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Official Stockist of Mason Pearson. Since 1885, Mason Pearson has been making high-quality hair brushes which are preferred by stylists, and recommended by beauty editors.

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Mason Pearson, founder-engineer-inventor, went from Yorkshire, Northern England to London in the mid 1860s to work at the British Steam Brush Works, in London’s East End, in a partnership later known as Raper Pearson and Gill.

The business was in general small-brushmaking. The brushes were made by hand. Mason Pearson invented an automatic brush-boring machine to speed up the whole process of brushmaking in 1885, for which he won a Silver Medal at the International Inventions Exhibition in London in that year. In the same year he invented the pneumatic rubber-cushion hairbrush. It took until 1905 to improve his technique, much of which was still required to be done by hand. His widow continued the business on her own for a further 20 years, when the next generation was ready to take its part.

During this period, the decision was made to concentrate on Mason Pearson's rubber-cushion hairbrush. The product design used nowadays is similar to the original 1885 model with the improvements of the fully developed models of the early 1920s. The basic product has not changed since then and some of the model names are still with us : Large Extra, Small Extra, Popular and Junior.

Brushing with Mason Pearson hairbrushes actually improves the hair’s condition and natural sheen. The bristles massage and stimulate the scalp and flex with the cushion, like no other brush on the market, to distribute natural hair oils.

Put simply, it’s a brush that will help improve and maintain the hair’s condition for life. The more you brush, the more you move these oils along the hair strands.


This is particularly important for women with fine hair and long hair to help avoid dry ends.



Amazing Pure Bristles – these are hand selected and cut perfectly. They have more “give” than other pure bristle brushes. A combination of stiffness that will hold hair, helping to smooth and straighten and “give” so the bristles won’t tear and split. In fact, no more split ends.

Lots of Bristle “Rings” – The Small Extra is a big brush with a wide face and lots of rings of bristle. This ensures the brush won’t skate over even the finest hair. Instead fine hair is drawn into the bristles to be smoothed out.Stylists use this as a finishing brush that promotes a fantastic glossy look.

The Original Pneumatic Rubber Cushion – Mason Pearson were the first to invent this. The rubber cushion flexes as you brush. This takes the static out of hair and also gently massages the scalp. That helps with hair growth and also naturally conditions because it helps move the hair’s natural oil, called sebum, along the hair strands.

The Handle – Mason Pearson brushes are beautifully balanced. They are not at all heavy. That’s because the handles are made of a natural flax and hand polished to perfection.


Mason Pearson Bristle/Nylon Military Brush BN2M

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Mason Pearson Handy Bristle/Nylon Brush BN3

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Mason Pearson Universal Nylon Brush NU2

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