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Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser - 500ml Exclusive Value Pump Pack 500ml

4.7 of 115 reviews

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$14.67 x 4

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Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser - 500ml Exclusive Value Pump Pack

Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser - 500ml Exclusive Value Pump Pack

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4.7 of 115 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great easy cleanser
This is my third purchase of the Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser and I love it. It's a pretty standard cleanser but I feel it's good value for money as well. I have normal-dehydrated skin with patches of seborrhoeic dermatitis on my face. This cleanser does not give me any reactions, leave residue or feel stripping. A little goes a long way as well. I use a different cleanser to remove makeup so I can only comment that it cleanses my actual skin.
Summed up: Not irritating or stripping, cleanses the skin and bottle lasts a long time :)

Most Helpful Criticism

Not sure on how I feel
I used this face cleanser for about six months and loved using it every day however one day it started irritating my eye area (I think it was dry) and I experienced a burning feeling. Anyway, I would recommend it but not if you have sensitive skin especially around the eyes.
  1. Great easy cleanser

    This is my third purchase of the Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser and I love it. It's a pretty standard cleanser but I feel it's good value for money as well. I have normal-dehydrated skin with patches of seborrhoeic dermatitis on my face. This cleanser does not give me any reactions, leave residue or feel stripping. A little goes a long way as well. I use a different cleanser to remove makeup so I can only comment that it cleanses my actual skin.
    Summed up: Not irritating or stripping, cleanses the skin and bottle lasts a long time :)
  2. Must have cleanser

    Hands down best cleanser I have ever used! I have super dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin.i was skeptical when I made the purchase, worried that it wouldn’t help replace the moisture in my skin and dry me out. Since using this product for the past 2 months all I can say is WOW! This cleanser is amazing!!! Honestly I noticed a difference In the first 3 days, my skin was glowing, it felt clean and fresh but not dry at all. I find it so hard to get a cleanser that doesn’t leave me feeling dry or still feeling like I haven’t cleaned my face. But this stuff does everything it really is the best cleanser I have ever used and the pump bottle is amazing value for money!
  3. Amazing!

    Seriously melts your make up off. I double cleanse with this and the difference in my skin is unbelievable. So much clearer and less congested. I recommend using this with the the Liquid Gold and your skin will glow!
  4. Great cleanser

    Use this daily not only as a cleanser but to remove make up. Skin feels so clean, and not dry. Love it, but I do use in conjunction with Alpha H micro-scrub a couple of times a week for clear skin & liquid gold. My go to skin routine
  5. Good

    It is simple and effective on my oily combination skin. It balances out my complexion and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. Perfect for everyday use. Would highly recommend this great product!
  6. My skin has never looked or felt better!

    I have been using Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser for 2 years now and my skin has never been healthier. I get comments all the time about how clear my skin is. My skin was oily with large pores because I was using the wrong type of cleansers on my skin. I had no idea I was only making my skin worse using scrubs until I was put on to Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser and after the first use I noticed the difference in my pores immediately. They are no longer enlarged, the oil is balanced and and I feel confident to go make up free all the time! I love this cleanser!!
  7. This is my default cleanser

    I am over 50 and have normal-ish skin. This is my "always gotta have one" cleanser. I keep the big pump bottle in the shower and it lasts for ages so its very cost effective. I use it as my morning cleanser and sometimes as my second cleanser in the evening after I use a balm or oil cleanser to remove makeup. It is mild enough to use daily - for some reason my otherwise not particularly sensitive skin is easily irritated by cleanser, on the eyelids - but this one never irritates. It is strong enough to remove makeup but I don't use it for that because I prefer a balm or oil for that job (Alpha-H do a great one of those too). This is a solid Australian cruelty free brand and I highly recommend it.
  8. Brilliant

    This cleanser is brilliant. Washes away all of the makeup at the end of the day but does not strip the skin and is extremely hydrating. I love it!
  9. Not sure on how I feel

    I used this face cleanser for about six months and loved using it every day however one day it started irritating my eye area (I think it was dry) and I experienced a burning feeling. Anyway, I would recommend it but not if you have sensitive skin especially around the eyes.
  10. Nice

    It's a nice cleanser, I've tried others in the line I do like more. It does a good job of cleaning the skin of residue from the day.
  11. Overall Fabulous Cleanser

    This cleanser is just divine- I especially love the 500ml value pack! The creamy texture is great for my combination skin, and leaves my face feeling refreshed!! I have been using this for around 8 months now, and still have around half the container left! Recommended this product to many people, who are just as in love with it as me.
  12. Best cream cleanser

    I’ve brought this bottle multiple times now. The 500ml size lasts so long. It’s super gentle and doesn’t strip your skin or leave it feeling dry. Although it leaves my skin feeling super clean, and has had a great effect with my slightly acne prone skin.
  13. Great creamy product

    Great for dry/ combination skin. Removes all make up and leaves the skin hydrated with the Aloe Vera
  14. Value for money

    I am obsessed with this cleanser. Now that it comes in 500ml it only gets better.
    Great value for your money.
  15. HG Cleanser

    This is my HG cleanser. I have combo sensitive skin and this cleanser is a dream on my skin - very hesitant to try something else.

    The texture is creamy - it’s perfect for those with dry skin. Doesn’t leave skin dry and tight. Doesn’t have any heavy fragrance smell as well.

    If you’re wearing makeup you should be double cleansing with an oil cleanser anyway and use this cleanser afterwards.
  16. Super gentle, creamy cleanser!

    I’ve been using this cleanser for about 3 years now and I absolutely love it! I have combo/oily skin and always double cleanse. This cleanser is my goto first step! It removes any excess makeup/dirt/oil and leaves me with a clean canvas to then go in with my oil control cleanser. It’s also super gentle, gentle enough that I even use it over my eyes! LOVE!
  17. Value is great

    I honestly love that Alpha-H allow you to buy a bulk size, its such good value!
  18. Incredible value

    I adore this cleanser. It is the only cleanser that I find leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean. Unlike other cleansers I’ve used in the past this one doesn’t dry my skin out or make my t zone oily. I have quite sensitive skin and it responds well to this cleanser. I love the 500ml bottle, it’s such good value!
  19. Nice gentle cream cleanser

    I ordered this for my 12yo blemish prone daughter and of course tried it out for myself first. I found it nice and gentle on my "normal" skin, it doesn't strip away too much of my natural oils. My daughter thinks it "doesn't work" because she still gets blemishes, but with time she will realise there is no miracle cure! I believe her break outs are less severe and she has less redness over all, unsure if it has balanced oil production as she is very active and does tend to touch her face a lot.
    I also love that it comes in a 500ml pump! Good value for money.
  20. Lightweight but packs a punch

    Love love love this cleanser - definitely don’t find it heavy or oily. Easily removes makeup and dirt, leaves my skin feeling clean and soft after every use. Also love the pump of the larger version - never waste any product! One of my all time faves.
  21. Fresh faced

    Love this cleanser as its not rough on my skin but removes all my make-up and leaves me with a fresh hydrated and clean face
  22. great value for money

    First of all, the value for this face wash is incredible! I have pretty oily skin that can be sensitive at times and I found that this product didn't break me out. I would recommend to anyone that's looking for an inexpensive cleanser that removes make up.
  23. Dry skin

    Feels a bit oily at the start so perhaps better for dry skin. Doesn't leave skin overly stripped
  24. Ok cleanser

    This isn’t the best or worst of the cleansers I have tried. It’s quite an oily texture but generally washed all make up and oils off. Won’t restock. Loved the 500ml bottle though
  25. Not a fan

    I purchased this cleanser based on the product info, however I didn't find it to be as deeply cleansing as described. It barely removed my makeup and I have had to ditch it and switch back to a non-cream cleanser.
  26. Absolutely amazing

    Leaves your face feeling smooth and tight.
  27. Good quality cleanser

    I have combination skin & usually prefer gel cleansers for my skin but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. A little bit goes a long way and my skin feels really clean & fresh after using. I’m a big fan of the pump pack, great value for money! I will definitely buy this cleanser again.
  28. Sensitive skin saviour!

    I find it difficult to find good cleansers that suit sensitive oily skin. I opted to try this due to the size, price and pump bottle pack - and knowing that this product had aloe vera in it was a bonus too. The cream consistency is still quite light, easy to spread and washes off easily, but I do ensure I remove my makeup first before using this. The product also has little to no scent, which I like too! I definitely suggest giving it a go if you find most cleansers to be too drying.
  29. Best cleanser, good value

    Have used for a couple of years. 63 years old, normal to dry skin. I have tried many cleansers in my years. This is the best found so far, will stick with this one. Leaves my skin soft, not tight. I use it morning and night. Fresh smell, but not fragranced.
    Did some comparison pricing and found this product was very good value as well. I buy the large size.
  30. Gentle and kind

    I have sensitive skin and this one works a charm. Gentle when it needs to be but gets the job done too. The Australian made product is a winner in my eyes so far!
  31. Great product

    This cleanser is really gentle. I don’t generally like a cream cleanser, but I do keep coming back to this one. Smells quite nice and not too strong.
  32. Love

    Love the cleanser, great valve for
    Money and the pump bottle is so easy to use. Makes my skin feel clean.
  33. Great but not the best

    I like the Alpha H range and the fact that it’s an Australian company and overall it’s quite an active range.
    I brought this cleaner on a whim and thought it was great, it doesn’t really have a fragrance so that might suit some people but I personally like to have some sort of fragrance in my skincare.
    It’s just a basic creamy cleanser( not stripping and quite hydrating)
    I think the price point is really affordable especially for the size you get seeing as though it will last a few months.
  34. Perfect start to any morning

    Another Alpha-H product that i love. It's a great cleanser in the morning and night, and it works great with the liquid gold too. If you need to use it to wash off your makeup, unfortunately, it doesn't work. But other than that, this is the type of cleanser that i look for.
  35. The perfect cleanser

    Great cleanser! Gentle and doesn't dry your skin out. I have been using this cleanser twice daily for 2 years now and I don't plan on stopping.
  36. The perfect cleanser

    Great cleanser! Gentle and doesn't dry your skin out. I have been using this cleanser twice daily for 2 years now and I don't plan on stopping.
  37. 10/10

    love this product so much
  38. Gentle and balancing.

    Great cream cleanser. I think i have now purchased this product 4 times - i love it! I find a lot of cleansers strip my skin and cause more problems. I have dry skin and this really is a balancing cleanser like it states it is. Removes make-up great (even waterproof mascara). Fragrance free which is a bonus for me as i also get sensitive skin. I highly recommend this product!
  39. Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser

    Another Alpha-H product that i love. It's a great cleanser in the morning and night, and it works great with the liquid gold too. If you need to use it to wash off your makeup, unfortunately, it doesn't work. But other than that, this is the type of cleanser that i look for.
  40. Love it

    I have purchased this after receiving it as a sample. The texture is smooth and my skin feels so clean and soft after using. Love the price of the value bottle too.
  41. Decent for a double cleanse

    Good to use after taking majority of make up off with micellar water
  42. Cream Cleanser + Oily Skin = Clean not stripped

    I was skeptical using a cream cleanser when I have oily/normal skin, but it makes my skin feel clean yet not stripped. It's a beautiful cleanser and does what it says
  43. Value for money

    I have used this cleanser before and loved it, so when I had the option to buy the bigger bottle - why wouldn't I?
    I actually like the pump on the larger bottle better and now I don't have to keep re-stocking!
  44. Holy Grail Cleanser

    I never spend this much on a cleanser but this one is so worth it. My skin (which is normal/dry acne prone) feels amazingly smooth and hydrated. Doesn't sting the eyes, but doesn't remove mascara or eyeliner on its own. I always use an oil for that anyway so no problem for me. And such a big bottle. Will last me ages.
  45. Feels and smells amazing!

    I'm a first time buyer of Aplha-H skincare and I could not reccomend them more highly. The balancing cleanser smells amazing and when applied and massaged into your face it calms all redness down and leaves your face feeling supple yet super clean. I'm In love!! Its a great size bottle and will last ages.
  46. Lovely Cleanser

    I have normal skin and started to experience breakouts and tried numerous products nothing seemed to work like this. I have been using for about 12 months now and don't think I will be changing anytime soon. It has a beautiful texture that is so gentle on your face and leaves your face feeling very nice, a little goes a long way so very good value for money would definitely recommend this cleanser
  47. So fresh and so clean

    Love the way this cleanser makes my skin feel. The best of the Alpha H products I've purchased.

    Convenience of a pump pack is excellent too.
  48. Unsure

    I love alpha-h but this product I'm unsure about. Love it when I haven't put makeup on and just want a clean face before bed, but I have found if i wear my make up it doesn't take it all off.
  49. Lovely product

    I really like this cleanser. It easily removes makeup and does not make me feel dry at all. I like the value of the large size too. Definitely will continue to use this and will repurchase.
  50. Perfect

    I love this cleanser, it’s soft milky & gentle yet cleanses all traces of makeup off with ease. I love that it comes in a huge pump size... great value for money!
  51. Love

    This is a great cleanser and it really melts away the makeup, with other cleansers I wash my face in the morning and still have makeup on but with Alpha H cleansers (I have a fair few of them) it ALL comes off.
  52. Lovely cleanser in pump 500ml size

    It cleans my face nicely without overdrying it
  53. Great product for sensitive skin

    Have had trouble finding a cleanser that didn't sting my skin when using it but this is perfect! Feels nice on my skin nice fragrance to it and actually leaves my skin feeling cleansed unlike other products i have used. You need to buy this also love the larger pump size!
  54. Great value

    Love that it comes in a 500ml bottle!!
  55. Perfect Daily Cleanser

    Perfect daily cleanser, leaves my skin feeling soft and clean, not stripped. Removes all make up traces too.
  56. Best Cleanser Ever

    I had run out of this cleanser and decided to use others I had accumulated, I soon repurchase as nothing compares! I will not be without this cleanser again! It makes my face so soft, hydrated and clean without stripping it. I am yet to try triple action as this creamy cleanser is such a winner. Love the pump pack and large size it lasts so long so is great value
  57. Great Everyday Cleanser

    I have combination skin and I find this a great cleanser for everyday use. The clear gel consistency is nice and spreads well on my face and neck. Gets rid of my makeup as well!
  58. Don’t cleanse well

    I tried this after all the amazing reviews but I didn’t see any effect on my sensitive skin. It didn’t seem to actually clean anything out of my skin
  59. Love

    Love this product! The perfect everyday cleanser
  60. Love this cleanser

    This cleanser is great! leaves my face feeling clean and removes all of the makeup thats left from the day. also love the 500ml bottle!!
  61. Does everything

    I have used this for 5 years and do not plan to change.
    This removes all makeup and leaves your skin feeling clean and plump.
    I very slightly dampen my face first and therefore only need one pump of the product, therefore making it very cost effective.

    I have 50+ dry skin.
  62. Can’t live without it

    Mature age dry skin. This cleanser leaves my skin clean and soft. Love the fresh smell. Have tried many, will be sticking with this one. Also very good value.
  63. Winning cleanser

    Very gentle and effective and nice value sized bottle!
  64. Best cleanser ever

    I have oily skin and have historically used products specifically for oily skin. I was skeptical using a non foaming cream cleanser but this has exceeded my expectations. I do a double cleanse at night and use my foreo and a warm cloth to take it off. I don't need to cleanse in the morning, I just wash my serums off with tepid water and moisturize. Since following this routine I am significantly less oily. Its very gentle but does the job. I don't wear heavy makeup but it easily cleanses it off and my skin feels clean. I am on my 3rd bottle now and will continue to buy.
  65. Calming & kind on my rosacea

    I'd been using to Alpha-H moisturisers for a while and Skinstitut cleansers but decided to give this a go and boy am I glad I did!
    I have Rosacea and combination skin... (nightmare) but this soothes and moisturises my skin leaving it feeling amazing.
    The only issue I find with it is that it doesn't really remove make up properly so you need to use a different cleanser first, i've recently switched to the Alpha-H Clear Skin Daily followed by this as my second cleanse and its working a dream!
    Hello happy skin!
  66. Love

    Great! I got the smaller version of this and the other cleanser and got BOTH the big ones because the value is so great!
  67. Clean as a whistle

    This is a great all-rounder cleanser. It leaves skin feeling clean which isn’t always the case with cleansers. If I’ve worn particularly heavy makeup I’ll cleanse twice just to ensure all the muck is removed. Gentle enough for sensitive skin. Great value and easy to keep in the shower with the pump dispenser.
  68. Love it!

    I love this cleanser. It does exactly what I want it to do - it leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh but it doesn't strip it of moisture.
    I love the option of the value pump, but I wish it had a different top - it gives out way too much product -just have to pay attention while using it!

    Will be buying again.
  69. beautiful cleanser

    I use this cleanser everyday, twice a day, and it is amazing! Very gentle and leaves my skin feeling smooth afterwards.
  70. My perfect cleanser

    I didn't think I would ever find a cleanser I was completely happy with, but this is it. The non-foaming texture is a real treat, all makeup is quickly dissolved and my face feels just right after cleansing (not tight, not oily). I have normal/dehydrated skin. Bonus points for the size of the bottle and the super handy pump. I won't use anything else!
  71. Beautiful Products

    I have been using the Alpha-H products for some time now and this cleanser is just divine. Its creamy texture makes my skin feel soft after cleansing and a deep clean feeling without the drying. People are noticing the changes which is always great.
  72. Gentle cleanse

    Love this brand and this cleanser! Large bottle means it lasts for ages and is very gentle on my skin
  73. Alpha H balancing cleanser/service

    I don't normally write reviews but this product/adore beauty as a company has made me feel like i need to. This cleanser is great for people with dry/acne prone skin. I had been using la roche posay gentle cleanser but this cleanser has reduced the amount of acne I have whereas the la roche one didn't have a dramatic difference. This may dry your skin out slightly but nothing that can't be fixed with moisturiser afterwards.I also had such great service from adore beauty. Item was sent and received very quickly. I not only received the item a purchased but two travel size minis of the same product and a tim tam. Definitely will be purchasing from you guys again!
  74. Great value for money

    This comes in a massive 500ml bottle and you only require a 5 cent piece to cleanse your whole face. I've only just purchased this but so far Im loving how fresh my skin feels after cleansing.
  75. The best!

    This product is great for my oily skin, it clears my pores and doesn't leave my face feeling tight and dry. It's so smooth and definitely a new favourite.
  76. So gentle on sensitive skin

    I have very dry, sensitive skin and usually have trouble finding a cleanser that doesn't agitate my skin.
    This cleanser is so gentle and leaves my skin feeling clean and tight.
    Great value for money as well!
  77. Sensitive Skin Saviour

    I love this cleanser. It is gentle on my sensitive skin yet cleanses all the day's residue effectively. Love the value size bottle too.
  78. My skin's gentle friend..

    This is my go to cleanser when my skin needs some respite from AHA's, BHA's, Retinoids, Anti-oxidants the whole shebang! Its a balancing act - product wise - when your skin is aging (i'm 50ish) still congests + easily reactive uuuggh!!
    I agree with other reviewers who use it as a second cleanse and/or as a good morning choice. If you prefer a cream cleanse than this is for you and if ever your skin feels as though you've compromised it's natural pH balance Alpha- H BC will be your best friend delivering multiple benefits without the drama of Actives. I love Alpha- H thank you for stocking them AdoreBeauty.
    My Tip: Spend a good minute or 2 massaging it gently into your face, neck and decolletage. Give the wonderful properties time to work their magic!
  79. best cleanser

    I have just purchased this cleanser again and find it the best. (have upgraded to the value pack) I actually are now only using Alpha H products on my skin as it is the best. Thank you to the Alpha H team for their great products
  80. Good Basic Cleanser

    This is a nice creamy cleanser - but I didn't find it exceptional. It certainly doesn't dry the skin out and as a mature woman that is really important. For my age group I think there are better choices.
  81. Love, love, love

    I have used Alphaa H for year and love their products but only started using the cleaners in the past few weeks. I bought the triple action one first and received a sample of this one and loved it just as much I had to buy the pump of this as well. I like to have one in the shower and one on the basin for night use. It’s nice and creamy, leaves my skin lovely and soft.

    FANTASTIC PRODUCT, does wonders for Rosacea, easy to use and the benefits are fantastic for your skin. Leaves the skin moist not dried out and taught, calms the skin down and the redness really subsides. I would highly recommend this cleanser.
  83. Gentle but effective

    Lovely cream cleanser. I use it to double cleanse every night. Very gentle and doesn't dry my sensitive skin out.

  85. Great all round cleanser

    This was the first product I tried by Alpha H and now I only use Alpha - H products. I have semi sensitive skin (reacts particularly to clinique products) and have had no problems with any Alpha H products.

    This cleanser is gentle and cleansing, however I do prefer the triple action to remove my makeup at night.

    Using this cleanser in the mornings, and the triple action cleanser at night has made a huge change to my skin. People are always commenting on how lovely my skin looks and I put it down to changing to Alpha-H products about 4 months about.
  86. Gentle and lasts

    This is a really nice, gentle cleanser which doesn't strip my skin (combination skin). I don't feel like it's quite enough to remove makeup, so I use a balm first and then use this to remove the rest. The pump is easy to use and lasts ages which is great!
  87. Nice and gentle for sensitive skin

    I have acne prone skin but find that many cleansers are too drying for me. This one is perfect as it cleans thoroughly but doesn’t dry me out at all. My skin feels soft and moisturised when I come out of the shower. It also lasts a really long time meaning that it’s great value for money!
  88. Highly recommend

    Love this cleanser, leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Love the way my skin feels in the morning. This bottle lasts forever.
  89. Beautiful.

    I love this cleanser from Alpha-H. It's delicate and cleanses my skin without distrupting the blance of natural oils. My skin feels soothed and cleansed. The value pump pack is fantastic and lasts for ages. It's a staple in my morning and night beauty regime.
  90. Obsessed is an understatement

    I feel in love with this product the first ever time I used it. I had wanted to change from a foam cleanser to a cream cleanser and I will never look back! My skin is so soft and hydrated as well as clean... what’s more to love!? I love that it comes in a 500ml bottle too...great value for money as you only need a tiny bit
  91. Heaven for dry skin

    I use this as step 2 if my double cleanse (step 1 being Dermaligica special cleansing gel). This soothes my skin and removes any leftover make up. Skin never feels dry after washing, just soft and thoroughly cleansed. I just repurchased in the bigger size, so I’m never without!
  92. Great value

    I love this so much! Such a great cleanser! Cleans my face up really nice. The texture is incredible too.
  93. Amazing!

    This is now my favorite cleanser. I have such temperamental skin and this has been a god send. I have recommended it to everyone i know. I have even purchased this wonderful pump size for my mum too, because she loved it and the value is excellent.
  94. Not for me

    It's good but I felt like I needed to cleanse again, it's a good light face wash.
  95. Best cleanser I've ever used

    This is a great cleanser! It's soft enough that my skin doesn't feel like it's being stripped, but it also cleans effectively and consistently. Great for sensitive or irritated skin as well. 500ml bottle is fantastic value, and lasts a long time.
  96. My fave cleanser!

    Love this jumbo bottle! Such great value for money. I love this cleanser. It’s gentle but still gets makeup off. Suits skin types of both myself and my husband and works well with my Clarisonic. Love it.
  97. Morning Cleanse

    This is my usual morning cleanse and will also use it as a second cleanse in the evening if I want to make sure I have removed all residue from an oil make up remover. It does not not strip my skin or make it feel tight, it just gently cleans
  98. Great pumb bottle

    I am really liking this for my night time routine. I feel it cleans my face veeeery well. Skin is left feeling like silk after!
  99. Excellent cleanser

    As someone with problematic skin, I thought this cleanser would be too rich for me. Turns out, it's not actually creamy/greasy at all, but is both very light and incredibly soothing.

    It's a lovely cleanser with - best of all! - a neutral scent without any of the wretched citrus and lavender that has crept into so many of Alpha-H's other products. (I know some people love that sort of thing - but I'm not one of them).

    All-in-all, a surprisingly effective and gentle cleanser that I will always have on rotation.

  100. Love this cleanser

    Really love this cleanser. I use this every morning, it leaves my skin feeling so fresh and clean. I have aging skin (I’m 44), but oily skin. I love the consistency and the 500ml pump package.
    I use the triple action cleanser of a night.
    Highly recommend this product.
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