel like I'm starting to see some results. I also love that it's antibacterial as my skin never feels quite clean enough after ...
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  16. Skin clearing!


    This product is amazing. I've been using it for 2-3 weeks and it has given a gentle exfoliation which has left my skin without pesky bumps and pimples. It has also faded old acne scars. I have used liquid good before but found it too strong for my skin, this is much more suited as it doesn't leave me with flaky skin.
  17. Not too drying & effective


    This product is less drying than Liquid gold, and is really helpful to soothe breakouts
  18. Thank You Adore Beauty!!


    My skin is normal/oily and I have been battling hormonal acne on my chin for years now! I tried the alpha h liquid gold after hearing so many rave reviews, but unfortunately it did not agree with my skin and broke me out even more. One of the Adore Beauty advice queens suggested I try this instead and I LOVE it! Didn’t break my out, has helped clear up my skin so much! Usually I have at least 3 gr...
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  19. Alpha H


    Love that this made my skin super clear and made my pores look clearer and smoother. This bottle lasts ages because I just use a few drops on a cotton pad each time
  20. Suprisingly good


    I didn't think a product like this would work for me due to my ezcema prone/reactive skin, however I was pleasantly surprised that it did not irritate my skin! I have combination skin which makes acne treatments difficult however I have noticed a great improvement in my pigmentation and acne scars by using this!
  21. Another great product from Alpha-H


    I tend to use alot of hydrating products and find my skin can become oily at times because of this.. so I use this on occasions when I feel a bit oily. Really helps!
  22. Love


    Absolutely love this toner. After cleansing i use this to make sure that every last bit of make-up is removed from my face. I absolutely love the alpha-h range and this is a must. I suffer with hormonal acne and this product has left me feeling clean!
  23. Life saver


    This has really helped my skin after breaking out with hormonal acne after stopping the pill. It has really cleared my skin up. Extremely happy
  24. Good exfoliant but I prefer liquid gold


    I;ve noticed my pores improve and my skin has got a more even complexion after regular use in my routine. Does leave a nice matte look, I still prefer the lqiuid gold exfoliator over this
  25. My skin love it


    My skin really loves this product. My skin texture appears smoother and brighter. Non drying and overall a great product
  26. Helped with hormonal breakouts


    Since having my son 4 years ago, I've been struggling big time with hormonal breakouts and general skin issues. I bought this on a whim, expecting to just have it sit in my cupboard like the rest of the things that haven't really worked, but, maybe 6 weeks in and I'm SO happy. I use this at night time only, it's not drying whatsoever, but it really seems to have helped clear up the bulk of issues ...
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  27. Fantastic


    This product helps with my pigmentation. Highly recommend.
  28. Great gentle exfoliation


    I really wanted to love this product. It is good and seems to deliver on what it promises. But I'm not convinced it's better than liquid gold
  29. New skin


    I first saw this product after seeing a promo, I read the reviews and thought it would be worth trying. I suffer from hormonal acne and this product along with their cleanser and gel has cleared my skin up. I feel the confidence coming back. My skin is clear and fresh.
  30. Great


    This has helped my skin a lot with hyper pigmentation, pimples, blackheads, pores. Love it
  31. Not for me


    I thought this product would be perfect for my hormonal oily acne prone skin but each time I’ve used it, I’ve had a bad reaction. On the days I tried this, my skin was uncomfortably tight, irritated and more oily than usual.
  32. A Gentler Liquid Gold


    I'm a massive fan of liquid exfoliants - this is a great product for daily use, either am or pm. Helps with blemishes and evening skin tone - make sure you wear SPF afterwards!
  33. Life saver


    This saved me when I started breaking out bad with hormonal acne. It stopped new blemishes popping up and helped geek the old ones faster. So good!
  34. Cleared my skin right up


    After stopping the pill I started to break out super bad I tried heaps and heaps of other more expensive products that did not help at all, then I tried this and wow it has seriously cleared up all my acne and I haven’t had any new ones appear yet. So happy!
  35. Hormonal pimples off you go


    For many years now I have been suffering with hormonal pimples, every single day all over my chin . Apply this in the mornings, like a toner, on a cotton pad. It feels cool and is soothing. It helps with spots and pores and oiliness. My pimples have reduced now and i can't wait to see continued results over time
  36. Love it


    I thought it would take a couple of months to see results, but you could see huge improvements within a week! I had people complement me on how much better my skin looked the next weekend. I used to get big and painful acne but I get barely any after using it for 3 months
  37. Great


    This is a great product and my skin doesn't look as congested anymore. My complexion is also much clearer because of this.
  38. Life saving


    Goodbye acne and bumps! Takes time but really makes a difference
  39. Great toner


    I have acne prone skin and this toner feels nice on the skin, and doesn’t irritate. Skin feels soooo clean after use. Very happy. My new fav toner.
  40. Good


    This is a good toner. I find it helps with cleaning out my pores
  41. The best product I've used


    For years, I've been investing in skin care products to help prevent the hormonal acne, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone that I am prone to.
    I was mostly happy with my skin but always felt like I needed to find a product to take my skin to the next level.
    Turns out that THIS is the product! This has drastically shrunk the sizes of my pores and keeps my skin tone more even and clear....
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  42. Saving grace


    I am a notorious skin picker and have struggled with congestion on my chin, jaw and cheeks along with hormonal acne for the last 6 years. Absolutely nothing at all from countless peels, scrubs, facials, professional extractions or serums could clear the congestion or settle the acne until I used this product. After using it daily after my morning cleanse for 8 weeks now, I can finally say the cong...
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  43. blackhead buster


    I have normal-dry skin and rarely get a breakout but I do suffer from blackheads around my nose and chin. I use this tonic once a week to clean out my pores and keep on top of my blackheads. It's noticeably diminished my blackheads and my pores in my t-zone look smaller and less noticeable. This would be great for someone more breakout prone to use more often to help control them. this doesn't sti...
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  44. Good liquid exfoiant


    Great price to trial products. Although some bottles feel almost empty if not half full.... but I Love Alpha products so far. My skin has cleared up so much since being introduced to this product by a friend.
  45. Good for oily skin


    I love this liquid exfoliant, not only because it works, but it is super gentle, as it is liquid, nothing too abrasive that can damage your skin, pimples or healing areas. So easy and quick to apply, just apply to the areas where you need it. For me its my chin area.
  46. Good


    Great price to trial products. Although some bottles feel almost empty if not half full.... but I Love Alpha products so far. My skin has cleared up so much since being introduced to this product by a friend.
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