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Aesop Redemption Body Scrub 180ml

4.5 of 47 reviews


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4 instalments of $10.00

Or 4 instalments of $10.00 with LEARN MORE

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A crisp, camphorous aroma; an invigorating body scrub to polish from neck to toe.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Aesop Redemption Body Scrub Reviews

4.5 of 47 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Great scrub, has a nice gentle pumice fragments that feel really gently on your skin. Scrubs effectively leavs skin feeling refreshed

Most Helpful Criticism

Awesome scrub, but smells awful


The scrub feels amazing - gentle yet really effective. The smell is a dealbreaker for me though. I hate the smell. Fortunately it fades fast, but it’s very unpleasant while it lasts. Definitely worth trying, but there are a few other scrubs in the range I want to try.
  1. Great


    Great scrub, has a nice gentle pumice fragments that feel really gently on your skin. Scrubs effectively leavs skin feeling refreshed
  2. Sexiest Scrub


    I'm so addicted to this scrub that I have to remind myself that you CAN overscrub your body. A little goes a long way with this product, I think I've had my tube for over 6 months now. The scent is dark and delicious.
  3. Amazing


    The pumice in this is amazing and so luxurious - I will never purchase any other brand of body scrubs! Addicted.
  4. Great product.


    Very nice body scrub, it has a beautiful scent. It keeps my skin feel very smooth.
  5. Aesop Redemption Body Scrub


    I love all Aesop products. I tend to stick to the geranium range but thought I would try to rose for a change. It is now my joint favourite - of course it has the lovely packaging which looks good in anyone's bathroom, a great but not overpowering scent and a little goes a long way - your daily treat.
  6. Love


    Aesop body scrubs are by far my favourite and a tube lasts ages
  7. Loving it !


    I got the samples before getting the actual size. I fell in love with this body scrub ever since I tried the sample. It doesn't irritate your skin and leaves your skin smooth and soft. Although it may be a little pricey, it is definitely worth it.
  8. Really good body scrub


    I purchase this one because I extremely love the green tube, wanna to try something different, not too bad , personally speaking, I still prefer the green tube. The only difference between this and green tube, it’s smells.
  9. Really lovely!

    Amelia L

    I know a few people on here have said they don't like the smell - I feel like it is quite masculine and strong but I actually love it. I feel so refreshed and infigurated after using this. It's so smoothing and I find you don't have to use much at all to get a really nice cleanse. I would recommend people use a different scent if they don't like the smell as the texture is so beautiful.
  10. A must have!

    Mrs S

    verified purchaser
    I received this scrub as a gift years ago and was surprised by how much I liked the fragrance as I always went for their geranium scrub (green tube). I have repurchased it for myself and as a gift for others many times. Now I'm alternating between the two tubs. It is a really fine grain so gives a beautiful smooth feeling afterwards and is great to keep fake/gradual tan even.
  11. Effective scrub, funky smell


    I love how my skin feels after using this scrub in the shower, but I'm not too fond of the smell. If you can get passed the scent, then it's a great product!
  12. The perfect scrub


    I'm in love with this scrub. The refreshing herbal scent has a real spa vibe, a nice change from the fruity/floral scents I usually buy. The texture is amazing, nice and gritty (I HATE body scrubs that feel like a shower gel with a few tiny beads in it) but still fine enough that skin feels polished instead of scratched up. I love that it's in a tube instead of the tubs most body scrubs come in. O...
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  13. Fresh Summer smell


    Why does it smell soo good? I am just obsessed with this product. It's great to have in the shower for full body exfoliation. I only use this once a week - that's all you really need and my skin feels so smooth and supple.
  14. Best body scrub - sensitive skin


    This is my favourite body scrub for my sensitive skin. The scrub is quite fine and the smell is quite earthy and grounding so it feels like a little DIY trip the day spa every time I use it. I really appreciate how it leaves my skin feeling nourished and not dry.
  15. Invigorating


    I got this as a sample with a recent purchase and I wish the sample size had been bigger! It was so nice on the skin and the aroma was very earthy and refreshing - great way to start your day. If you don't like course scrubs then it's probably not for you. I did use it on my face as well (but I love a rough scrub) and my skin felt super smooth after using, my face had a nice glow. Just purchased a...
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  16. woody smell love love love


    my second tube! Fabulous texture and smell. Im very particular about body scrubs, some are too abrasive..this product is perfect!
  17. Smells amazing


    I got this as a sample and I wish the sample was bigger! The smell as absolutely amazing and the scrub was so nice on the skin, not rough and my skin felt super smooth after using. May have to purchase a full size cause it was that good to use
  18. love it


    I always use this when I want to feel like a complete goddess. My skin feels so fresh afterward and i feel so luxurious
  19. Fresh, smooth skin


    Works wonders with my dry and sensitive skin. Definitely recommend!
  20. Great!


    Nice body scrub, it has a nice scent and keeps my skin smooth especially if i moisturise after use.
  21. Awesome scrub, but smells awful


    The scrub feels amazing - gentle yet really effective. The smell is a dealbreaker for me though. I hate the smell. Fortunately it fades fast, but it’s very unpleasant while it lasts. Definitely worth trying, but there are a few other scrubs in the range I want to try.
  22. Invigorating


    This product is so soothing and invigorating
  23. Too intense for my skin


    I love the smell of this and really wanted to love the product but I just find it too intense for my skin. I've started just using it as a foot scrub.
  24. The best exfoliator


    The best exfoliator! I'm obsessed with how good it smells. It's great to have in the shower for full body exfoliation. I try to just use it once weekly, otherwise, it's too hard on my skin.
  25. Strong pine smell


    I like a good body scrub - it feels great to prep for moisturiser, tanning, etc! This is fine as a body scrub but it had a very strong pine smell which I'm not a huge fan of. The scrub itself is quite fine however, so can be a nice alternative if you don't like a heavy exfoliant.
  26. My favourite body scrub


    My favourite body scrub, it's not too intense and smells absolutely incredible.
  27. Great Scrub Weird smell


    Love the scrub however I can't say I love the smell. I normally like the earthy freshness Aesop are great at making however this is a little too much like you are in the forest.
  28. Amazing


    This scrub is amazing. It is not harsh and it leaves my skin smooth and soft. Recommend.
  29. Luxurious and effective


    I love this scrub. The smell is amazing (kinda herbal with a pine scent) and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. It's not an aggressive scrub but will leave you with soft skin. The tube lasts me around 2 months or so as I use it regularly before I fake tan.
  30. So refreshing


    I love this body scrub, it is so invigorating and refreshing. Used regularly, I use it twice a week, it really does keep your skin feeling smooth and sleek, it's lovely.
  31. Buffs away dry skin, great smell


    Lovely natural product that helps to buff away dehydrated skin, leaving my body soft and supple. It has a great smell and isn't too abrasive - would only use on the body though, not my face/neck.
  32. Does the job, not a fan of the smell.


    Leaves my skin feeling super soft and clean after removing all dead skin however I find the scent a little masculine
  33. gets rid of all dead skin


    this scrub is so amazing! it is a harsh scrub and definitely gets rid of all the dead skin! it smells so good and leaves my skin feeling super super soft. 10/10 recommend!!
  34. This scrub is incredible


    This is such an amazing scrub! My skin has never felt so soft and remains to be super soft a week after using it. My skin also appears to be much brighter after using it.
    Just like every product from this brand, it has a lovely scent and a little goes a long way.
  35. Great scrub with foaming wash


    Love this 2 in 1 - thoroughly exfoliates but also foams like a soap so you can clean and scrub at once. Saves time and smells divine
  36. really good one


    My skin is soft after using this body scrub. Will recommend it to my friends.
  37. good


    Lovely smelling scrub, I find it a tiny bit harsh so I tend to use it on my legs only
  38. amazing


    I would recommend this to anyone! It is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality scrub, the smell is also divine
  39. Favourite Aesop Scrub


    Quite an efficient scrub, leaves skin fresh and smooth. My favourite out of their scrubs. Very masculine scent.


    I instantly feel so fresh and clean after this efficient scrub. It is so gentle for sensitive skin like mine but is soooo thorough and really removes any dead skin without being too intense and the SMELL.
  41. The best scrub on the market


    I'm so into this scrub, it is the perfect texture and smells insanely good. I've purchased it multiple times, highly recommend trying it.
  42. Great to use as a foot scrub


    I like using this as a foot scrub, it's the perfect texture and works well, leaving my skin really smooth.
  43. Gentle on the skin yet effective


    I have eczematic skin and for that reason I feel the need to exfoliate with a scrub once every few days to deep cleanse. The problem with this is that most scrubs are too harsh on my skin and tend to trigger further irritation. However the texture of this product is very fine which is gentle on the skin yet it really works in removing dead skin cells. I love how they named this the 'redemption' sc...
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  44. Beautiful scent, perfect texture


    This scrub is rough but somehow not abrasive, leaving the perfect polish.

    My favourite thing about this product is the way the beautiful scent lingers in the bathroom after you use it, it kind of doubles as a bathroom fragrance.
  45. Heavenly!


    Gorgeous body scrub with divine scent!
  46. Fantastic scrub at a reasonable price


    This scrub is really nice on the body, and for Aesop is well priced. You only need a little so use it sparingly. Very nice product!
  47. Worth the splurge


    I was given this scrub as a gift & I'm so thankful that I was!

    The scent reminds me of a high quality spa treatment when travelling and it's a relaxing "getaway" in the shower from the day to day craziness. My skin feels softer after use. It is quite expensive though so I only use on rare occasions and it has lasted me a long time.
  48. Great body scrub, even for sensitive skin


    I have fair and sensitive skin and often break out in a rash when using body products that have fragrances. This body scrub worked really well at exfoliating my skin and didn't give me any reactions after using. It smells amazing as well like all Aesop product do. Will definitely buy again.
  49. Beautiful body scrub


    I loved this bodyscrub. The texture was perfect and left my skin feeling smooth and moisturised. The only downside was the price. However, it was worth the splurge.
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