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The Adore You category presents thoughtfully curated products to help promote a feeling of wellbeing. From evoking calm, relieving stress, promoting quality sleep, or just taking a moment of stillness, these wellness products will encourage a healthy mind, body and soul. 

Beauty goes deeper than the surface, so it’s important to treat your skin from the inside, as well as nourishing your skin with topical products. Internal health can be detrimental to our appearance, hence why the awareness of wellness products have become more apparent in recent times. From superfoods to multivitamins, the beauty industry has evolved, integrating not just topical skincare products, but ingestible supplements to encourage overall wellness. It is now much easier for us to incorporate these mineral-rich supplements into our everyday routines and diets.

Beauty supplements can help improve skin and hair health, as these natural formulations boost health at a cellular level. Brands like The Beauty Chef and WelleCo create concentrated elixirs and powders infused with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients to encourage a healthy wellbeing and glowing skin. Plant-based natural supplements and proteins will improve your overall health, helping you to look and feel your best.

Maintaining a healthy mind is equally important as your physical health. Setting time aside for yourself to relax in a bath, meditate or simply to enjoy quality sleep can have a tremendously positive effect on your everyday life. The L'Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing Pillow Mist creates a soothing sensation, conducive to a peaceful and relaxing night’s sleep. This calming essential oil spray offers a natural but effective alternative to medicinal sleep remedies. Hunter Lab's Pinot Grape Skin Bath Salts are created with Epsom and Rock Salts which are rich in magnesium and sulphates to help detox and cleanse the skin of toxins, helping your muscles relax while softening and soothing skin. Or reduce feelings of stress with the luxurious Stress-Fix Body Creme by Aveda.

Look after your mind, body and soul with a wonderful array of products here at Adore Beauty. 

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Apotecari The A Team Pack by ApotecariApotecari The A Team Pack by Apotecari



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Apotecari Crowning Glory 3 month supply by ApotecariApotecari Crowning Glory 3 month supply by Apotecari



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SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Quartz Gua Sha - Face Sculpting Tool
SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Quartz Gua Sha - Face Sculpting Tool

quality gua sha!

I've bought some dodgy Gua Sha's in the past before that broke. This one is lovely and thick and feels quality. Comes with an adorable velvet pouch. V. happy with this :)
JSHealth 2 Month Hair + Energy
JSHealth 2 Month Hair + Energy

wow huge difference

I was sceptical about this but WOW it made a huge difference to my hair. I recently (regrettably) got my hair cut super short and looked like Edna from the Incredibles. These tablets made my hair grow sooo FAST! within three weeks my hair had grown at least an inch and now it's at my boobs. tHANK GAWD.
I actually had to stop taking them for a while as I get my hair dyed and it was growing o...
SALT BY HENDRIX Jade Face Roller
SALT BY HENDRIX Jade Face Roller


I love using this roller of an evening just before bed. I use after applying my face serum.

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