Aesop Parsley Seed Antioxidant Facial Toner 200ml

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Aesop Parsley Seed Antioxidant Facial Toner 200ml by Aesop


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Daily, alcohol free toner for normal, combination or open-pored skin types even if sensitive. In response to repeated requests Aesop have developed the Parsley Seed Antioxidant Facial Toner, and it's a dream! Toning completes the process of facial cleansing by removing any last traces of grime and preparing the skin for moisturising or skin treatments. Daily use of this superb, anti-oxidant rich, botanical toner will assist in balancing the skin, refining pores and evening out skin tone. Contains botanical actives of Parsley Seed, Lavender and Blue Chamomile.

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The only toner I'll ever use - 16-01-2019 by

Toner has long been a dirty word for me given so many of them sting and dry out my skin. This toner is SO different, like most Aesop products it nourishes and prepares the skin for moisturizer. An absolute must!

good - 14-01-2019 by

This toner works great with the rest of the parsley seed products. I received the Keats skincare package as a gift which came with all the Parsley seed products and have been using this toner in conjunction with the serum every day for more than two months now. Within this time I've seen my skin clear (it is acne prone and gets in certain areas) and my skin tone become more even. Though this toner doesn't work as fast as other brands I've used (maybe because the chemicals aren't as harsh on your skin) I'm glad I was patient with it as I'm actually starting to realise the benefits of more 'natural' products.

lovely - 02-01-2019 by

A really nice scented and gentle toner that balances my skin. Easy to use and makes me feel clean and fresh

Skin feels fresh and smells lovely afterwards - 30-11-2018 by

This toner is great as it doesn't leave skin feeling dry afterwards, and have a nice fragrance. I never used to use toner, but now it's a must in my beauty regime. Lasts a long time.

Fabulous Toner - 23-11-2018 by

I really enjoy the smell of the Aesop Parsley Seed range but in particular this toner is wonderful. Works a treat on my dry/sensitive skin. It gets rid of all the impurities and doesn't dry my skin out which is great!

Great - 23-11-2018 by

As I have oily skin, this is perfect step for balancing it and helping my moisturizer to sink in and not just stay on top! Is is also very refreshing and smells beautiful! Of course, as the smell is from natural essential oils, it evaporates as soon as you apply the product.

Refreshing - 21-11-2018 by

I have combination and sensitive skin. Feels like its actually doing something, light and tingles slightly but doesn't irritate. Has a fresh smell and ensures any little bits of cleanser or makeup are off my face before I moisturise.

Amazing - 20-11-2018 by

I have only recently started to incorporate toners into my skincare routine and i am obsessed with this toner. I love the scent and the calming effect it has on my sensitive skin which i believe is because of the aloe used in this product. I would highly recommend to all for beautiful, smooth and glowy skin.

Lovely - 09-11-2018 by

Great product, feels amazing on my skin and smells great. Love the idea of using natural cruelty free products

Feels lovely on - 29-10-2018 by

I have combination skin (oily, dry and sensitive!) and this really balanced out my complexion. It also makes my moisturiser absorb beautifully. It feels a little bit tingly on the skin but in a gentle way. Smells lovely, this product is great!

The one! - 22-10-2018 by

Have been trying out different brands of skincare until I found this. This toner does not have a very strong scent, feels amazing on the skin. Very refreshing, really hydrates the skin and definitely helps even skin tone.

Great additional to my beauty Regime - 18-10-2018 by

I added a toner to my beauty regime around a year ago and haven't looked back. I have oily combination skin and have congestion.

I feel that adding a toner has left me with little to no pimples anymore.

this product feels so nice going onto the skin and ill regularly just put some on when I need a burst of hydration on my skin.

My partner and myself both use this product everyday and we only have to re-buy every 6 months! definitely money for value!

Good gentle toner - 02-10-2018 by

Gentle toner that doesn't leave my face too dry. Absorbs into the skin quickly as well

Great - 20-08-2018 by

This is a very gentle toner and i have been using this for two years. It is easy to be absorbed. My skin became more stable and comfortable. I will keep using this.

Great product - 08-08-2018 by

Have only just begun to use this product and it is lovely.

Love love love this product - 03-08-2018 by

I have dry sensitive skin, especially through the winter months, I tried a sample of the whole parsley seed Aesop range and within 3 days my whole skin became so smooth and all redness disappeared! I could not recommend this toner more, most toners leave me dry and tight, but not this one! I love love love and will continue to purchase!

GOOD TONER - 03-08-2018 by

This is a very gentle toner and i have been using this for two years. It is easy to be absorbed. My skin became more stable and comfortable. I will keep using this.

Alcohol free and smells great - 25-07-2018 by

This toner is really nice. I have tried a number of toners from Aesop and I love the entire parsley seed range.

This toner is nice, sinks in quickly, smells great and works as a great base.
I do prefer the B and T toner from aesop though. It is cheaper and works better on my combination/ oily skin.

I don't see a large difference in my skin with the parsley seed one, it does smell better though.
All up to personal preference when it comes to the aesop toners.

So refreshing - 07-07-2018 by

I have combination skin and never used a toner until i tried this. I didn't really think toners did anything, but this has changed the skincare game for me! It has made such a huge difference in my skin and i now get compliments all the time. It has a very nice smell, feels amazing and leaves my skin glowing. It is so gentle that i would recommend this to all1

Hydrating Toner - 04-07-2018 by

I'm used to using toners containing alcohol which can dry my skin out or cause irritation (or both). So I'm really glad I discovered this alcohol-free natural toner. It feels really gentle on the skin and smells lovely - like lavender to me. Even better you can feel it contains oils that actually leave my skin feeling hydrated and soothed. It's what a toner should be in my opinion. It says this is good for oilier skins but I recommend it for dry skin too. Great product!

Will repurchase - 19-03-2018 by

I love this toner! I have been using it in conjunction with the Parsley Seed Oil Cleanser from the same range and love them both. I find you only need a few drops of this, compared to cheaper toners where you have to soak a cotton pad to cover your face. Definitely worth the investment.

Very effective toner - 14-11-2017 by

This toner is one of the best out there. It is expensive, but you need such a small amount on the cotton pad, this bottle is huge and lasts a long time. The smell is amazing (wonderful Aesop-y Apothecary vibes), the formula is very hydrating and nourishing, it doesnt strip the skin at all. A million times better than cheaper toners I've wasted money on.

Expensive but excellent - 06-09-2013 by

This toner is wonderful, smells great, non-drying, lasts well.... but it is over-priced.... but it must be worth it as I keep buying it.

- 13-10-2009 by

This is a really lovely toner, non-drying and leaves the skin fresh, soft and ready for serums and/or moisturiser. A little bit goes a long way but after trying a sample I am not sure I want to pay $60+ for it.

- 12-09-2009 by

This is by far my favourite toner I have used... feels nice on the skin and doesn't dry out my skin at all. Doesn't irritate either and keeps my skin hydrated. Even though it's a tad expensive for a toner, I would definitely buy another bottle. Love it!

- 24-12-2008 by

I love this toner! It took me a while to get used to using it as I felt it left a film compared to cheaper supermarket toners. Now I realise it doesn't strip my skin and keeps the moisture in. It is in my opinion a tad expensive for a toner! But I would definitely re-purchase.

- 18-12-2008 by

Brilliant! I am in love with this product! When I use it my skin feels refreshed, but not stripped. It feels hydrated and ready for my moisturiser!

- 25-11-2008 by

Aesop's Parsley Seed Toner is very soothing on my combination skin. I would never be without this toner now. My t-zone is oily and cheeks can often get quite dry. This toner seems to balance out my skin, soften it and calm it right down. It has an unusual scent but I don't find it at all unpleasant. I have repurchased this several times, the large bottle last for ages and looks aesthetically pleasing as well. The Aesop packaging reminds me of an old fasioned pharmacy.

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