The Supersmile teeth whitening system, invented by Dr. Irwin Smigel (the Father of Aesthetic Dentistry), will help you achieve the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. Supersmile is proud to be called the #1 recommended whitening system for all types of teeth. Whether you have natural teeth, bonded, bleached, or laminated teeth, Supersmile can help you. Supersmile’s line of advanced products leave your teeth white, clean, and smooth.

Supersmile utilizes their own patented mixture of Calprox™, baking soda, and fluoride. Calprox™ whitens your teeth, baking soda freshens your breath and protects your gums, and fluoride helps prevent cavities. No matter what type of stains your teeth have—coffee, tobacco, tea, wine—Supersmile can remove them! The Calprox™ solution safely but effectively works to remove any type of stain by dissolving pellicle, a protein that harbors plaque, bacteria, and stains. Because Calprox™ is not abrasive like other ingredients that may be used to remove stains, your teeth will be healthier and stay whiter for longer.

You can purchase Supersmile in stores or from online retailers. Its popularity with celebrities and everyday people alike has earned Dr. Smigel an exhibit in the National Museum of Dentistry. Supersmile is second to none when it comes to whitening, strengthening, and protecting your natural teeth.


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