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Aesop Toothpaste 60ml

3.9 of 36 reviews


4 instalments of $3.75


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4 instalments of $3.75


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Distinctively flavoured toothpaste to effectively clean teeth and gums.

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GOOD - 69% recommend

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3.9 of 36 reviews

69% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Quite unique


This toothpaste has a unique and pleasant taste. Nice.

Most Helpful Criticism

tastes weird


This wasn't for me, it tastes weird in a fragranted sense. I prefer something much more fresh and minty but this was more herbal
  1. Yuck


    This tastes absolutely vile. Left my tongue feeling weirdly numb and the after taste is gross. Sadly going straight in the bin.
  2. Very special.


    My husband thinks the taste is strange, but I like this toothpaste very much. It can keep the oral cavity fresh, and there is no oral ulcer for a long time after using it. It is my favorite toothpaste at present, and I have bought back three tubes.
  3. tastes weird


    This wasn't for me, it tastes weird in a fragranted sense. I prefer something much more fresh and minty but this was more herbal
  4. Quite unique


    This toothpaste has a unique and pleasant taste. Nice.
  5. Good stuff.


    I like this toothpaste. The taste took a bit to get use to but now I rarely use anything else.

    The tube is a little small for the price (but then, all of Aesop's products are crazy expensive, in my opinion), but you don't really need a lot.
  6. fresh


    for a natural toothpaste is very good. if you haven't tried natural toothpaste it takes time to adjust but you learn to fall in love with as your mouth is so clean!
  7. Pleasant tasting, natural toothpaste


    After switching to natural toothpastes for the last few years, I can no longer stand the amount of foam and overly mint flavour of conventional toothpaste.

    aesop's toothpaste is an acquired taste, but once you get used to it, you won't want to go back. Though more expensive it's on par with Weleda's natural toothpastes (but much better tasting). It is a low foam formula, with hints of cardamon, that provides a clean but not stripped mouth feel.

    My only recommendation is that is you're a fan of Aesop products, to invest in a "tube wringer". My tube split open after two weeks because I didn't use one and now the tube leaks, but I feel that could have been avoided if a tube wringer was used.

    I'll definitely repurchase based on the clean and flavour alone.
  8. Nice and mild


    Quite a small tube but good for travelling. The taste is milder and does give a good clean and make your mouth feel nice and fresh. You only need a small amount too, so don't overuse it.
  9. Not sure


    My mouth feels squeaky clean after using this but I also feel as though it makes my mouth extremely dry. The taste is light though, which I like.
  10. Not over powering but still fresh


    If you're not a fan of over powering minty toothpastes, this is the product for you!
    It gives an excellent clean and my teeth appear to be whiter after using it for just one week. I highly recommend using it with the mouthwash as it feels like you have a deeper, whole mouth clean that way. It definitely still feels like you have a whole mouth clean with the paste on its own, I think I'm just still used to associating the harsh chemical-mouth stripping feeling from mainstream toothpastes with cleanliness.
  11. A different take on toothpaste


    Definitely not your run-of-the-mill toothpaste! A mild licorice/aniseed taste but seems to clean effectively. Not sure that I’d repurchase this one
  12. not bad


    I didn't mind the taste of this but not sure if I like it enough to repurchase
  13. Unusual but pleasant taste.


    Very different but pleasant taste for toothpaste. Fluoride free.
  14. Decent Toothpaste


    I wouldn't consider this my go to toothpaste but I did enjoy it while I had it. I really liked the taste, it kept my teeth feeling and looking really clean. The only thing that I wish it did better for me was keep my teeth white, but other than that its a nice toothpaste especially if you feel like treating yourself to a practical yet fancy toothpaste!
  15. love it


    My boyfriend thinks this tastes odd but I love it, it tastes more natural and less sugary than any other toothpaste I've had before. My teeth always feel fresh and clean after use.
  16. So Fresh


    I'm so happy that I found this toothpaste. The ingredients are both clean and effective. This makes my teeth whiter and my mouth feel very fresh and clean. The packaging is quality
  17. yum


    I'm currently on a mission to find the best toothpaste that doesn't taste like fake mint, and this might be my favourite yet. It's a weird taste and from someone who doesn't like liquorice i'm surprised I like this so much, but it's subtle and feels very fresh without tasting fake. the more I use it, the more I love it.
  18. Tastes good


    Really liked the flavour.. not sure how good it is for tartar control and overall mouth health, but as a natural toothpaste its very nice
  19. Worth the Money


    I was looking for a natural toothpaste that could offer a fluoride-free alternative to what I was currently using. Based on the quality of previous Aesop products I have used, I was happy to give this a go. I am on to my second tube and find a little goes a long way. The taste is initially unusual and slightly liquorice however very pleasant. When I did have to use a general brand a few times I couldn't believe I had used such an overpowering product for so long. Absolutely a quality product, perhaps purchase a tube twister to get as much out of it as you can.
  20. Works surprisingly well!


    I was nervous to try this from the reviews about the taste, but I actually really enjoy it. It's very gentle, with a nice mild liquorice and spearmint flavour. It's very mild, but still makes your mouth feel fresh and clean. It doesn't sting or burn like more commercial toothpastes can, and unlike many natural type toothpastes it feels like it's actually cleaning. I think this would be great for people with sensitive mouths or teeth. I'm not sure if I'll repurchase because it doesn't contain fluoride and I'm concerned that it's not the best choice for long-term dental health, and also, it's quite expensive. But if neither of those things concern you, then it's a great product!
  21. A very light, refreshing tooth paste


    Very different to conventional toothpaste's, it has a subtle flavor and texture and leaving the mouth feeling clean. Definitely worth a try.
  22. Great


    I really love this toothpaste. It tastes so much more pleasing then generic toothpaste and leaves you with such a fresh breath. My teeth feel squeaky dentist clean after using this and I won’t go back to regular toothpaste again.
  23. Aesop Toothpaste


    I'm so happy that I found this toothpaste. The ingredients are both clean and effective. This makes my teeth whiter and my mouth feel very fresh and clean. The packaging is quality
  24. Love Aesop- dont like the taste!


    Didnt like the taste of the toothpaste. It is hard to continue to use a product where you dont like the taste of it.
  25. If you can take the taste


    Natural toothpaste is always not the same. I'm just never going to get used with this. if you don't mind the strong herbal taste, then it's for you.
  26. Awful Taste


    I really didn't like the taste of this toothpaste was so overpowering and i spat it out straight away and never used it again. I prefer the old fashioned minty fresh taste instead of aniseed before bed!
  27. Odd taste, wouldnt repurchase


    love the idea of a natural toothpaste but it had a strange taste that i just couldnt stand. Also not sure about toothpase with no fluoride? thought that was one of the main points of using toothpase.
  28. Aesop Toothpaste


    My go to tooth paste now. Expensive but don't need to use much. Aniseed flavour with no nasties.
  29. couldn't get past the taste


    I bought this in an effort to be more organic. I love the idea of this toothpaste, but really couldn't handle its taste. ended up chucking it. good idea though?
  30. the best


    I started using this toothpaste when it first came out and i love it. It is not a mint toothpaste so if that is what you are after it's not the product for you. Fresh flavour. Is different to traditional mint toothpastes in that you can eat or drink afterwards and it doesn't taste bad. I have repurchased multiple times.
  31. Lovely toothpaste!


    Lovely toothpaste.
    It has a different taste, a bit like liquorice, but I really like it.
    A little goes a long way - I would definitely recommend!
  32. Different taste


    I like this product but it wouldn't be for everyone if you don't really like aniseed type of flavouring. I was recommended this product from a friend and it hasn't disappointed me yet but I can see why people would not like it given the flavouring. It would be worth trying a sample of this prior to purchase.
  33. Tastes gross


    I wanted to like this but it tastes pretty gross to be honest. I'm not sure toothpaste has to have flouride in it to be effective (re some of the reviews below), but it's the overall au natural flavours of this product that are the turn off for me. Maybe if you like natural toothpastes and are looking for a boujie upgrade this would be your guy? Love you Aesop but it's a no from me.
  34. Love Aesop but this is a no


    Definitely not a product for me - or I should think anyone! A toothpaste without fluoride is a useless product. Would also be concerned if the natural ingredients are abrasive which may cause tooth abrasion!
  35. The best!


    I love this toothpaste. The flavour is different and makes your mouth feel fresh and clean. It has helped my sensitive teeth to the point where it is no longer a problem. Highly recommend. Although if you don't like toothpaste that isn't mint in flavour this is not for you.
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