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Give your crowning glory the TLC it deserves with Aesop haircare. Comprising of shampoos, conditioners, masks, treatment products and styling serums, you will fall in love with this organic haircare. Nourishing for both the scalp and strands, no matter whether they're coloured, dry, oily, unmanageable or sensitive, Aesop's formulations are plant-based and rich in antioxidants.

My hair is coloured: From foils, temporary dye or all-over tints, treat your hair to these Aesop products for colour protection

My hair is dry: Give your locks the hydration they need with these Aesop products for dehydrated hair

My hair is oily: Help to balance sebum production with these Aesop products for oily hair

My hair is unmanageable: Get frizz, knots and ringlets under control with these Aesop products for curly hair

My hair is sensitive: Gently nourish the scalp and strands with these Aesop products for sensitivities

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Aesop ShineAesop Shine
Aesop Shine

Strong smell, too oily

I originally applied this to clean wet hair before blow drying as I had applied other hair oils in the last and found it has a strong herbal smell that I wasn’t a fan of, as well as it being too heavy and making my hair overly oily. I now apply it at night and wash it out in the morning. I’m not sure if it really does anything though.
Aesop Classic Shampoo 500mlAesop Classic Shampoo 500ml
Aesop Classic Shampoo 500ml

Not sure

I went through a full bottle of this and it really didn't do much. My hair is in rather good conditioner and this somehow made my hair feel dry after use. Love the scent though.
Aesop Classic Conditioner - 200mlAesop Classic Conditioner - 200ml
Aesop Classic Conditioner - 200ml

Not sure

I paired this with the Classic Shampoo but it didn't do much for my hair. I do love the scent even though it doesn't last long.
Aesop Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturising Masque TubeAesop Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturising Masque Tube
Aesop Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturising Masque Tube

I've tried better

It didn't do much to hydrate my hair and I wasn't a fan of the scent - this is coming from someone who usually loves Aesop's scents. The tube also got a hole in it after a few uses so that was a hassle.

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