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Cleanse and calm your hair with Aesop’s aromatically scented and highly nourishing shampoos. 

These classic shampoo formulas are lightweight and tranquil, with signature packaging that makes them a stylish addition to any bathroom shelf. 

Aesop’s unique and sophisticated range carries an Aesop shampoo for hair loss, oily hair and also dry, itchy, flaky scalps. They even have you covered if you have a normal hair type looking for a luxurious lather and a deep cleanse. 

Our Favourite Aesop Scalp Shampoo:

Aesop Calming Shampoo is designed for those with troublesome scalps experiencing flaking itchy skin. Aesop’s Calming Shampoos ingredients include soothing Castor, Sage and Peppermint oil, and exclude common irritants that inflame sensitive scalps. 

Our Favourite Aesop Balancing Shampoo:

Aesop Equalising Shampoo is designed to cleanse oily hair with calming botanical ingredients and hydrating plant extracts. Tea tree oil, Cedarwood and Fennel all help to lightly cleanse hair lightly and restore vitality. 

Our Favourite Aesop Shampoo For Normal Hair:

Aesop Classic Shampoo has a gently cleansing classic formula that helps nourish dry scalps and hair leaving it soft and hydrated. This Aesop Rosemary shampoo uses Rosemary Leaf to give shine and lustre to usually dull tresses. 

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Aesop Violet Leaf Hair Balm 60ml
Aesop Violet Leaf Hair Balm 60ml

Love this I’m always looking for curly girl friendly products

My hair is thin, wavy and Very chemically damaged, it sucks up the violet leaf hair balm and is soft and conditioned instead of brittle and frizzy.
The bright grassy scent of violet leaf is unusual but soon fades, personally like it but for those who don’t it’s short lived.
Aesop Classic Shampoo 500ml
Aesop Classic Shampoo 500ml

Excellent shampoo!!

I usually use this shampoo in the morning before going to work,and it leaves my hair with a great smell and a fresh feeling!Very good product!!
Aesop Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturising Masque Tube
Aesop Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturising Masque Tube

It works

Gentle and excellent as a leave in product for fine hair. Leaves hair feeling soft and healthy.

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