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Founded in Australia more than 25 years ago, Alpha-H has become a global leader in the skincare industry, churning out an abundance of cult-classic, high-performance products. From the multi-award-winning Liquid Gold to the coveted Triple Action Cleanser, Alpha-H designs and develops skincare must-haves with every complexion type and concern in mind.

Alpha-H strikes a balance between nature and science, using the highest-quality ingredients to deliver fast and noticeable results. Whether it is the brand’s signature Glycolic Acid or its expertly researched Juveleven Peptide, Alpha-H blends cocktails of potent botanicals and vitamins to craft targeted skincare that transforms complexions.

Alpha-H is constantly creating new products that target specific skincare concerns, whether that is fighting acne-prone skin with its Clear Skin range or turning back the clock with its Liquid Laser Collection.for mature and ageing skin The brand’s collections are always expanding to accommodate for new formulations and ingredients.

Always at the forefront of the industry, Alpha-H offers the latest in skincare, such as its revolutionary Vitamin Profiling Collection, which allows for flexibility in a daily routine. The company’s highly coveted products are available in generous Starter Kits, so you can find the combination of formulas that works best for your own complexion. Researchers at Alpha-H listen closely to customer concerns and requirements to ensure their skincare routines are as simple and effective as possible.

All Alpha-H products have been designed to be multipurpose, so your skincare collection is reduced to a simple routine consisting of two or three highly effective steps. A moisturiser by Alpha-H is never just a moisturiser.

Combining potent active ingredients, scientific research, natural botanicals, and easy-to-use products, Alpha-H continues to revolutionise the skincare industry and provide the highest-quality skincare products to customers all around the world.

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Alpha-H Vitamin E 25ml by Alpha-HAlpha-H Vitamin E 25ml by Alpha-H

$42.46 $49.95


3.7 of 14 reviews

Alpha-H Daily Essential Vitamin Mist by Alpha-HAlpha-H Daily Essential Vitamin Mist by Alpha-H

$42.46 $49.95


4.6 of 17 reviews

Alpha-H Vitamin A+E 50/50 by Alpha-HAlpha-H Vitamin A+E 50/50 by Alpha-H

$84.15 $99.00

Alpha-H Firming Body Therapy by Alpha-HAlpha-H Firming Body Therapy by Alpha-H

$44.16 $51.95


4.2 of 6 reviews

Alpha-H A-List Kit by Alpha-HAlpha-H A-List Kit by Alpha-H

$48.97 $69.95

$48.97 $69.95


4.4 of 29 reviews

Alpha-H Cleansing Cube by Alpha-HAlpha-H Cleansing Cube by Alpha-H

$11.86 $13.95


4.5 of 48 reviews

Alpha-H Normal to Dry Kit by Alpha-HAlpha-H Normal to Dry Kit by Alpha-H

$84.15 $99.00


4.2 of 9 reviews

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Alpha-H Moisture Boosting Facial MistAlpha-H Moisture Boosting Facial Mist
Alpha-H Moisture Boosting Facial Mist

Best mist

I never been a big fun of mist, but since I love this brand I decided to give it a chance.. and I am so glad I did it!! This is another great product from Alpha H, the best mist I ever try. It makes my sensitive skin very happy
Alpha-H Clear Skin KitAlpha-H Clear Skin Kit
Alpha-H Clear Skin Kit

Great To try and for travel

I found there were some products I loved in this kit and some that I wasn't as fussed about. The kit was a great way to see what worked on my sensitive skin and what was too strong. I love the sample sizes also great for traveL
Alpha-H Liquid Gold Resurfacing Body ClothsAlpha-H Liquid Gold Resurfacing Body Cloths
Alpha-H Liquid Gold Resurfacing Body Cloths


I can’t count how many body exfoliants I have in tubs at home - salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, enzyme body peels and coffee scrubs. I always get dry skin on my legs due to walking in harsh and cold winds and ingrown hairs from waxing. Scrubs are always messy and go really quickly. These are amazing, had my doubts but I love other Alpha H products so thought I’d give them a go. I’m never using another exfoliant again! They seem to last for ages, even though there is only 20 so in a pack. Great for tan prep and stripping off old tan, too harsh for the face obviously, but perfect for the body.
Alpha-H Liquid GoldAlpha-H Liquid Gold
Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Great primer

I received this as a sample and I’ll probably buy the full size when I finish it. I love the glow it gives me once my makeup is on!

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