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Aesop Lightweight Facial Hydrating Serum 100ml 100ml

4.3 of 96 reviews


4 instalments of $18.25

Or 4 instalments of $18.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $18.25

Or 4 instalments of $18.25 with LEARN MORE

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Aloe Vera based, vitamin-boosted moisturising serum for oily, combination and sensitive skin types.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Aesop Lightweight Facial Hydrating Serum 100ml Reviews

4.3 of 96 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



left my skin feeling smooth and clean absolutely love this brand and all its products

Most Helpful Criticism

Smells great


Smells amazing but not sure I noticed much difference after using it for a few days
  1. Lightweight


    It is definitely very lightweight as it is marketed for, its not greasy at all. however, sometimes, it doesn't hydrate the skin as much, and my skin feels a bit dry after applying it (i have oily skin btw)
  2. amazing


    left my skin feeling smooth and clean absolutely love this brand and all its products
  3. Good hydrating serum


    A nice hydrating serum. Not my fave though, I acutally find Aesop a bit over-hyped.
  4. Lightweight and hydrating


    First time using this serum. It feels a bit sticky when first applied but dried quickly and felt amazing on my skin. I have dry skin and this really hydrates it. I will usually put it on in the morning before primer/foundation.
  5. Very good


    I bought this item more than 10 times. Suitable for oil skin.
  6. Perfect for combination skin, particularly in a humid climate


    I've been using this for over a year now, and it has effectively managed oil and shine throughout the day. The scent is gorgeous and a bottle last ages too.
  7. Refreshing


    The price very lower than others website, and The product is very moisturizing. That's so good for my skin.
  8. Smells great


    Smells amazing but not sure I noticed much difference after using it for a few days
  9. recommend


    This product is good to people who has acne and it is suitable for me to use in the summer. Recommend to purchase.
  10. Hydrating and soothing


    This bottle lasts a while because I use it sparingly. You only need one drop to get the hydration you need. It's suitable for my sensitive skin and gives me a soft glow for the day!
  11. Super hydrating


    A tiny bit of this serum goes so far. My skin feels refreshed and smooth after using it. I can't say that I like the scent, but as far as hydration goes it's an amazing product.
  12. Felt amazing on my skin


    I received a sample of this in my last order and used it straight away. My skin felt amazing. It has a beautiful scent.
  13. Good for oily skin types


    I received a sample of this product and I was super excited to try this brand. My favourite aspect of this product is that is lightweight and mattifying/absorbent. Perfect for oily skin like mine. I found it worked really well to counteract some of my serums which make me look very shiny, so that was awesome. However, unfortunately this product is very sticky, which I didn't enjoy the texture off....
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  14. Lightweight facial oil


    Nice smelling oil that is absorbed super quickly and leaves the skin feeling nice
  15. did not love this


    I did not love this one, did not find it to be all that hydrating on my skin
  16. Amazing!


    I received a sample size of this serum. On application is quite tacky and sticky on the skin, however it dries fast, and it smells great. I did feel the need to follow with a moisturizer. In the morning my skin felt so soft and moisturized!! I will definitely purchase a full size in summer as it would be a great light weight serum.
  17. Good lightweight oil


    Great light weight oil, super fast absorbed and smells really good!! Good size as well.
  18. Lightweight hydrating serum


    This is too light for me! It smells strongly of ylang-ylang and the main ingredient is hydrogenated castor oil which is acne causing for me. It wouldn't be my choice
  19. Great for Humid Weather


    In the humid Gold Coast weather, I find this to be a great moisturising serum that helps me keep a fairly matte complexion. I have naturally oily skin so I find this a good base to have on underneath my make-up.
  20. Amazing


    This is the perfect serum. So hydrating, my skin absorbs it instantly
  21. Amazing serum


    Super lightweight and sinks in nicely. Smell great just a bit pricey.
  22. amazing


    providing light hydration and also reducing the stickiness of the skin surface, great product for dry skin without clogging the pores
  23. A great alternative


    Im really enjoying this hydrating oil. A little goes a long! Ive changed from a cream moisturiser to this one and its really changing how I look at skincare. I think this is best for dryer and cooler climate. But it is lightweight enough for more humid climates.
  24. Coming to love the product


    I purchased the product out of curiosity, since I have oily/combination Skin and I was looking for something light-weight but still hydrating. This product is not overly hydrating but for my skin type this works just perfect.
  25. perfect for summer


    This is perfect for me during these hot months. It doesnt feel heavy at all but locks in hydration
  26. Lightweight as described


    I have combination but dehydrated skin and I found the texture of this product to be very lightweight, silky, with only slight tackiness once it dried down. It made my skin feel hydrated but not heavy. The product is only lightly scented which I appreciate as I prefer skincare that isn’t too fragranced.
  27. Love it!


    . Perfect for all season. Definitely repurchase. This serum is very moisturising without sticky and greasy
  28. The best serum I've used


    This is the perfect serum for me, I've got oily skin and this product is perfect for that. It's very lightweight and doesn't make me shiny at all. The price is pretty steep, but I love the results. Definitely recommend!
  29. Wow, what a surprise


    I had no expectations with this sample, but geez did I like it! Super hyrating for my skin and I felt like the consistency was gorgeous. This serum really does what it says.
  30. Too lightweight on its own


    Smells and feels absolutely wonderful, but not sure i would use it on its own for my combination skin. It definitely provides the hydration, but need something else after applying this one to lock in the hydration.
  31. was alright


    I've tried a lot of hydrating serums due to my dry skin and while I liked this one, considering the price, it didn't work better than other serums I've tried and it wasn't all that hydrating either
  32. it is ok


    It is very light and has fresh smell, but it is not my one. I have sensitive and dry skin. It is too light for me, even in summer. I won't purchase again. It suits oily skin I believe.
  33. Ok but not worth the price


    This serum is quite sticky and difficult to blend on face at first. It eventually dries down and is quite nourishing. Not oily at all. Good for sensitive skin! The bottle design is terrible, the opening is too small and the dropper pushes product over the sides. I typically wouldn’t spend this much on a serum so this was a bit of a waste. Had to be really careful with application.
  34. Light


    This serum is very moisturising without sticky and greasy. Perfect for all season. Definitely repurchase.
  35. Worth the try!


    Love it! The serum that makes you hydrated even without using any moisturizer. Happy to discover this!
  36. Sticky residue


    Felt a bit sticky after applying which was okay at night but not in AM
  37. very lightweight but suits for winter time


    A bit sticky on my skin, and I prefer using it in winter, more smooth. As a serum, the price is ok, but a bit expensive as a moisturiser. I wear double layers in winter and it uses quite quickly. It is good coz it never irritates my skin.
  38. Good for oily skin


    A very nice and lighter oil. If you are quite oily, or the weather is warm, sometimes i just apply this at night and let it soak in and go to bed.
  39. Bit sticky


    I am a huge fan of aesop products but not this one, found it to be very sticky
  40. didn't do anything


    this didn't do anything for my skin. it absorbs fast but after using it for weeks, I didn't notice a difference in hydration or texture
  41. Great alternative to cream moisturisers


    This is a great moisturising serum. It goes on really lightly, doesn’t pill when you add layers of moisture or makeup on top. I imagine it would work well in humid climates too. It doesn’t make me shiny like some other moisturisers do.
  42. Light and moisturizing


    This serum is super light and absorbant. It is great for days or nights that you feel like something light on your skin. I have combination skin and when I sleep with it over night I feel like I wake up with my skin very clear and dewy. Very happy with this serum. I would suggest a heavier Aesop serum for use under make up.
  43. Not the serum for me!


    I purchased this to use in summer when my combination skin tends to be quite oily and my regular moisturisers are too heavy. I thought the quantity of this product for the price was quite reasonable and decided to give it a go. Unfortunately this is definitely not the serum for me- my face felt a little but sticky/filmy after using, it didn't seem to sink into the skin like other serums do. I also...
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  44. Oily skin friendly


    Really good for oily skin. I feel like creams are usually thick on my skin, so this is a great alternative. The size (100ml) is really good too
  45. disappointing


    This product was disappointing for me, given the price point I expected a sustained hydrating finish but it was much too lightweight and to be honest I've tried better hydrating serums for way less
  46. too light


    I found this too light to be used on it's own. It's hydrating but not more so than other serums I've tried that are less pricey
  47. Hydrating and lightweight


    Light on sensitive skin, lasts overnight and not too tacky on skin. My skin Freaked out a little when first used due to oil base. But skin adjusted after second week.
  48. Perfect for oily skin


    I have struggled for ages to find something to that didn't congest my pores and leave my face feeling greasy. This is hands down the best skin care item I've ever owned.
  49. Extremely hydrating


    I find this to be extremely hydrating. It's perfect for everyday use. It is, as it says, lightweight on the skin. The only downfall is the price, but I think it's worth the investment.
  50. not sticky at all!


    I would never use serums because I found them too sticky for my liking, but this one is so different! It's so hydrating for my skin and never leaves it feeling oily, highly recommend!
  51. Hydrating! No sticky residue!


    Really like this product as i dislike 'serums' that leave your face feeling clammy & sticky. Feel refreshed after using this one
  52. Oily skin


    This is good for oilier skin - lightweight hydration. Might not be hydrating enough for dry skin as it provides less hydration that more heavy duty serums
  53. Heavenly Hydrating


    I love this serum it is lightweight and very hydrating. I love the feel of it and my skin looks great after using it. I highly recommend this serum to all my girlfriends (and guy friends)
  54. Nice and lightweight


    I find this super hydrating. It leaves my skin feeling amazing. Will definitely purchase it again, I feel that it's been a great investment.
  55. So lovely


    Lightweight and breathable moisturiser for mattifying. Gorgeous primer also! Highly recommended for oily/problematic t-zone area
  56. Great


    This is a very light serum and texture is quite watery which makes so so easy to absorb into the skin. I have combination skin and often in air-conditioned place which makes my skin quite dry but yet oily. I had used it day and night under a moisturizer in the last 4 months and really like it. It keeps my skin hydrated without the greasiness. Excellent to use in humid weather.
  57. very hydrating

    perfecting skin

    i got this as a sample and i was in a search for a nice hydraulic acid serum. i found out that this can be used as one. it is super hydrating for my dry skin. totally recommended.
  58. Good for dry skin


    This soaks right in and makes my skin feel so hydrated!
  59. As it says, lightweight


    The serum is too lightweight for my skin, especially around the cheeks. However i imagine that it would be a great product for people who prefer serum that does not feel sticky at all after applying it onto the face.
  60. Idea for oily skin


    Lightweight and breathable moisturiser for mattifying. Gorgeous primer also! Highly recommended for oily/problematic t-zone area
  61. Idol for oily skin


    Non greasy at all, quick absorption and never clogged pores. This is one of my favourite products in summer. The moisturizer after is no needed.
  62. Instant hydration


    Absorbs fast and instantly hydrates for soft skin


    My face feels smoother, well-balanced, well-hydrated...and my vanity table is thankful for its presence (aesthetically speaking!)
  64. Not the best


    This serum is nice. It's VERY light and absorbs fast into the skin. It didn't really provide me with lasting hydration though and I didn't see much of a difference after weeks of use, so not sure if I will repurchase
  65. lovely


    This is a very light serum and texture is quite watery which makes so so easy to absorb into the skin. I have combination skin and often in air-conditioned place which makes my skin quite dry but yet oily. I had used it day and night under a moisturizer in the last 4 months and really like it. It keeps my skin hydrated without the greasiness. Excellent to use in humid weather.
  66. hydrating


    I love this serum it is lightweight and very hydrating. I love the feel of it and my skin looks great after using it. I highly recommend this serum.
  67. Great lightweight formula


    I’m really picky with serums - well all skincare really. I hate residue or greasy feelings, and have a sensitive sense of smell. This serum is great though - it’s light, easily absorbed, and layers well under foundation.

    For ref I have 43 year old dry skins
  68. Good


    It's lightweight and absorbed very fast! Without any stickness! I'm using as daytime serum. My skin look calm and moistured recently. I will be using it continuously!
  69. Works well


    This is a very light serum and it is a fantastic formula for oily skin types though for my dry skin i have to use a moisturiser on top as it isn't enough for my dry skin. Though it is amazing is increasing the texture and suppleness of my skin which is why i continue to use it. Highly Recommend this for all skin types.
  70. Beautiful and hydrating!


    This is hands down the best hydrating serum I have ever tried! It's beautifully lightweight yet insanely hydrating and it smells divine! I live in a humid climate and needed something light for my oily skin as cream moisturisers tend to be too heavy and never sink into my skin, but this serum, although can feel a little sticky directly after applying, is plumping, feels amazing and after it dries ...
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  71. Lovely smell


    Love this product, use it under my moisturizer before bed. It is pricey but a little goes a long way!
  72. Light hydration


    The aloe Vera is cool and light. Most will need to use a moisturiser over the top.
  73. Lightweight as described


    Got a sample pack and i absolutely love the smell of it! It is lightweight as described and does the hydration job properly. However with the same price you could probably get a better product by other brands. To me this is just a luxury moisturising product for people with a few extra bucks to spend (treat yourself!).
  74. Great Product


    I have oily combination skin and my skin is easily congested when using creams, so I like to use oils and serums. This serum feels great going onto the face and I did see great results. It is quick thick but works well with the translucent serum.

    After purchasing the 3rd bottle of this serum I felt like my skin got used to this product and stop working as well, I changed to the Aesop ...
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  75. slightly hydrating


    the serum is lightweight and my face feels a bit more hydrated but it's just too light to be used on it's own. there are a lot of other serums that are better value for money
  76. Like but don't love


    I have combination skin and this is a nice serum that's lightly hydrating. I liked it but don't love
  77. Light serum


    I've got combination skin and some serums are a bit too rich, but this one is just right. Hydrating and lightweight
  78. Good for sensitive skin


    I have sensitive skin and this is really nice and hydrating and makes my skin feel very nourished.
  79. Great!


    This is an excellent light serum which can be used alone as well as under creams. Very hydrating and has a nice scent
  80. So good!


    This is perfect for hot summer days or a great light layering serum under moisturiser or to mix with an oil for a breathable night hydrator. It's not heavily fragranced but it is a fresh clean scent. Worth it!
  81. Incredible product


    If you are willing to spend the money, this serum is beautiful as a serum moisturiser. It sinks into the skin so quickly and leaves a tiny bit of tackiness on the skin, which is perfect to apply makeup on.
    If you want to be even more luxurious this is so nice when layered with an aesop cream moisturiser.
    If you have super dry and flaky skin, this won't be enough for you. But for thos...
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  82. Great summertime moisturiser!


    I really love this product for the summer time! It is a VERY light moisturiser that does not clog my pores, and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. I like to wear this under my tinted moisturiser in the day time, or with another hydrating serum (to combat early signs of ageing) in the evening. The Aesop range smells amazing, too.
  83. Love it


    I use it both day and night. You don't need much at all and it goes on smooth and feels light on the skin. Highly recommend.
  84. Great for non-greasy hydration


    This serum feels super luxurious on the skin. Smells delicious. You do need to be quick to work it into the skin though as it is quite sticky at first. It is quick drying though so doesn't stay sticky for long at all. Great for sensitive skin like mine and doesn't make me break out like a lot of products do.
  85. Great!


    I have been using this product for a long time. Previously it was known as "oil-free serum", in this timing last year it was changed to its current name. New formula changes a little bit, but in general it's quite friendly to combination to oily skin.
    My suggestion for anyone who's interested in this product is: do a skin test first. This helps to know your skin type cause this product defin...
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  86. Lovely


    Finally! An Aesop product which doesn't have a million overpowering essential fruit and herb oils in it! I had avoided this brand for quite a while as I hate all the citrus, lavender, peppermint etc. in their products, but someone turned me onto this - which I love. It has a slight fragrance, but nothing unbearable, and it works really well as a non-oily hydrating serum. Plus it is super inexpensi...
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  87. Very GOOD!


    I use it everyday. It's really good for combination to oily skin and even in summer.
    It's lightweight but still hydrating for skin. It's also good skincare before makeup.
  88. My new favourite serum!


    Normal to dry skin. Oh my goodness, finally a serum that I love enough to say wow! It feels like fresh aloe vera and magic on the skin, really absorbent and refreshing. My skin feels plump and toned. Love the smell. The only fault that comes to mind is the dropper it comes with (it's a bit tricky to get it to suck up the serum swiftly) and the opening of the bottle is just a tad too small (serum d...
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  89. Amazing


    Pricey yes but worth it - considering you only need a tiny amount to hydrate your whole face and it stays hydrated for over 24 hours - no flaking or excess oil etc. I love it!
  90. Amazing!


    I had been hearing about this serum for a while, however, I held off on buying because of the price. After trying many other moisturisers for oily/combination skin and being dissatisfied, I finally decided to buy it. This serum is amazing! You only need to apply a small amount and it moisturises and hydrates your skin without leaving a shiny effect. For me, it lasts all day and I reapply overnight...
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  91. Ultra hydrating and a perfect primer


    My favourite "moisturiser"/serum! It smells pleasant, and is easy to apply with the dropper. I only use two to three drops both morning and night after cleansing and toning ( Aesop's purifying facial cream cleanser, and bitter orange toner) and I love that it doesn't leave any oily shine or residue. It does feel a bit sticky for a minute or two straight after application, but once it is absorbed, ...
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  92. I seriously could not go 1 day without this product!


    I am 41 & have been using this product for a few years now, but only recently stumbled across adorebeauty. I absolutely L.O.V.E. this product. Could not go a day without it now! I used to have really oily skin which was actually overcompensating for my dry skin. Properly hydrating my skin means the excess oil has disappeared!
    My sister, Mum & BFF all love this product now too!
  93. Love it


    First time user and almost at the end of the bottle and can say I really love this serum. Use it both day & night. You don't need much at all & it goes on smooth & feels light on the skin. Highly recommend.
  94. Amazing serum

    Mandy D

    I love this product. It is so nice to use with the face oil or on its own. I do find the neck of the bottle is too small for the dropper, and I keep dripping it over the edge, but no biggie. Very quick to work. Love the product. My favourite thing about this purchase is that Adore Beauty enclosed a letter with the product about how to use it. That made such a huge difference.
  95. Anonymous

    This has a strong smell at first of Ylang Ylang, which i'm not a massive fan of, but by jingo it feels good on your skin. Having oily skin i'm definately not one to slather moisturiser onto it but this is great for me, you just dont feel it sitting on your skin all day! My boyfriend steals this one from me too - great for him as it doesn't clog his skin after he shaves. AND it lasts forever as yo...
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  96. Anonymous

    This was fantastic under my morning moisturiser/SPF. Lovely scent and consistency, my skin felt very moisturised. I do prefer Aesop's Parsley-Seed Serum over this one though.
  97. Anonymous

    Really loved how this made my oily skin feel so moist all day.It feels great going on and soaks in quite fast,my minerals looked gorgeous over the top.I would get this again.
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