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Alpha-H Age Delay Anti Wrinkle Night Treatment by Alpha-H


Alpha-H Age Delay Anti Wrinkle Night Treatment is a rich vitamin A cream blended with 8% glycolic and 2% salicylic acids to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The luxe Alpha-H Age Delay Anti Wrinkle Night Treatment consists of only the most scientifically proven, technologically advanced, fast acting, and highly moisturizing ingredients available to date. The sophisticated and scientifically advanced LipoCeutical Time Release System delivers measured doses of encapsulated Vitamin A throughout the night, which ensures that even the most lined, collagen-poor, UV affected skin will actively benefit from the anti ageing and highly moisturizing effects of the Alpha-H Age Delay Anti Wrinkle Night Treatment.

Recommended for all skintypes, especially sun-damaged and acne-scarred. Key Ingredients:

• Retinyl Propionate (1% Vitamin A) – accelerates cell renewal; repairs damaged cells; improves skin texture and smoothness. (Time released for optimum results). Non irritating formula.
• Glycolic Acid 8% – exfoliates and brightens.
• Salicylic Acid 2% – (liposome form of Salicylic Acid, becomes active once rubbed into the skin). Gentle exfoliant; improves fine lines, skin texture, blocked pores and pigmentation.
• Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E) – antioxidant; restores radiance, boosts immune system, hydrates and improves appearance of dry, ageing skin.
• Green Tea Extract – antioxidant; brightens and protects.
• Olive Leaf Extract – antioxidant; accelerates cell renewal and improves skin elasticity.
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DISCLAIMER: This product contains a derivative of aspirin, and should be avoided by people with aspirin allergies. Read this article for more information 


Aqua, glyceryl stearate and PEG-100 stearate, caprylic/capric triglycerides, glycolic acid, dicaprylyl carbonate, glycerin, cyclomethicone, cetyl alcohol, potassium glycolate, ceteth-20, magnesium aluminium silicate, retinyl propionate (1%), salicylic acid, acacia Senegal gum, phenoxyethanol, dimethicone, tocopheryl acetate, tocopherol, green tea extract, olive leaf extract, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, xanthan gum.


Use nightly. Massage Alpha-H Age Delay Anti Wrinkle Night Treatment onto a thoroughly cleansed face and neck using upward and outward circular movements.

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Reviews (13)
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Excellent - 13-09-2014 by

Very good product I noticed a difference after one night an excellent purchase. I have noticed a marked improvement in my 36year old fine lines.

Very good overall - 17-07-2014 by

Have been using this product for a couple of weeks - I think it is quite good. Too early to tell if it is helping with any fine lines (Im usig it mostly as a preventative, as Im still quite young) but I like the fact that it tingles when you use it as hopefully that is the silicylic acid working! Will continue to try their other anti aging products too.

Fantastic Night Cream - 16-07-2014 by

I started using this as I am nearing 40 and wasn't really paying much attention to the wrinkles that had started creeping up on me and my face! I have noticed a reduction in the fine lines and the pigmentation on my face since using this night cream. It has a beautiful rich texture, feels luxurious going on to your face but sinks in so you feel like your skin is getting all the goodness out of the cream. Doesn't cause my skin to break out or feel clogged. Love it.

Great Products visable results - 08-11-2012 by

This is my favourite antiaging cream at the moment, i have noticed a visible reduction in pigmentation and makes my skin appear more youthful and bright. This cream is packed with antioxidants and is inexpensive for the quality of the ingredients. I live in far north qld so its not too rich for the climate. I get the occassional breakout which heals much faster using this cream. If your skin is sensitive or you havent used creams with much vitamin A in the past I recommend using alternate nights untill your skin adapts.

Holy grail of night lotions - 17-08-2012 by

Confession: I am a skincare addict. I hop from one product to the next all the time, saying, 'just in case this new product is my undiscovered holy grail!' Enter Alpha-H Age Delay Anti Wrinkle Night Treatment cream, which I have been using faithfully for just over a year on my temperamental skin (dry in winter, oily in summer, dehydrated all year 'round). I have never been tempted by another night cream. I wake up in the morning to the smoothest, calmest, happiest skin. I also have the faintest of lines on my forehead, which are visibly smoothed out upon application of the cream.

I do rave about a lot of Alpha-H products but, to be fair, the Alpha-H line gives an awful lot of reasons to rave!

- 24-03-2011 by

The huge tube will last you forever! Seriously, it took me so long to get thru it as you only need a very small amount. Its a thin cream that smooths over the skin easily. Be careful not to squeeze too much out of the tube. I love that this night treatment combines the exfoliating effects of Vit A & Glycolic with the drawing effects of Saliyic acid. great for treating my hormonal skin. My face always felt softer & smoother by morning.

- 16-09-2010 by

A product i will definitely be buying again and again. I also pop some on my hands at night, and i wake up with hands just as soft. I went through this past winter not really taking care of my skin, and skipping a good moisturising routine and i paid the price. With Alpha-H products, im slowly undoing the acne damage and fine lines that crept up. It's amazing how a little TLC with a great product range can truly make a difference to one's skin. Love this great brand!

- 18-11-2009 by

I think this is a great introduction to more active anti aging night cream. Its not to heavy, but is lovely and hydrating so I don't feel like I need to layer millions of creams. I've got combination skin which has strong tendency to dryness and dehydration in winter and get more congested and shiney in summer. This is a great day in day out active night cream. I can use almost everyday with no flaking or retinol face. The only things I could possibly say against this product is; although I love the tube, and the consistency of the product them both together means you have to be careful that it doesn't run out when you open the lid. and; I still get congestion, so I think I need either a bit more BHA or retinol. Overall double thumbs up!

- 27-06-2009 by

So impressed with this. I have only been using it a little while but my skin is loving it. I even avoided the dreaded monthly braakout last month thanks to this. Skin feels hydrated overall texture is improved and looks amazing in the morning.

- 01-05-2009 by

I didnt like this product. It stung when I first put it onto my skin and didnt find it very moisturising.

- 23-01-2009 by

I love what this cream does for my face, hydrates without feeling heavy or greasy on my oily t-zone, keeps my breakout prone chin clear, helps to heal pimple scars and I especially love the healthy glow. Not fussed on the smell, but, as with all Alpha-H products, it is such great value for money, I really can't complain.

- 09-07-2008 by

This is an amazing product. I put it on before bed and wake up with skin so soft, I can't stop touching it in the morning. This I hope to never be without.

- 06-07-2008 by

A star product from this reliable and groundbreaking Aus line.Very rich and emollient yet light-feeling moisturizer that did not congest my oily skin and did not irritate me at all. Over time my skin using this has improved my skin - pores, colour, texture, glow. Will not be without this one now.

Q & A
2 Questions Ask a question
  • From Alpha-H Age Delay Anti Wrinkle Night Treatment at 18/02/161:40 PM
    • Q: Hi there,

      Can i use this treatment with Liquid Gold?

    • A: Hi Oxana,

      Thank you for your message. I would suggest to use them on alternating nights :-)

      Please do not hesitate to email me back if you have any clarification.
    • Do you find this question helpful?   Yes  No
  • From Alpha-H Age Delay Anti Wrinkle Night Treatment at 9/11/161:49 PM
    • Q: Is this product suitable for use during pregnancy?
    • A: Hi Carolyn,

      Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, as the Alpha-H Age Delay Anti-Wrinkle Night Treatment contains Vitamin A, this is not considered safe to use during pregnancy.
    • Do you find this question helpful?   Yes  No
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